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Morphling guide to SUCCESS!!!

April 27, 2018 by TheGreatSam8
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Morphling guide to SUCCESS!!!

DotA2 Hero: Morphling

Purchase Order






Hero Skills


2 5 17

Adaptive Strike (Agility)

3 6 7 11 13 14 16

Adaptive Strike (Strength)

3 6 7 11 13 14 16

Attribute Shift (Agility)

1 4 8 9

Attribute Shift (Strength)

1 4 8 9


12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

2 Waveform Charges
+3 Multishot Adaptive Strike
Waveform Attacks Targets
Morph Targets Allies
+15s Morph Duration
+30 Attack Speed
+10 Agility
+350 Waveform Range

Morphling guide to SUCCESS!!!

April 27, 2018

About the Hero

Morphling is a ranged agility hero that has many flexible abilities, item builds and is leveled as a very strong hard carry. He relies strongly on his attributes, and is an effective ganker. Unlike other agility carries that rely on physical attacks, he relies on his powerful abilities to initiate and shift into a state from which he can make a kill. Waveform lets him surge directly forward to a location, damaging enemies on his path, working both as a nuke or an escape. Adaptive Strike is an interesting scaling two-part ability that blasts enemies with magical water, either stunning and knocking back or dealing damage. Its power is based on either agility or strength. Attribute Shift allows him to edit his physical being, switching it from Agility or Strength, transforming him into a strong damage dealer or a tank. His ultimate, Morph, transforms him into a copy of an enemy using their stats and basic abilities.


Starting Items:

Tango should always be picked up to give you sustain. If heading mid consider asking the supports to pool you Tangos.

Iron Branch gives cost efficient attributes and can be built into a Magic Wand.

Ring of Protection improves Morphling's rather low starting armor, and can make an early Ring of Basilius (Active) icon.png Ring of Basilius for more damage and mana regeneration.

Wraith Band should be considered if going mid rather than safe lane.

Early game:

Boots of Speed are necessary on Morphling to improve his slow 285 base movement speed.

Infused Raindrop brings mana regeneration and protection against magical damage nukes.

Magic Stick provides burst health and mana for sustain.
Mid game:

Ring of Aquila provides damage, mana regeneration, and armor.

Power Treads provide an affordable source of attributes. The cost of his abilities can be mitigated by casting on intelligence, and they can also provide agility or strength for more offensive or defensive power without needing to use Attribute Shift.

Linken's Sphere is a common early item for Morphling, providing a modest amount of attributes and regeneration, as well as giving protection against point-target spells, making it even harder for him to be successfully ganked during farming.

Ethereal Blade is an important and unique pickup for Morphling, and he is the strongest hero for this item in the game. Builds using this item are often referred to as "Shotgun Morphling" builds, as Ethereal Blade allows one to very quickly deal a very large amount of magic damage to a single target by using the E-Blade active, Adaptive Strike, and Waveform in quick succession while morphed to high agility.
Ethereal blade provides a large amount of agility and greatly amplifies magical damage to a target. This is best gotten as the first or second major item on Morphling, as its effectiveness falls off once enemy heroes tank up, get BKBs, or start to group up.
If you feel this item has outlived its usefulness, consider disassembling it to make a Butterfly. Keep in mind it scales really well with Morphling and can still output loads of damage late game. Considering Morphling's normally short-ranged attacks, even in the late game the Ethereal Blade and Adaptive strike can effectively kill an enemy support at the start of a fight.

Late game:

Black King Bar is a vital item for late-game teamfights, providing Morphling with time to deal his damage without being disabled.

Eye of Skadi is the largest source of total attributes available in one item, providing a large amount of HP even when fully shifted to agility.

Situational Items (important)

Situational items:

Dragon Lance is a cheap source of attributes, and gives valuable attack range to improve Morphling's early fights. Later, it may be upgraded to Hurricane Pike for additional mobility, mana, and health regeneration, or it can be disassembled to make Black King Bar and/or Yasha.

Butterfly gives a very large amount of attack damage and evasion, and so is most effective for a build focused on attacks instead of Adaptive Strike.

Satanic allows Morphling to use his high DPS to rapidly heal himself full, via the active. However, if you get stunned while trying to lifesteal, you can still be very easily killed, so it should be paired with Black King Bar or used against teams with little lockdown potential.

Manta Style gives ability to purge silences and debuffs and synergizes well with his escape mechanisms.

Diffusal Blade provides modest attributes, and allows his attacks to burn mana. Сan be effective if facing mana-related heroes (Medusa, Storm Spirit etc).


Applies a basic dispel on Morphling upon cast and upon expiring.
Does not replace Morphling with a clone of the target. Morph only copies the target's model (including the cosmetic items they wear).
This means he is still registered as Morphling, so that innate passive abilities of the target are not gained.
For example, when morphing into Faceless Void, Morphling still gets frozen by Chronosphere.

This also means that Morphling can still be killed normally in the morphed form, since it is still him and not a separate clone or illusion.

Buffs and debuffs Morphling receives during it stay on him upon unmorphing, if they cannot be dispelled by basic dispels.

Most channeling abilities are interrupted upon unmorphing, except for Phase Shift, Upheaval, and item abilities.
Also copies the target's attribute values, primary attribute, movement speed, attack range and range type.
This means when targeting a melee strength hero, Morphling becomes a melee strength hero for the duration.

Only copies the target's base attributes. Bonus attributes from abilities and items are not copied.
Talent bonuses are generally not copied either.
All other base stats (e.g. attack values, armor, magic resistance, etc) are not copied either

Morphling keeps his current health and mana percentages upon morphing. He does not copy the target's current health/mana.
Upon unmorphing, Morphling's health and mana are set back to what they were before he morphed.
Removes Morphling's abilities and replaces them with the target's non-ultimate abilities, including their passive abilities.
This includes every sub-spell and even Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter abilities, except for Chakram 2 icon.png blue Chakram, since that one is bound to the ultimate.
This also includes spells Invoker Invoker had invoked, or any non-ultimate Rubick Rubick had stolen upon morphing into them.

Morphling keeps his own items during Morph, he does not copy the target's items.
This means when Morphling has Aghanim's Scepter, it upgrades every upgradable spell Morphling copies with Morph.
Since talents are not copied, any talent the target has which upgrades their abilities is not applied to Morphling's copied spells.

Can only be cast on enemy heroes, including illusions and clones. Cannot be cast on creep-heroes.
When cast on illusions, it copies the hero who owns the illusion, and not the hero the illusion is based on.

This means when targeting e.g. Disruption illusions, Morphling turns into Shadow Demon, and not the hero Disruption was cast on.
When the talent is chosen, can also target allied heroes, with the same rules as above.
However, it cannot target Morphling itself or illusions under Morphling's control.
When an enemy Enchants one of his illusions, it is still treated as an own illusion and can still not be targeted.

These points would help you enhance your skills and morphing.

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