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Mobility Treant

September 17, 2015 by PyrokineticSumoWrestler
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Treant Protector

Chapter Title

First off you have to help out the other support.. if there is one if not its still enough if you buy a courier and a ward. Then you have enough gold for Stout shield heal and mana regen.

Chapter Title

In easylane sideshop you can buy orb of venom early.
Boots are essential since you can get away easily and chase enemies damage efficiently too.
Stick is also important since in fights you are probably able to use two leech seeds and the stick charges just might get you enough mana for two in early game.

Chapter Title

Arcanes are essential since you are almost constantly spamming your skills (Living Armor wise).
And as you head towards more mobility you should not forget to buy all those wards sentries and dusts that are necessary for your team in order to pragmatically kill enemy heroes initiating and initiated upon.
And dewarding is very important especially in key defensive areas so you can easily sneak near a tree and land an epic ultimate.

Chapter Title

When your team starts to push the enemies because of the accumulated healing done by you around the map gave then the advantage over the other team you will get into a lot of kills Thus in need of more healing you might pick up an urn for almost instant full heal on whole team. (Leech seed on creep + Urn after fights)
Blink is essential for jukes and mindgames with the enemy. You can always annoy them to hell with the constant blinking out of first projectile that flies towards you.
And you need to get vladi for cost efficient presence in figts.
The other items are completely countering items against enemy heroes.. but usually until you get all this the game will either be lost catastrofically or won by 30 minutes max.
Good day!!

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