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Mishag's guid to bh.

July 30, 2014 by mishag110
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

If you can farm early game.

DotA2 Hero: Bounty Hunter

Hero Skills

Shuriken Toss

3 4 5 7


2 9 10 12

Shadow Walk

1 8 13 14


6 11 16




Hi. First - my english is not so bad (as i think) but its still not my native language.
Second - this is my first guide. I am not very good player, but still, i am good at theory of dota, so i hope this guide will be usefull.
Ill be happy if after reading this guide you will leave a comment with criticism, so i will be able to correct my guide :)

When to pick?

So, when you shold pick Gondar, Bounty Hunter?
Pick when
Enemy team have invis heroes
Enemy team have weak supports
Enemy team are week for early ganks
Enemy team have jungler (then you can be sooo annoying to him)

Dont pick when
Enemy team have a lot of fat str heroes
Enemy team have Sladar.
Enemy team aimed for early game agression and push.

Pros and cons of Gondar.

Pros +

    Usefull at all stages of game
    Can easily kill weak heroes
    In lvl 1 you can be invisible till you are out of mana
    A huge amount of gold for all team cause of track kills
    Counters all invisible heroes
    Gives a lot of vision
    Can snowball easily
    So annoying for enemy team.
    Nice agi gain (3 per lvl)
    5 (!) armor at 1 lvl
    Big ms (315)

Cons -
    Low hp. Extremely weak to nukes. Low str gain.
    Invis can be countered easily with dust, sentries and gem. Or by Slardar. So its not very good escape.
    Mana problems. Low int gain.
    Really need some items to be truly useful.
    Can be outcarried easily by hard carries.


Shuriken Toss - your nuke and ministun. I usually max it early, cause its extreamly usefull early game.

Shadow Walk - your invis. Cause of that ability, you can roam and offlane easily. Gives you nice aditional damage. It lasts 20 secs in 1 lvl, and cd is only 15 - so you can be ivisible till you out of mana.
There is a nice small trick with that ability. At lvl 1 and 2 fade time is 1 and 0,75 seconds, so you can attack someone before fade, deal additional damage, and then dissapear, and attack again later - and deal additional damage again. Its also very usefull to lasthit creeps.

Jinada. Your carry ability. It is controlled crit with slow. A lot of players max it early, but its a mistake - you have not enoght damage to make really big crits. You shold max it second, if you have any damage items (like phase boots, poor man's shield and vlads or drums) or third if you havent any damage boost. But you have to up it at second level, cause you need slow.

Track. Your ult, your moneymaker, your ability to snowball, to counter invis heroes, to chase and to escape.. Every kill you make, you should make under track, to make huge amount of money for yourself, and also nice money for your team. Up it when you can - at level 6, 11 and 16. Also, if u have nice mana regen, you can spam it for vision.

Items for Gondar.

Here ill explane all items, for all builds - cause bh is very universal hero, and you can grab almost every item for him.
So, your main items for earlygame:

Poor man's shild - 6 agi, and block. You are melee hero, so you are week for harass from range supports. Rush this item. Buy it in side shop as soon as you can.

Cheap chasing item. Grab it if u have nice lane, and you can make a few kills early.

- stats, and instant heal and mana reg. Nice item for everyone. Grab it, if you sure you will not frget to use it :)

Stats, dmg, and part of your future drums. Grab it, if you want to buy drums later.

Mana reg, armor, damage - all you need. Buy it, if you are aiming for vlads, and dont forget to turn it off, if you dont want to push lane.

Sometimes you have to buy it to deward. Its nice if your supports will buy it - but if they didnt, grab it yourself.

Boots of choice. Phase boots is usuall boots for Gondar, cause of 24 damage bonus, than synergise with Jinada, and active chasing boost, that synergise with track. Tranquil boots gives you a lot of ms, nice armor boost and ability to regen your hp quickly. Perfect choise to roamer, or to deal with hard and annoying lane. Power treads can give you nice attack speed bonus, and some sweet stats. Also, if you can tread swith, it solve your mana problems a bit. I usually grab them when i need some additional hp.

Bottle is very usefull if you need some additional regen, and there is no bottle carries in your team. Also, saving dd rune, or regen rune can boost your gank ability a lot.

Nice item that give you nice stats, heal and DoT. Grab it if there is no urn in team.

Another cheep item, that gives you a lot of stats, regen and armor or -armor to your enemies. Perfect item for roam bh.

Mid game items:
Drums or Vlads. You can choose one, or if you want and noone buy second one, grab both.

Drums give you nice aura, perfect stats, and more move speed. Perfect cheap mid game item.

Vlads give you armor, hp and mana regen, damage aura and sweet lifesteal. This item is perfect for bh. But sometimes drums are better, cause they give you 9 to all stats.

If you able to farm, or to kill a lot, grab those:

Deso gives you 60 damage and crazy 7 armor reduse, that applied before damege. Thats mean that your Jinada crit will hit for ~400+ and also will ignore 7 enemy armor.

Bkb gives you nice stats, but the best part is ofcourse magic immunity. With bkb you can be much more usefull in fights, ignore nukes damage and escape easily. True carry item.

Late game items.
S&Y gives u a bit of everything, extept mana. Nice item that easy to grab. I like to grab it on bh when i am not able to get big amount of money without diyng and need cheep stats and chase item.

Nice dps item for your Jinaga. Must have when enemy have evasion.

Not very usual item for Gondar, i like grabbing s&y more, but sometimes you need it to destoy debuffs, like orchid. Still gives you nice stats and movespeed.

Nice alternative to bkb, if you playing vs heroes like Pugde, Doom or Beastmaster. If you are main carry (why?..) and playing vs Doom or Bm its even good to grab it after bkb and be complitly imune to spels.

Just another defensive item. Gives you huge amount of hp, and nice regeneration between fights.

Good item for every agi carry. Gives you a lot of dps, some armor and evasion.

Nice item, when you need aditional stun and huge damage boost. Very good item for solo kills of fat enemies - hit, track, stun and finish him with few more hits and 1 more jinada.

Gives you a lot of attack speed, armor and more armor redusion. Grab it ONLY if noone else in your team have it.

Diffusual blade is not very usuall item for Bh, but its still very nice item. 25 agi, slow or purge (it can destroy dust!). I reccomend to buy it when enemy team have Warlock (to destroy golems) Wraith King (to burn mana) or just necro lvl3.

Its simple - your team needs silnce? Grab orchid! Also very good item to solo kill casters.

Strange item for Bh. But you can buy it, if your team needs it badly, and also you can use it to solo kill squishy, but very powerfull carries (like feeded sniper).

Another team item. But its very usefull in solo kills too.

Best item for bh.. you can 1 shot enemies with rapier. But buy it only when you have bkb and something defensive.

"Carry" Bh playstile.

This is a kind of "Carry Bounty Hunter build". But that doesnt mean u have to farm a lot. No. You main role here - to farm your early - mid items and go for ganks and fights, to make money with track.
After grabbing phases, drums (or vlads) and level 6 you shold let farm to someone alse, and gank. Hit, track, toss - thats your main combo. Sometimes, when your enemy have very low hp, track first, than kill him. But you should alays track.
After a few sucessful track kills, u will have money to grab a mithril hammer, and gank again. And again. Gank top, bot, mid, forest, gank everyone. But dont die. Gank week heroes with low hp. Dont fight 1 vs 2+, if they have dust or sentries. If they havent.. Well, you can try to kill someone fast, because you can make huge amount of burst damage. And run away after.
So gank a lot, farm when you cant gank, grab your items and help team. In fights your mail target is supports - you can kill them in seconds. Hit, track, toss.
And after grabbing deso, bkb and some lategame items (and you can grab it very, very fast) - you can aim for enemy carries. But still, remember - they can outcarry you easily. So fight only if you sure that they cant kill you.

Offlane Bh

Okay, you are going solo offlane. You can grab exp easily staying invisible all the time.. But be careful - if you are playing vs good players, they will buy dust and sentries. Sometimes you have to deward.
Your main task in offlane just to grab lvl 6 and start ganking. Its nice if you can farm some creeps, but if you are playing not versus noobs, they will not let you farm. Just accept it and play careful.
After level 6, go gank and help your teammates. Grab some cheap early game items, like urn and phase boots. Gank more.
If your team have nice carries, grab semi carry items that will help your team, and counter items to enemy team. If you have a lot of gold you can transform into carry.

Roaming Bh

If you are roaming, your main target is to be super annoying to enemies, and help your teammates. Just walk all over the map, harass your opponents, try to make some kills, steal some exp. You are super usefull versus junglers. You can steal their exp and gold, harass them. You can make their lives a living hell.
If you have some gold, grab bottle, urn, tranquills, medalion - cheap usefull items, that gives you a lot of regen, so you can always stay with mana and hp and be even more annoying.
After that, mid and late game follow build 2.

The End.

Thats all. Thanks for reading! Iam really hope this guide will help you. Please, leave comments, to help me to correct my english and my guide. Thank you again, and good luck playing Gondar, The Bounty Hunter!

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