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Luna - The Glass Cannon on a Tiger

July 26, 2012 by ecmsheppard
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General Build, modify to suit

DotA2 Hero: Luna

Hero Skills

Lucent Beam

1 3 5 8

Moon Glaives

7 10 12 14

Lunar Blessing

2 4 9 13


6 11 16


15 17 18

Luna - The Glass Cannon on a Tiger

July 26, 2012


Hi :)

I'm fairly new to DOTA and haven't been playing for very long, but i rely on the guides that people put up quite a lot, they normally give me a really good idea of how to get the most out of the characters and what items work best.

Luna was the first hero i ever really became attatched to (successfully), I really enjoy nukers such as Gyrocopter and Zeus, but i generally found myself dying a lot and not really suppporting my team successfully at any point in the game. Luna has the capabality to be really annoying early game to harrass and stun with her nukes, ganking, team fights and is extremely useful late game as a finsher (with the right items).

I decided to write a guide for the first time as I actually feel like I have something to add to the communal knowledge base. I have a slightly tweaked item build that allows you to push and harrass very early in the game without dying as much or running back to the well.


-Strong Nuke
-Quick Nuke Cooldown
-Nuke has stun
-Great Pusher
-Lots of fun
-Easy to get win as long as you get your items
-Fastest Hero

-Completely Item Dependant
-Screwed if stunned
-Hard to get really high kills

Skill Build

I don't really have anything special in here that hasn't been said a lot of times before.

You can change the order around quite a bit depending on how the early game plays out, and doing so will really affect your chances at being really strong comparatively in the mid game.

Lucent Beam is your bread and butter here, with your item build giving you a fair bit of mana regen, I tend to use it whenever possible, the closer to your tower the better. No matter how you level out your two passives, you definately want to make sure that you have 3 points in this before you pick up eclipse at level 6. Changing this by much will really hurt you when a big strength hero comes to beat you down.

Your Eclipse is the other critical skill for Luna especially until she becomes strong enough with her items and passives for any and all fights. Even if you really need to push a creep wave later on in the game, it is handy once it becomes less useful against heroes.

Lunar Blessing is great to help out other heroes in your lane. Beefing up someones attack really early makes a big difference, one point in this skill at level 2 is a must, the initial gains are just too great to ignore when your starting attack is only 50, and the extra night vision is really handy for avoiding ganks and seeing whats coming up.

Moon Glaive helps with lane pushing almost exclusively until late game when you can Manta Style, I avoid putting many points in this until the end, especially if your having lots of battles the points are better spent on other skills.

I havent overly experimented with spending points on stats early on in the game, i think she could benefit from the extra health and such, except that doing so would force you to slow down the growth of your other skills, which is juts too great a loss for me too bother

Item Build

I find the trick with Luna is staying in lane early on. I dont like spending money on consumables, i prefer items that are going to be more useful in the long run. Rather than taking a whole bunch of Healing Salve or Tango I start off with at least one Ring of Regeneration and either Animal Courier and one set of Tango or Healing Salve. If your like me and really don't like consumables, save your pennies, if you have a good lane partner you will get some great farm and a few early kills with your harrass and Lucent beams.

Depending on how good they are at harassing you, if they are very good I go straight for another Ring of Regeneration and a Ring of Protection early on to beef you up even further. Very quickly turn these into a Soul Ring and Tranquil Boots. I recommend these items for a bunch of reasons:

1 - They work really well together with their active abilities, soul ring to fire off one last desperate beam or get enough mana for an eclipse, then hit the Tranquil Boots To get back your lost health.
2 - It effectively increases your mana pool issues meaning you can keep putting the hurt on, taking advantage of your really quick cool down.
3 - Unlike other early item builds, this stays relevant until the late game as the ring is still fantastic to boost your regen.
4 - The boots give you a massive bonus to your movement speed, taking advantage of Luna being the fastest character off the bat, especially when boosted by Yasha or a Manta Style which we get later giving you a crazy +121 movement speed, making up for her lack of escape.

After this go straight for Morbid Mask giving you lifesteal, further increasing your time in the fight. Later on if you have spare cash feel free to turn it in to a Helm of the Dominator but right now you dont need the extra damage or health as much as you think you do. Spent the money instead on a Yasha which then builds into a Manta Style. Normally i have all this by level 14, so your auras are cracking and your beams are maxed out. Now you are a force to be reckoned with, especially team fights and pushing.

Here comes the fun part, something not really pointed out in other guides, but the lifesteal aura can stack with other auras, so either a Mjollnir or Eye of Skadi here becomes really fun, I think there are more combos that are doable, i have only used the thunder hammer once or twice and havent even tried out the frost urn yet, but the crazy attack speed bonus turns you into a complete monster in late game pushing. Your bouncing Glaives get you lifesteal, and also trigger lightning bolts to form, you just wont get lifesteal when the bolts form. If you still need to finish them off an Adaghims Sceptre makes your ultimate stupidly strong. But for me the game always ends at this point. I think really though, your biggest focus should be on anything that ups your damage. Building your Morbid Mask into a Satanic works pretty well.

Play style

If you haven't worked it out by now, you are a bit daft, but i will spell it out for you :)

Get in early lane kills with your nuke, utilise your improved regen to keep harassing your foes. Once you have a Morbid Mask you can jungle very easily especially if your passive skills are levels 2 or higher. Once you have a Manta Style, go to town.

Your illusions throw glaives that also bounce and also lifesteal and in the late game also cause thunder shocks, use this ability to mow down a tower, while the bounces kill the barracks behind it. Push hard and you should get some easy wins.

You are really fast so don't be afraid to run around and help people, especially for team fights.


Stay in a lane with a side shop if you can.

Make sure your team has courier, you don't desperately need the money at the start.

Try and pair up with other nukers, or any melee that has a good stun and use your stun when enemy heroes are near your tower for added insult.

Your Lunar Blessing can really help anyone in your lane, so if they need it, don't be afraid to spend the money.

If your item build gets interupted because you are getting hammered, get lifesteal and go farm or jungle, you can do this really well.

Don't be afraid to chase, your movement speed is phenomenal.

Be aware that you are very squishy and that the cooldown on your ultimate is quite large, try not to waste it.

Your ultimate takes a sec to come in, you have to think ahead a fair bit for it to be effective.

Illusion Runes are your best friend, especially if you already have a Manta Style, you become all but unstoppable.

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