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Luna - Safe , but deadly -

December 19, 2012 by Speedy
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Safe early , hard carry late game

DotA2 Hero: Luna

Hero Skills

Lucent Beam

2 4 5 7

Moon Glaives

10 12 13 14

Lunar Blessing

1 3 8 9


6 11 16


15 17 18

Luna - Safe , but deadly -

December 19, 2012


How had she been reduced to this? She was once the Scourge of the Plains, a merciless leader of men and beasts, and able to sow terror wherever she dared. Now she was far from her homeland, driven half mad from starvation and months of wandering, her army long dead or turned to worse. As she stood at the edge of an ancient forest, a pair of glowing eyes spied on from an elder branch. Something beautiful and deadly sought a meal in the wilting dusk. Without a sound, it turned and left. Fury overtook her. Clutching a rust-eaten dagger, she charged after the beast determined to reclaim even a shred of her past glory, but her quarry would not be caught. Three times she cornered the creature among the rocks and trees, and three times she pounced only to witness its fading shadow darting further into the woods. Yet the full moon shone brightly, and the creature's trail was easy to follow. Arriving in a clearing atop a high hill, the beast's massive feline form sat in the open, attentive and waiting. When the woman brandished her dagger, the creature reared and roared and charged. Death, it seemed, had come for her at long last in this strange place. She stood, calm and ready. A flash of movement, and the beast snatched the dagger from her hand before vanishing into the forest. Stillness. Hooded figures approached. In reverent tones they revealed that Selemene, Goddess of the Moon, had chosen her, had guided her, had tested her. Unwittingly she had endured the sacred rites of the Dark Moon, warriors of the Nightsilver Woods.

She was offered a choice: join the Dark Moon and pledge herself to the service of Selemene, or leave and never return. She did not hesitate. Embracing her absolution, she renounced her bloody past, and took up a new mantle as Luna of the Dark Moon, the dreaded Moon Rider, ruthless and ever-loyal guardian of the Nightsilver Woods.


Luna is an agility hero that can become one of the best hard-carry hero in the game . This is possible because of here spells :
Lucent Beam - Luna channels a concentrated beam of lunar energy at an enemy, stunning and dealing damage.

moon glaiveMoon Glaive - Allows Luna's glaive to bounce to enemy units near the attacked unit. Each bounce deals less damage.

Lunar Blessing - Grants bonus damage to nearby allies, while blessing Luna with extra night vision.

Eclipse - Calls an eclipse that follows Luna, striking units with her current level of Lucent Beam. A single target can only be hit a maximum times. Unlike individual Lucent Beams, Eclipse does not stun. Eclipse turns day into night for 10 seconds. Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter.

Pros / Cons

-she can farm much faster than other carries
-good nuker in the early game
-can gank very well
-attacks multiple targets
-high Movement Speed

-very fragile
-a lot of Mana cost to Nuke
-item dependable


This guide is for a hard-carry Luna so you need to have either a safe-lane either a tri-lane.
You could even go middle , but I recommend you going safe lane just to have free farm


I recommend starting with some Tango for regeneration and 3 Iron branches that will be transformed into a Magic wand later and a Ring of protection for your later Tranquil boots which are a very good choice for , it gives her a lot of Movement Speed and Health Regeneration in order to stay on the lane and keep building those early items.
The Drum of endurance are very good because Luna hasn't got a lot of HP and Mana.
The Poor man's shield is a good early damage reduction.
If your farm is really good and the lane is safe you should really get that Hand of midas , it doesn't seem like a good early item , but by the time the game gets to the mid session it really pays off.
The Helm of the Dominator is a really good option . You can convert creeps and just stack the ancients so that you can get a really nice stash of gold . You will convert it into a Satanic later on.
With the Manta style you can just use it so you can eliminate negative buffs and to push line and in a teamfight the glaives that fly do a lot of damage to the all oposite team.
You really need a BKB , You have to balance somehow Luna's low HP and it makes you immune to magical damage.
In late-game you have to get a Butterfly , it gives you a lot of agility and damage and it also gives you evaison .
The Assault Cuirass and the Daedalus aren't a must to but they are good items for a hardcarry

Some matches

I have played some matches with this build and by this time it didn't fail me , i won every match with it ( it doesn't give you 100% win but it's highly probably)
Match id : 80411214
Match id : 79795233
Match id : 74907753
And some private games that i don't have the match id now , if you want ill post them.

Friends and foes

Friends :
Jakiro Crystal Maiden Vengeful spirit Leshrac

All heroes that have a disable like Bane Pudge
All heroes with high burst damage like Lina Lion Zeus

Stacking Ancients

I recommend you doing this early game when you get your Helm of the Dominator.
What you do : You use the Helm of the Dominator to convert 1 creep into being yours and what you do is taking him to the ancients camp and you attack them at like xx:52(53) and you run from them . In this way there will be no units in the camp and it will spawn another camp.
The stacking can be very usefully because one creep pull gives you between 215-346 Gold and between 279-393 Experience , so think about multiplying this with 5 , may bee more . It gives you a good boost for gold , experience .
You would say that it's hard to kill 5 camps , well it isn't that hard , Luna's moon glavieMoon Glaive and Lunar blessing gives her a lot of damage for multiple targets.

If you still don't know how to stack ancients you should watch this video :

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