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Luna- Play it beautifully by Loredra

August 15, 2015 by Loredra
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I want it that way

DotA2 Hero: Luna

Hero Skills

Lucent Beam

2 3 5 7

Moon Glaives

9 12 13 14

Lunar Blessing

1 4 8 10


6 11 16


15 17 18

Luna- Play it beautifully by Loredra

August 15, 2015


Hi guys, my name is Loredra and my native language is not English. This is also my first time, so please be gentle
I wrote this guide in order to prepare for a writing test next week and of course, for you guys who love to play Luna in Dota.
Luna is indeed a beautiful hero with a boring background story. I personally like her to have more cheerful personality, like Windranger for example.
She rides a fearsome black jaguar which is exactly why she still can't have a boyfriend.
She is also a powerful carry, and,with enough items, can carry you to either one of two absolute endings: Winning or Losing :))

Pros / Cons

1. She is cute
2. She is cuter with enough items
3. Even more fascinating when using ultimate
4. Very fast, agile with manner and sense of justice--> totally a captain-of-kendo-club-babe type
5. Moon is an ancient subject for poem and music, which date back far far away

Come on, no one is perfect.I don't like this bad mouthing section

Okay, Luna is really, really fragile, like a flower which promote even further her dazzling moonlight. She also does not have escape mechanism, which means she can be a typical strong-girl-in-a-helpless-situation . I guess it is a classic seasoning for dramas.


Items for Luna are actually like accessories for girls. You can look good in many ways. The only thing to care about is the situation. Fuc* the white dress if you are in a funeral. By the same logic, choose your items wisely. And the build that was presented by Valve in the game is very good. I recommend you follow that if you are a first time user.

Below is some of my thoughts:

Early game:
Iron Branch, Magic Wand and consumables( Healing Salve, Tango): Like jeans and stuff, it is solid and every girl likes it.

Wraith Band, Ring of Aquila: This is like socks, you may or may not wear depending on whether you have shoes or sandals. If you can rush to a beautiful heels early on, who needs it?

Boots: I love Nike, but Lance Armstrong was too much,really.

Mid game:
Any kind of upgraded boots work well, just don't go arcane.
Any kind of items that boost damage, agility, attack speed work well, just don't go for mana based.
Any kind of items give raw survivability work so-so, sometime vanguard is acceptable
Black King Bar is a must, this is your decent main outfit, same with black turtle neck and jeans that Steve Jobs worn.
The rest is optional. For example, if they have Omni, you of course can go Diffusal Blade .Be flexible, be understanding .

Late game:
Any kind in luxury categories is optional(Still be away from raw mana). Use your own judgement. Kinda like perfumes or diamonds, very valuable. But only if the fairest wear them.

Play it beautifully

Basically, playing Luna is like living a standard life. You have the following jobs:
1. Study.
2. Go to university.
3. Learn even more to get MBA while participate in public activity.
4. Go to job interview and apply for CEO.
5. Propose something and become president of USA.

Yep, and that how it is done.

1. Luna must farm, mid or not. She can kill, but she is even better off farming.Again, judge the situation in which you should go farm or not. I would say 80/20 for farming and killing.

2. Once you get over mid game, which is about 15 mins into the game, keep farming in order to have BKB ASAP. Be vigilant, a beautiful girl get stalked by many guys, especially wandering homeless missing one.

3. Farm even more to scale into late game, but now please take part more in team fighta. Positioning now is crucial. Don't go in first, and don't go in late. Don't sing "Is it me you're looking for" when you team is dying. And I don't care about 20 mins megacreeps game.

4. Farm your luxuries and become the hope of your team, the star of the game, the Messi of Barcelona. But just to be sure, still go into combat last(don't get focused without BKB)

5. If you haven't win yet, lead your team there by communication. People are all hyped about R7 or M10, but remember, they are the best when they play for Barca and Real

Special mentions:
1. Guide is not miracle potion. You need to play at least 50 matches in order to get used to all kind of situation that can happen with Luna. Thus reduce your respond time and increase your insight in the game.

2. Don't get cocky,flaming,etc.. Thank the supports properly so you can have nice game, no baby can be pop star without producer. Hugging comrade when he gives you a killer pass is perfectly normal.

3. Treat Luna gentle, she is a girl. Don't go tanking, don't go alone,don't follow strangers, don't take drugs which lead to irrational decisions, be at home before 9 but should learn how to lie(=a little deceptive living style).

Friends and Foes

Same with a famous singer, there are always admirers and haters following Luna around
1. Any kind of babysitter/supporter/healing/producer works fine
2. Any kind of initiators/creeps clearer/multiple disable works like charms in combat: Tide Hunter, Puck or Sand King

Luna is pretty much compatible with every non-carry heroes on lane. A extraordinary yet modest beauty that lets other shine with her

1. Jose Mourinho
2. Any kind of summoners that create magic vulnerable units: Nature's Prophet, Nature's Prophet, or Nature's Prophet
3. Any kind of heroes that does not die when got caught alone with a Luna lv 7 early game.
4. Special mentions: Juggernaut. He out-plays Luna by owning every active skills she has. Yunero is a very hardcore counter against Luna.

There are some heroes that do not really counter Luna, but have abilities to kill/escape from Luna rather easy like: Lion, Anti-Mage, Queen of Pain, Bruce Lee, Storm Spirit, Weaver , Lifestealer , etc.

Random Notes (Added since 13/2/2013)

This section is for some random things that I can't seem to remember them while I was writing this guide. Think of it as some story telling board rather than a part of a formal guide :)).

1. Luna is currently getting some attention in competitive games. I've seen XBoct plays her a lots. People also began to use her in 5 men Dota strategy - let Luna hit lv 7 or 8 then push like crazy. You should try that too. If fail, just back to farming
2. I often see many players out there use her ulti in a wrong way in big combat. Let's divide combats into 2 types:
- Clear type: 2 teams run into each other in a open space without creeps, often like in Roshan, or jungle, etc. --> Use your ulti right away when 2 or even 1 hero stand in your range. Level 3 Eclipse does take some time to deal all 10 strikes
- Chaos type: Battle of Mordor, sometime you don't even know where you are. --> Don't use your Eclipse right away, you should stay calm, bkb if you have, do the positioning, attack from safe range and ulti when everything is nearly back to type 1.
3. 6.79 changes. Luna got buffed with her graives which are now hurt like hell. The scepter bonus is still #&$&^#&$ as ever. Add 5 more beams and we will pick it
- Since 6.82, her second skill -Glaive- got changed so that it can rehit an target. So the more popular skill build right now is to get 1 or 2 point in glaives after lv 8. It means you go 4-2-2-1 in your Luna skill build. This build gives you fast jungle clearing ability for big camp, thus skyrocket Luna's farming. This change also makes Luna freaking deadly in 1 against 2 situation where her physicalg damage output is nearly double.


- Do you get Yasha and not Manta Style ?
A: Sure, people go yasha right after lifesteal because early-mid is now the time of fast farming ( think of a Luna with early Yasha as Anti-Mage with good timing Battle Fury). But after getting Yasha, don't go Manta Style directly, go BKB first.

- Does Luna get buffed recently ?
A: Yep, but minor buff only

- What is your MMR ?
A: 4k9 Solo andddddd well,... 4k team :(

-What is your other works ?
A: A support morphling guide incoming soon.
And I spend time doing video, too.
A good one
A tribute to Luna

A random one , first dota2 vid I made:)

Nothing to do with Luna btw :)


In the end, I guess I didn't help you guys much. Sorry about that:). But be sure not to give up. Playing Dota is the same with playing chess, which highlight not the logical thinking but experience. Keep your manner, be cooperative, yearning to learn and in no time, Luna will be your featured hero.

Btw, I suck at playing her since Valve rated me only about 3.2 . I hope you guys all do a better job. Good luck, from Ha Noi with love. God blesses Neil Armstrong.

And I would love anyone to help me with my format. I really want to present to you guys a more beautiful guide with visual images, better frames and more enjoyable.

#Added 6.82 update.
#Added FAQ
# Reformat the guide
# Add totally useless video which discourages you from playing Luna

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