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Lina Mid Ownage Guide (added Skill + Item explanation)

February 8, 2013 by Wu7z
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Mid Lane

DotA2 Hero: Lina

Hero Skills

Fiery Soul (Innate)

Dragon Slave

2 3 5 7

Light Strike Array

1 4 8 10

Laguna Blade

6 11 16


15 17 18

Lina Mid Ownage Guide (added Skill + Item explanation)

February 8, 2013



+Very high burst damage
+Easy kills when ganking
+At level 6 you can burst nearly all other mid heroes from full HP
+Carry potential with low cooldowns and her nice passive


-Low mana pool in early game
-Only good in mid/late game if you manage to get some early kills


Here I will give a quick introduction to Lina's skills and there possible uses:

Q - Dragon Slave:

Dragon Slave is an AoE spell with an nice amount of damage and low cooldown.
It fires a firewave in front in the targeted direction and damages all enemies in range
With this spell you can harass your enemy in early game and clear creep waves in combination with Light Strike Array.

W - Light Strike Array:

Light Strike Array is an AoE stun that does nice damage and stuns the enemy for 1.6 seconds.
On cast it has a 0.5 second delay and then stuns and damages all enemies in AoE.
In combination with Dragon Slave you can do a very high amount of burst damage to enemy heroes and clear entire creep waves.

E - Fiery Soul:

Fiery Soul is a nice passive ability that increases your attack and movement speed everytime you use cast a spell.
This passive will help you to finish or catch up enemies that survived your Q-W-R combo. Also it is very nice to damage towers and buildings.

R - Laguna Blade

This is Lina's ultimate weapon. Laguna Blade is a single target high damage burst ability and one of the strongest spells in the game.
This is used in your burst combo or save kills on escaping enemies. When you get Aghanim's Scepter this spell gets a high cast range of 900 and an epic damage of 1250 what makes it easy to kill squishy heroes.


Here I will explain my item choices and there uses.

Starting Items

2 Healing Salves are nice to be able to stay on the lane very long, Circlet and Iron Branches give you nice stats boost and you need the Circlet for Null Talisman.


Null Talisman:
Gives you a nice stats boost and a little bit damage for lasthitting.
Phase Boots:
Very good for chasing down enemies and escaping, also the damage is nice with the AS from Fiery Soul
Aghanims Scepter:
Should be obvious, with this her ultimate does insane damage and the stats do well to make some basic damage.

Luxury Items

Scythe of Vyse:
Very good stats and insane mana regen. Also the hex makes it easy to land a good Light Strike Array.
Orchid Malevolence:
Also nice stats and mana regen. The silence gives you some control in teamfights and it gives you some good basic damage that will help you to bring towers down with Fiery Soul.
Best mana regen item in the game + nice hp and mana.
This makes your burst a oneshot even against tanky enemis + good stats.

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