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Level 3 Rosh, Advanced Guide to Bring Odds to Your Favor under 4 Minutes

January 13, 2016 by Croofe
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DotA2 Hero: Ursa

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Level 3 Rosh, Advanced Guide to Bring Odds to Your Favor under 4 Minutes

January 13, 2016


People always thought Ursa does Rosh at level 5 or 6. But what about at level 3? and Roshan is killed at minute 4? The answer: surprise for enemies and better winning odds for your team.

Pros and Cons


  • Level 6 by Minute 4!!
  • Free Aegis!!
  • +1.000 net worth to your team
  • Jungle just for 3 minutes

  • You go jungle.... for what? 3 to 5 minutes? You put a burden on your offlaner, but only just for that miniscule time.



This guide is for players who are intimate with Ursa's abilities, strength, and weaknesses, and not for new Ursa players.

This guide also assumes you know how to stack jungle camps or knows choke jungling, if you don't know how to do this, please search other guides on how to do so.

This guide does not cover entire game match, instead only until you kill your first Roshan. If you are looking for those, please look for other guides, they cover Ursa's items and abilities nicely.

So, in conclusion:
  • This guide does not cover items after killing Roshan.
  • This guide does not cover abilities after killing Roshan (ignore skill builds above if you don't agree with my skill suggestions, but the first 3 levels are a must to follow)
  • This guide does not cover allies and enemies of Ursa.
  • This guide does not cover gameplay guide after your first Roshan kill.
  • This guide assumes you don't play solo as you will need your team's help to buy you items ( Town Portal Scroll, Smoke of Deceit, and Tango (Shared)) and secure you first bounty rune.

With that away, let's go with the guide.


As the title suggests, this is a prerequisite. If you don't do this, this guide will fail, unless your enemy is a bit dumb to not ward Rosh when there is Ursa on opposite team.

First and Foremost, Get the 0 minute Bounty Rune. Ask for your team to secure one for you. You need this.

Second, go jungle.

Yes, go jungle as stupid as it sounds to do so in 6.86c patch. (Jungle means slow farm, and slow farm means useless carries, since you want to win team fight early these days) Jungling however, brings anonymity for Ursa and people don't ask question if he is off map for the first 5 minutes if he goes Jungle.

Third, Get level 3 at minute 2:15 at the latest.

Fourth, Get Morbid Mask at minute 2 to 2:15 at most. You take 1 minute to go back to base, heal, teleporting, and walking to Rosh Pit.

Fifth, You WANT to ENTER Rosh Pit at minute 3:20 at most. Roshan is buffed at Minute 4, and that buff, 90% of the time, also means your death (and enemies also get alerted that you go Roshan and proceed to defend him since they get notified of your death) unless you already have some decent Fury Swipes stacks on him. It needs about 40 seconds to kill Roshan, and if his bash procs, it will take extra seconds to kill him. Another reason you want to kill him before 4 minute is because enemies usually checks for rune, and if they are smart enough to remember to check for Rosh pit, you are dead. Thankfully, most people don't.


Starting Items

Cost: 325 gold

This starting items is enough since we want to rush Morbid Mask

Most of the time however, you need to ask your team to buy you Smoke of Deceit and Town Portal Scroll since most likely you don't have enough gold to buy them.

Starting Items (Alternate)
Cost: 200 gold

A better starting items.

This alternate starting items however, needs cooperative play from your team to give you some of their Tango, but with the reward of giving you Morbid Mask much faster, and also probably enough money to buy Smoke of Deceit and Town Portal Scroll on your own.

Cost: 1025 gold

After buying these, you are ready to Rosh.

Gameplay to Early Rosh

Start with Stout Shield and a Tango, or if possible ask your team for 2 Tango (Shared).

Get Bounty Rune at 0 minute mark, ask your team to five-man secure for you if possible.

If you are in Radiant, at 0:30, go kill the easy camp, and stack it at 0:53 (if they are still alive by then), then go kill medium camp. With the exp and gold from bounty rune, this should be enough to buy Morbid Mask and you should be at level 3. If not, go kill the other medium camp.

At Dire, go choke jungle the medium camp and stack at 0:56, with bounty rune, you should get level 3 fast. If not, go kill the easy camp.

When hitting level 3, immediately abandon jungle and go back to base even if the camp is only halfway killed. We are racing against time here people.

Then, use Town Portal Scroll to the tower closest to Rosh Pit, and use Smoke of Deceit to enter undetected. DO NOT PICK UP THE RUNE.

Congratulations, you enter the rosh pit under 3:20 minutes, if not, may the RNGesus be with you and Roshan doesn't bash you to death.

The key to level 3 Rosh is to be SMART!

Start by using Overpower early before entereing Rosh pit like so:

Then use Overpower again when off cooldown, and you have used the charges (usually known as double Overpower trick) and run back like so:

(The Rosh clock is a replay bug only for spectators to see. You will see no such thing when you play normally.)

You are depending on Overpower to bring stacks, so try to get as few hits from rosh as possible between cooldown and make sure Fury Swipes stacks don't dissapear, like so:

Then, use Overpower again:

Rinse and repeat, and you will bring Rosh down.

Congrats! You just kill a Roshan at minute 4! And you just leveled to a whopping level 6!

Note: Here is the link to the video of gif above!

From here and now on, you are on your own. Look on other guides for the rest of the game play. This guide finish here.

But if you ask questions for me which item to buy next: they will be Boots of Speed, Orb of Venom, then rushing Blink Dagger. From there on, buy items you and your team needs.


Is this guide hard? definitely, but is it feasible? Also yes. This is why this is not for Newbies, but for the better players.

I will admit, Level 3 rosh does take a bit of luck, but I take some measures to bring that needed luck to a minimum. So if somehow you die, it's because you have super bad luck of receiving triple bash twice from rosh, or you don't follow my prerequisite.

I will also admit, this play style brings some demands of skill and cooperative play, but the reward is very satisfying. Try simulations and practices using Private Lobby before attempting to do this in matches (with cheats on if you want to get Tango (Shared) and Animal Courier for free).

Minute 3 is your magic number, if you don't get what you need by then, don't go rosh until you get level 5 or 6.

Bounty Rune is actually not a necessity, but definitely makes this guide far easier.

Do be careful if there is Bloodseeker on enemy team, we don't want to be found in Rosh pit because of Thirst.

Happy hunting people!!

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