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Laner here

November 21, 2018 by A_Cute_Boy
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Hyper Carry Laner

DotA2 Hero: Lina

Hero Skills

Dragon Slave

4 11 14 16 17

Light Strike Array

1 3 5 7 9

Fiery Soul

2 8 13

Laguna Blade

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+150 Attack Range
-25s Laguna Blade Cooldown
+30/2% Fiery Soul Per Stack
+11% Spell Amplification
+130 Light Strike Array Damage
+350 Health
-2.5s Dragon Slave Cooldown
+30 Damage

Who is Laner?

Laner ( ) is an ability power hero who can utilise many ability powers to make short work of her opponents.

Some people choose to build Laner with items that do damage with her right click ability power but the true secret in mastering the carry role with Laner is to focus on what she does best, using her spells to D E C I M A T E her opponents.

Laner has become increasingly popular in the professional scene since the invention of her stongest item, and the more recent invention of which both do a great job of increasing what she does best, her ability power damage.

How to play Laner

Laner ( ) can be played in a variety of positions. You can play her as either mid lane carry or bottom lane carry with someone to help you. In either lane you do the exact same thing. You blow up the enemy using your enormous ability power damage.

If you see the enemy walk up and start taking damage from your creep army then you hit them with . Be advised that it takes some time for Laner to reposition her satellite and and call down the array upon her opponent. Once they are stunned for four years you then begin your combination of releasing your dragon salve then follow up with your strongest and most ultimate ability power, Lacrimia Strike . If your opponent is still barely alive you can then throw your right click ability power at them to finish them off but if you built the right items , , , , they should be absolutely obliterated and practically sent to the shadow realm.

Lore, Laner, and her team

Laner ( ) is known in the lore as having a history with both Crystal Maiden ( ) and Pangoline ( ) so both of them are particularly important to her in team compositions. When playing Laner a sure-fire go-to lane is Laner and Crystal Maiden so you can use the power of your sizzle sister synergy to make short work of your enemies (W-W combo).

Another thing to keep in mind when playing Laner is that you are a pure fire type with a lightning ability power ultimate ability power. This makes you naturally most powerful with allies like Phoenix ([icon= Pheonix size=50), Infernal Lord ( ), Clank ( ), Double Dragon (Fire head) ( ) and Warlick ( ) who will give you synergy with fire stacking. It's important to try not to couple with ice and water types (except for Crystal Maiden ( )(read above)). Storm Spirit ( ) and Zeus ( ) and Razor ( ) and Arc Waden ( ) will really help you make the most of your ultimate ability power (Lacrimia Strike) .

people who TROLL Laner
do NOT even try to play with Morphlane ( ), Double Dragon (Ice head) (Jakrio), cold Eeo ( ) or Winter Wyvern ( ) on your team and especially NOT Lich ( )as these champions will SLOW. YOU. DOWN. You can buy a force staff to push them into the enemy team if they are making it harder for you to play.

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