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King of the Sands!

July 9, 2012 by Eanh
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Initiator King

DotA2 Hero: Sand King

Hero Skills


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Sand Storm

2 4 8 9

Caustic Finale

10 12 13 14


6 11 16


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King of the Sands!

July 9, 2012


Hi i'm Eanh and this is my guide to Sand King, this guide should help you become the initiator you team needs along with a great pusher.

Pros / Cons


    - Great initiator
    - Great pusher mid to late game
    - Invisibility
    - can escape some target spells
    - long low cool down stun
    - ult can deal massive damage to enemies ( if not kill them )
    - Ult can be wasted if not used right
    - At start, mana cost is a problem
    - Gems and dust can get you killed


This move is your bread and butter, used to stun and deal damage. Did I mention 11 sec cooldown? For early game use this to initiate lane fights. Once you get [caustic finale] use this on enemy creep waves to stun them then just kill and get your easy earned money. When you use this spell, any thing that is in the path of your target gets stunned too, if you can get a good angle on the enemy team then you could technically stun them all.

Sand Storm
Good for escaping spells and heros, good for pushing early game, good for spooking the other team. Basically a safety spell, you can Burrowstrike out of the sand storm.

Caustic Finale
Great when taking out creep waves, first burrow strike the ranged creep in the back of the group, this should stun all the enemy creeps and they should all be low heath then this passive should kill them all at once. Easy profit

This spell can be deadly if used right. It has a 2 sec channel at the begging then damage dealing earthquakes surround you. Try not to get stunned in the begging channel or else its wasted with a long cooldown. There's 2 ways to initiate with this spell, the first requires positioning. Burrowstrike has a 2.14 stun time, so what that means if you were fast enough you could theoretically pull it though fast enough before the enemy team could react. Try to stun all the enemy heroes in a line, then use the channel. The second way to initiate is using the blink dagger. Hide behind some trees, start the channel for Epicenter, blink in, Burrowstrike for stun, easy kills.


The Gauntlets are for the urn and the ironwood is for stats and wand if you want it. The rest is for your survival.

Urn of Shadows
This is for extra health and healing of others

Arcane Boots
Great early to mid game for mana used by burrowstrike and epicenter.

Blink Dagger
Very important for initiating and running, also for positioning.


Ill write more to this guide later, for now, feedback and comments are welcome!

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