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KEMEK's guide to WARLOCK

August 28, 2013 by KEMEK
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DotA2 Hero: Warlock

Hero Skills

Eldritch Summoning (Innate)

Fatal Bonds

2 4 8 9

Shadow Word

1 3 5 7



Chaotic Offering

6 11 16


10 12 13 14 15 18


Warlock is an intelligent hero who is basically a support hero. But somehow, he can turns out to kill so many heroes, becomes BEYOND GODLIKE, and your friends gonna shout: Hey, you, Warlock ****! Dont ks you madafaka!

All is started when Warlock was a young kid, jumped into school, and got bullied by others. He was so nerd and so anti-social, and had no friends at all.

He loved to hold his diary, which is called grimoir (I dont know why, but its pretty awesome). His parents were dead, got no siblings, no family, and not even a cute dog. He was all alone and had nothing. Nothing. Even the cats in his neighborhood ran away when they looked him. Pretty sad.

But once upon a time, he found a book (which is something that he loves for sure, I have no ****ing idea what else to put here), he read the whole pages (which is different from ME, who only can read just several LINES), and found some sacred secrets. He went to a mountain, did meditation for 31340 years, and went back as a ****in awesome pops.

Just look how badaas he is. Damn. And the big scary stuff back there is his Golem and it gonna scare the **** out of you. Golem is his only friends, and if you screw up with Warlock (for example, pwn his head off), youre gonna have a reeallyyy bad time with his only friend Golem. Golems gonna say to you Grraaahhh! Garrarararhghh! Arhaghahggghh!... or something like that, I dont remember correctly. **** it.

What do his skills do?

Fatal Bonds. From the name itself, it remembers me of another type of bond: marriage. It is like marrying your girlfriend for the rest of your life, and whatever you DO to your wife, somehow also affect the rest of family of your wife. I know, it is a huge sucks for your health. Thats what this skill does: all damage you put on one target also affects the others. If YOU are casted Fatal Bond, run. Run like hell. Just hope that the other Fatal Bond targets die FASTER, so you dont get the shared damage. Just like marriage.

Shadow Word. Or more like Awesome Word. Why, because it is awesome. Period. If it is casted on you (or your precious carry), it will heal you like Fountain does. Thats huge, bro. And if it is casted on enemies, just wait and see, it will drive them back because it also deal huge damage per second. When I said huge, it IS HUGE. Trust me.

Upheaval. Boring skill. Slowing enemies, but you have to stand like a statue. Meh. Skip.

Chaotic Offering. I dont know WHY his ultimate named Chaotic Offering instead of Golem. Maybe the makers of Dota 2 have a lot of explanation for this one simple question, but I also get one simple statement about this skill: SUPER AWESOME. No matter how bold your enemies, how much and brave they are, I guarantee you that if you cast this skill on ANY situations, they will RUN AWAY like *******. And why is that? Because its SUPER AWESOME AND SUPER SCARY. It is like you are in the middle of fight with your friends, and somehow Jesus comes down to Earth. Everyone is just like going crazy and run randomly, dont know what to do (except the fact that Jesus IS NOT in red stuffs like Golem. He is more white, I think).

What item to get?

ANIMAL COURIER. Unless your friend is nice enough to buy this for your team, go get it. It is your job. Nuff said.

AGHANIM SCEPTER. A MUST GET ITEM ON WARLOCK UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE CALLED NOOB. Why? Because it makes TWO ****IN GOLEM, Ladies and Gentleman. Who doesnt want two huge Golems on your aid?

GHOST SCEPTER. The thing is, after you give birth to your Golem(s), your enemies will be mad as hell on you (dont know why. Golems are awesome), and mark you as their first target, and you will be dead in no seconds. Well, Ghost Scepter can give you several seconds to run away. So after you activate Ghost Scepter, RUN AND DONT STAND AROUND LIKE A FOOL (unless you are pro).

REFRESHER ORB. Expensive as hell, but very worth to buy. And you can manage to move your lazy fingers to hit more hotkeys, you can get birth to FOUR GOLEMS. FOUR GOLEMS, SWEET JESUS! Its GG already.

What is his playing style?

EARLY GAME Fatal Bond -> Shadow Word
Harrass your opponents carry. If you dont know which one is carry, do some search or just simply ask your friends. Dont be scared if they counter you: you have Shadow Word for your heal, man! Its a super awesome healing skill and it can make you stay in lane like forever.

MID GAME Chaotic Offering -> Done.
Entering mid game, there will be some ganks and fights in every where. Join them. Your friends need your Golem. Once a team fight starts, usually there are 2 or 3 enemies standing closely together, and there you go: BAM! COME DOWN FROM THAT REALM, O THY MIGHTY GOLEM! The radius of your ult is freakinly huge, so you will not have a hard time landing your Golem. Then basically your job is finished, let your friends do the rest. Your next job is only stand at the edge of the fight, casting Shadow Word (or Fatal Bond) on any necessary target.

Important notes: Usually, you die first before your Golem die. In this case, dont be panic like Titanics victim. Control your Golem, hit some enemies. In most cases, there are several friends of you that still alive, and by controlling Golem you do a big favor for your team mates (even in several cases, with staying calm and controlling the Golem you can still do DOUBLE KILL AFTER YOU DIE. Awesome, right?)

LATE GAME Chaotic Offering -> Refresher Orb, Four Golems. GG.
Nuff said.

Warlock’s Friends and Foes.

Read the story at the first lines of this guide. He had no friends when he was a kid. BUT NOW, every heroes are gonna be like OMFG Warlock you are super awesome! I wanna be your friend! But you know, there are like FAKE friends and TRUE friends. FAKE friends is saying that they can help you in any way but hell no. All they do is standing there, dealing their pathetic skills (yea compared to Warlocks), and let you die. But TRUE friends, is just... different. Here I tell you some.

MAGNUS, PUCK, ENIGMA, and DARK SEER. If you dont know how these heroes synergies very well with Warlock, I will tell you how. They have a skill that can gather a group of enemies together in one small area, so your Golem becomes more effective than ever.

DEATH PROPHET, NATURES PROPHET. Warlock is an intelligent man, of course, so he can discuss difficult stuffs like Quantum Dota Physics, Metaphysics of Dota 2, or something like those, with Prophets. And somehow he met two prophets, one of them is already dead and the other one is an old man who has a ridicoulous obssession with trees. All they do is like:

Yea. What do you have there, mate?
Bunch of bushes, I think. You?
A ****in huge Golem. He is awesome, and in the next few minutes hes gonna have a brother.
Cool. I can order my sisters to do my favor.
May I order one of your sister?
Alright, mate. Lets push some towers.

There. All they do is discussing useless stuffs and stand behind their slaves, and let their slaves do their job.


Basically Chaotic Offering is Warlocks signature move, so if there is anything that can stop his Golems, it would be end of the world for Warlock.

DIFFUSAL BLADE If you cast Purge effect from this item, his Golems will be dead right away. (but dont worry,

MEDUSA Golems? Meh. Come at me, bro! Let me do my ult, and I will laugh my *** off.

NAGA SIREN Golems casted? Let me sing a song of my people.

ALL BLINKERS OR JUMPERS (ANTI MAGE, QUEEN OF PAIN-IN-THE-***, MIRANA, ZZAAAPP GUY, ETC) To all of Warlocks users, HATE these type of heroes. They can easily get away from your Golems, your Golems hit nothing, and they will laugh at you back there. And guess what? At the very next time your Golems are dead, they will stab you right in front of your face.


Warlock is an awesome old man.
I mean, his Golem is awesome.
That's all for now, feel free to praise this guide. Thanks.

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