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Just Items, Not a Guide

May 7, 2013 by Shinko96
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DotA2 Hero: Drow Ranger

Hero Skills

Frost Arrows

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Just Items, Not a Guide

May 7, 2013

Title's Meaning

This is not a guide. If you're looking for one, I suggest you navigate away from here.

I am quite new to DotA and found Drow Ranger quite fun to play with. This is a build I came up with. Any suggestions or opinions about it?

Please give comments about the build. Thanks.

Item Justification

So, I read a few guides and most of them are the same with Power Treads, Shadow Blade, Helm of the Dominator and so on.

The reason for Bracer is to cover her severe lack of hit points. Poor Man's Shield to tank slightly more damage for last-hitting and whatnot. I chose Phase Boots over Power Treads because of the +raw damage and Phase which allows easy chasing.

The reason for Mask of Madness is to shoot faster and possibly sprint away since with Shadow Blade's invisibility, you can escape with it.

Sange and Yasha to perform a quantum slow on an enemy so 0% chance of running.

I guess Shadow Blade, Daedalus and the others are standard for Drow Ranger.

Skill Justification

Ice Arrows first to be maxed. Pretty obvious, I guess. To slow and poke.

An early Silence to prevent getting first-blooded? Later good counter against those who try to nuke me to death.

Precision Aura to help last-hitting, ganking.

Marksmanship to eh... As it is. +armor, +raw damage ftw!

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