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Jungle Omniknight

July 28, 2017 by Droxigar
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Jungle Omniknight

DotA2 Hero: Omniknight

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7


4 12 13 14

Hammer Of Purity

2 6 9 11

Guardian Angel

8 16 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+75% Hammer of Purity damage
+160 Purification​ Damage/Heal
-6 Hammer of Purity cooldown
+2s Repel Duration
-15s Guardian Angel Charge Restore Time
+3 Repel Strength/Regen per Debuff
+50 Base Damage
-2s Purification Cooldown


You take your q and e for sustain in the jungle and a point into your w for ganking.If you do not want to gank early and instead want to farm you can skip a point in your w and get one on your e.

Items Early Fighting Route

You take the soul ring early because of your q and power threads because they improve your farming.Later you either take S&Y because if you do they have no chance of running or armlet because you are a strenght hero and with armlet you hurt a lot,you do lose health but you can heal with your q which works well with the armlet.After that you can get either of the late game items depending on what you need.

Items Farming Route

You take Radiance,Battle Fury or Midas because you are Omniknight and you aren't that good at farming.After that you get some powerfull items and with your level 20 talent you hurt a lot and your items are quite cost efective because you are Omniknight and you are pretty hard to kill.

Team Work

Your team mates will be thankfull if you gank early because your q hurt's quite a lot while healing them,also keep an eye out for engages on your safelane because you can easily turn fights around in your carries favor and a fed carry is a happy carry.


You take the GPM talent at lvl 10 because while the exp talent is sweet it's quite useless in the later stages of the game and getting that GPM helps you build items quicker in turn quickening your experience gain while giving you more farm.You take 8 strenght at lvl 15 because you are a strenght hero and while the 6 mana is amazing when you are playing a support Omniknight you aren't playing a support therefore 6 mana regen is pretty useless.You take 100 damage at level 20 because you aren't really building that many damage items if they are really magic damage heavy you can take the other talent as it's quite good as well.At level 25,if you get there,you take the degen aura as it's quite good for preventing escapes and it's forcing your enemies to fight you at close quaters,if you fall onto a more of a suporting role take the purification bonus heal/damage as it's +400 health difference ignoring all armor and magic ressistance.

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