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Juggernaut-The Invulnerable

May 30, 2014 by MetaGamE
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General Stuff

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

Purchase Order

General build that I follow

Starting Items that I generally follow

Early/Midgame regen items

A bunch of mid/lategame stuff that Jug can buy depending on the situation

More situational stuff

A 6 slotted build that has gotten me rampages

Hero Skills

Blade Fury

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Healing Ward

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Blade Dance

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Hello everyone, I'm MetaGamE, and this is my first guide on Dotafire. I absolutely suck at formatting and making things look cool so I hope I can somewhat make up for that with the information I have to offer. Juggernaut is the hero I have played the most and to me, he is the most interesting hero in the game because of his extreme versatility in both his skill and item builds; theoretically this goes for any hero, however there are definitely times where everyone will hate you for building certain items on certain heroes, but with Juggernaut, he can actually make amazing use out of a great number of items depending on what role you want to play in a team during a given game. There are also a lot of little tricks and mechanics that can be utilized to make some great plays.

Extremely Versatile
Blade Fury outdamages most early game spells, and Omnislash outdamages most lategame spells
Fast BAT (base attack time)
Not slow and fat like Pudge but not a speed demon like Luna

Not a tank (even with lvl 4 Healing Ward)
Mana is a problem early game until getting some items
Base damage for last hitting sucks
Item dependent if you want to be a "hard" carry
Your ultimate can lose its effectiveness early game if you hit multiple heroes or creeps

There's a lot of stuff on the wiki that I don't really want to steal from, plus I know most people probably know about his abilities and stuff, so I guess I'll just make some general points about them and perhaps mention some tricks along the way.

Blade Fury: Literally the spin-to-win skill. Early game it is used to get kills, and mid-lategame it is used to escape a bad situation with its ridiculously awesome built-in magic immunity; however, there are still some spells that go through magic immunity, and anything that can normally go through Black King Bar such as Skull Basher or Primal Roar will also go through this skill. It deals separate instances of damage that are all affected by every heroes' 25% starting magic resistance. With this resistance included, a lvl 1 spin will do 300 damage, lvl 2 375, lvl 3 450, and lvl 4 525, which is enough to kill the majority of heroes if your laning partner is someone like Vengeful Spirit or Crystal Maiden. Juggernaut can also attack during this skill, however, these attacks will only deal damage if the target is magic immune. So, if your opponent uses Black King Bar, you can spin to become magic immune and still attack him. You can also attack towers while spinning because towers are magic immune; this can be used to destroy a tower without the enemy team using magic to stop you. Another really cool trick that I doubt many people know is that if you have a Battle Fury on Juggernaut and you are spinning, you can still damage all enemies with Battle Fury's Cleave, regardless of whether the enemies are magic immune or not. For example, if an enemy hero is next to another enemy hero and you attack the first one while you are spinning, the one being attacked will take no attack damage but take spin damage, and the second enemy will take the 35% cleave damage. If you have two furies, the second hero will take 70% cleave damage. If the first target was magic immune, then the first target takes 100% attack damage and the second target takes the cleave damage. It is a very situational mechanic, but useful to keep in mind. Lastly, Juggernaut is indeed silenced while spinning, but he can still use items. Pretty much all of them. Commonly they are Phase Boots and Drum of Endurance to increase his movement speed (quick note; you must use Phase Boots and the majority of other self-buff items AFTER spinning or else the magic immunity from spinning will purge your own buff!) but there are actually many other viable items; since they are in my build I will note Mask of Madness and Shadow Blade. Mask of Madness grants ridiculous movement speed while spinning which can serve as a powerful initiation/chasing ability, or a surefire escape ability as long as you survive the right clicks. Shadow Blade allows another very good escape while spinning for pretty much the same reasons as Mask, movement speed, but also invisiblity. I will also note that you can use a TP scroll or Boots of Travel during a spin which also proves to be one of the best escape tools. I will describe the other items in the item section.

Healing Ward: I can't really list as many tricks with this one as I can with Blade Fury, but I will say that this skill actually heals a lot more than it looks at first glance. Popping this in the middle of a fight, especially early game, can actually swing the entire situation in your favor. This skill is also one of the reasons why Juggernaut is considered a pushing hero; it gives your entire team health regen greater than Heart of Tarrasque after lvl 2. However, although useful to have, it is somewhat inefficient to get many lvls of it early on because it is more important to save up mana for Blade Fury and Omnislash, and in addition those lvls in Healing Ward could be invested into stats or Blade Dance, which both help your farming ability early game. Also, always remember to micro the ward; it can move, and it can also be destroyed with just one attack. I usually just have it follow me or whoever on my team has the lowest health during a fight.

Blade Dance: Simple crit chance that does double damage at all levels, but also known for having the highest crit chance in the game at 35% at lvl 4. This skill should be maxed or almost maxed by the time you get your "farming item" (Battle Fury, Lifesteal, etc.) for ancients/jungling. After getting a few damage/attack speed items, this skill will make your ultimate's power increase dramatically.

Omnislash: I love this skill. Used strategically, completely gamebreaking. Used wrongly, one of the worst excuses for an ultimate out there. Juggernaut jumps to random enemies around the one you targeted in the first place, so it can be wasted on creeps if you do not note when the creeps spawn or if they have all been killed yet. If used on a lone hero, it's almost always a free kill. At lvl 1 you should only use it on lone heroes or as a last resort when about to die. At lvl 2 and 3, you should already have at least 2 core items which should allow you to, if not kill, deal massive amounts of damage to win whatever teamfight you're in, or completely destroy the poor guy who just happened to be standing by himself. The "magic damage" strikes are considered physical, so they go through magic immunity but are affected by armor. The first slash (against your initial target) ministuns. Juggernaut performs normal attacks during his ultimate. This means that around 300 or so attack speed he actually attacks once for every "jump" during Omnislash. These attacks are exactly the same as normal attacks; they can crit from Blade Dance and apply Orb effects. Think of it as Juggernaut standing completely still just right clicking a target standing still. It's the same thing except he's teleporting to the target, or multiple targets, instead of having them stand still. Juggernaut's ultimate, unlike most spells in Dota, scales ridiculously well as the game drags on because it is essentially allowing him to freely attack his enemies with completel invulnerability, and attacks scale with items unlike normal spells. Also, just like Blade Fury, Juggernaut can use items during Omnislash such as Mask of Madness, Blink Dagger (I will get to that) and Manta Style for just a few examples.

How can I use Juggernaut most effectively?

Here I will cover how to play in certain lanes with certain heroes, against certain heroes, and generally what the heck you should be doing for the first 20 minutes or so.

Juggernaut, being so versatile, has the qualities of a dominant early game hero AND a hard carry lategame hero. There are definitely counterarguments, but I guess from my experience, I believe Juggernaut really isn't ever flat out useless; the effectiveness of a hero can of course increase or decrease depending on your lineup and the skills of the player and team members, but given what he's got, Juggernaut can easily be effective throughout the whole game.

Logically, since Juggernaut is good throughout the entire game, his power should be used whenever the opportunity comes. It is important to consider what kind of game your lineup calls for, however. Juggernaut can indeed fit in a hard pushing lineup that aims to win in under 30 minutes (due to Healing Wards and Blade Fury's absurd early game damage paired with a disable), and he can fit into a rat dota lineup that wants to stall for 40-50 minutes (because after 2 core items Omni will kill any lone hero or do massive damage to 5 heroes). I want to say now that I know that none of my items, none of my ability builds, nothing is "right" or "correct"... it all entirely depends on the situation. It all entirely depends on how the game is going, who is on your team and enemy team. There are some general things I like to stick to because of my own experience, but that doesn't mean what I have to say is final.

Getting that out of the way, I'll say the Juggernaut logically should be played as an early/midgame hero simply because he is theoretically good at all points in the game. This means you should, with your team, be pushing down towers fast and generally getting more farm than your opponents. If you're failing at that, then you should really try to have your team ward important spots to prevent ganks and just farm ancients/jungles, only get into teamfights that you know you will win/get kills and assists from, and get 2 or 3 core mid/lategame items so that you will have the advantage of 1 or 2 dead enemies during every teamfight and hopefully you can come back from a bad start.

So that's just general information; now some more specifics...

Safe Lane:
Juggernaut is commonly played in the safe lane as the carry which is, well, common, but effective. With a good lane partner you will typically get a lot of farm and possibly some kills, while denying your opponents the same. Your partner here should be a support who can set up good spins, like vengeful spirit, crystal maiden, earthshaker, or anyone who can prevent the enemy from getting away from your spin. There's not too much to say here as it's relatively simple to farm having a babysitter and the ability to kill any enemy you see simply by spinning and having your partner stun, but the most important thing here is to just farm as much as possible because that is the sole reason you are in the safelane. If you're completely fine and AFK farming, I would personally try to get a Battle Fury under 20 minutes and only get brown boots first. I was going to explain the majority of my item choices in the item section but... basically Battle Fury gives much needed mana regen, is actually a very cost-effective damage item compared to others, and gives cleave for not only farming, but making your Omnislash destroy entire groups of enemies... even if you happen to accidentily hit some creeps. Again, it can be argued that I should be taking advantage of Jug's midgame by getting Drums or something, and not trying to "lategame carry," but Juggernaut is versatile and pretty much any items can work on him; in my experience, I get Battle Fury and it wins games, even if I've been losing, so I say get this, but feel free to try stuff out, because as you can see I pretty much listed every damn item under "Situational Items," which I will explain in-depth later. If you're doing well but not necessarily going to get Battle Fury fast enough to be useful, it is the optimal time for getting some items to strengthen your early/midgame such as Power Treads or Phase Boots, Drum of Endurance, Magic Wand, Poor Man's Shield, Ring of Aquila, and others. This will allow you to "be useful" and contribute to the game in a way other than farming by actually having a teamfight presence. So to summarize things, rush the dominant items like Battle Fury and Aghanim's Scepter if you are having an easy time, but strengthen your midgame if things get rough.

Mid Lane:
Many people would never think of playing such a "noob hero" mid-lane. Like, what the heck? Where's the Storm Spirit, Invoker, Queen of Pain, Puck, Batrider? You don't even have a partner to help with your spins anymore. Why would you play Jug midlane?


Juggernaut is actually a very good midlaner, especially on the radiant side because you are closer to the ancient camp than on the dire side, which you can stack or farm from once you win lane.

Even though he might not have as many tricks or combos as Puck or Invoker, it is still entirely possible to outplay your mid opponent.

Early on you should just try to last hit, and use some creep control techniques like blocking, putting the caster in front, and drawing aggro to bring the creeps closer to you in order to get some last hits and avoid as much damage as you can. It is slightly harder if your opponent is ranged, but you can zone your opponent with Blade Fury, and possibly harass him hard enough for a kill. This also pushes the lane which allows you to control the runes if you decide to get a bottle. Getting a bottle also allows you to gank other lanes, which you are quite good at with spinning alone, and even better after a fast level 6. That's another important note I wanted to make... Juggernaut can actually get free kills on most mid lane opponents after level 6. You have to wait until the next new creepwave spawns and arrives at the lane, and you should generally attempt this while taking as few tower shots as possible, but you basically spin-to-win at your opponent and chase him away from the creepwave, then use your ult to instakill him. Generally only attempt this if the lane is towards the center and after you take upgraded boots (Treads for more attack speed, mana control and a last-ditch Strength switch for 152 extra health, or Phase to catch up). This will be a LOT harder against smart opponents with escapes like Templar Assassin or Puck, so you should really only do this on a midlaner who you know you will kill and this will grant you a minute or so of free farm; otherwise, save your ultimate for ganking other lanes. If your mid opponent is someone like Storm Spirit or Puck with easy escapes and hardcore harass then I wouldn't really pick Juggernaut mid anyway because the whole point of it is to get free farm and you won't be getting it against those heroes. However, it is also very difficult for most midlaners to kill you simply because of your magic immunity, so if you believe you can outfarm your opponent simply by using Bladefury to zone them and not even killing him with Omnislash then it's perfectly viable.

Suicide Lane:
More common in pubs simply because 5 carry teams FTW, but it can actually be a thing.
Soul Ring is very commonly picked up in situations such as these, along with an early lvl 2 Healing Ward. You have very spammable sustain from this point on, and pair that with easy magic immunity and it'll be quite easy to at least hold your own in the suicide lane. You probably won't get any kills, but you should be able to get a somewhat decent amount of farm; perhaps not as much as mid or safelane but depending on your lineup if you have people dominating those lanes and they just need another carry in case something goes wrong or they just need massive AoE healing before getting Mekansm then Juggernaut is perfectly viable in this lane.

Magnus is the best buddy you could ever have on a team. His Empower ability makes it entirely possible to not even get a Battle Fury, as long as he supports you fully with it at all times. But if you do get a Battle Fury... Oh God. Free rampage anyone? Seriously. With a Battle Fury, Aghanim's Scepter, and Empower, after Magnus uses Reverse Polarity on the enemy team it is indeed a free rampage. That's only 2 core items, where typically 3 are bought on average in a game. (Core items meaning items that make your teamfight presence more effective/viable.)

I think 2nd best buddy goes to Crystal Maiden. Her nuke and root both get free kills with your spin and her mana regen allows for a lot more spinning and healing with Healing Ward.

Pretty much anyone else with crowd control that doesn't need farm so that it all goes to you and helps you get kills in lane. Or people with aura/global abilities like Outworld Devourer's infinite mana or Troll Warlord's attack speed buff during your ult but you need some good teamwork to abuse stuff like that.

Pretty much anyone with abilities that still work or have some affect on your during your spin.
Bane's ult is a *****. Period. It drains your mana.
Beastmaster's ult.
Enigma's ult.
Magnus, in addition to being a great ally, can be your worst enemy, as Reverse Polarity also goes through magic immunity.
Bloodseeker's ult.
Troll Warlord, Slardar, and Faceless Void's Bash abilities can all work even when you are spinning.
Anyone who can escape Omnislash with almost no effort.
Storm Spirit.
Invis heroes can be annoying but a simple dust solves the problem. Also, Orchid Malevolence under situational items can disable Storm Spirit and Puck long enough to kill them with Omnislash.

Items Explanations: General Build

There have probably been a lot of "WTF's" and "OMG's" and "NOOB's" when some of you have been looking at my item choices, and what items I would get in certain situations. Well, here I will go in-depth as to why I choose or why I would choose certain items to build on Juggernaut.

I'll start with the "General build that I follow"

It includes Treads, Bfury, WTF MASK OF MADNESS??!!, Aghanim's Scepter, and Shadow Blade.

I like to emphasize that I make different decisions based on the situation, but typically my first 2 core items are either treads and bfury, or treads and Mask of Madness.

Treads VS Phase

I used to build Phase 24/7 on Juggernaut. Movement speed is extremely good and extra attack damage makes up for bad lasthits. Phase is good if you are playing VERY early game. However the longer the game goes on the more you realize that by "tread switching" you get extra mana and extra health at will. It also gives you attack speed which is arguably much, much better than a wimpy +24 damage. Also, building Mask of Madness removes the movement speed issue.

If I have 0 troubles farming I get the Bfury next because there's no use getting the small items if you're winning, farming freely, and not needed in teamfights yet. Also, Bfury is arguably the best overall damage item for Jug because the only cheaper option is Desolator, but Bfury's cleave in Juggernaut's case is not only for farm; it is actually to catch multiple enemies in an Omnislash and kill or deal massive damage to all of them. It is never a bad idea to actually buy 2 of these.

If I need to be useful before I get Bfury, Mask is up after treads.

I've been getting a lot of **** recently about making this item on Juggernaut. "Jug WTF you building" "IDK what this noob Jug is building" "Jug noob builds MoM"

Ok, I'll explain it so maybe you'll stop getting a heart attack every time you see a hero build a "weird" item.

First, let's see what it gives you. It costs 1900, gives 20% lifesteal, and an active that costs 25 mana, gives 100 attack speed, 25% movement speed, but causes you to take 30% extra damage, and this all lasts 12 seconds.

I see only 1 downside to this item. The 30% extra damage taken. But what's damage if you're invulnerable?

Ok, you can spin and use this thing to kill someone. They're not attacking you. They're running away. Spin didn't kill him? Right click him like an angry *****. Boom. Dead.

People chasing you? No problem; spin and use mask during spin to run away while magic immune. The only way this won't work is if they can use something through magic immunity, they kill you with autoattacks, or they bought mask of madness too because they realized its awesomeness and they can actually run as fast as you can. But if that's the case you can just use a TP scroll while spinning.

Mask of Madness directly increases the value of your Blade Dance by giving you, as a matter of fact, the highest attack speed in the game that a single item can grant, at 100. For only 1900 gold. And 12 seconds is way more than enough to Omnislash someone to death. Oh yeah. It works during Omnislash too.

Another interesting thing that I want to note is the whole thing about Orb effects. The 20% lifesteal helps so much with farming and combined with the active and your own Healing Ward it's entirely possible to not get Battle Fury at all and instead get something like Desolator. Which is my next point. You can't have two orb effects. But do we really take Mask for the lifesteal? Not really. Lifesteal is only for farming. Get the Desolator too, as it's the item that directly increases Juggernaut's damage the most while also costing less than Bfury. All you have to do is drop MoM and Desolator once you get both, then pick up Desolator first, then Mask. Your new orb will be Desolator. You can still use the active effect from Mask, but you will no longer have lifesteal.

So, you have Treads, Mask, and Bfury typically; most newbie Juggernauts like to take Aghanim's Scepter first, but this is a very big mistake. You'll have no damage, no farming ability, and in reality will contribute very little to a teamfight especially if there are enemy tanks or lots of creeps nearby. You should be taking Aghanim when you can guarantee a kill with every ultimate. I feel confident in doing this after having an early +65 damage with a cleave, and +100 attack speed, so I take the Aghanim so that I may utilize this free kill more often; every 70 seconds as opposed to 130/120/110, with 3 extra jumps which means 3 extra autoattacks as well (from Mask I should have around 300+ attack speed, also Jug has a low BAT which helps). Now finally, after I have a good damage item, good attack speed item, and an item that lets me get a free kill every 70 seconds, what's next? Shadow Blade. Decent damage and attack speed, but being able to run in invisible and Omnislash an unsuspecting 2 or 3 people can guarantee you 2 or 3 kills. It can also be used to escape. Good players tend to pop Dust of Appearance before the enemy actually turns invisible if they see that they got a Shadow Blade. However there is a split second where you can actually use items and abilities right after turning invisible and you will not break the invisibility, so you can actually turn invisible and spin right after the Dust goes off and your spin will purge the Dust. However if you feel Mask running speed is enough to get off a good Omnislash you can get something to survive like Black King Bar or just go for more damage like Desolator or Butterfly.

So that is the "General build that I follow." It works like a charm almost every game. Sometimes I switch a few items just for fun, or to fit the situation better like Drum of Endurance to play more early game.

Item Explanations: Early Game Items

I'll explain now VERY early game. Meaning what the heck do I start with and what the heck after that?

I personally, almost every game, start with a tango, quelling blade, and 3 gg branches, leaving me with 125 gold. It's always good to leave a little extra in case you really need a quick boots, bottle, or soul ring, which are the first 3 bigger items I think about getting depending on the game. The tango is just standard regen for whatever damage you might take in lane; I usually am confident enough to not take a Salve, and instead leave the starting gold. The quelling blade is to make up for Jug's terrible, terrible base damage... in my experience no matter how good you think you are at farming some guy will show up and deny your creeps and harass you to death and piss you off for the rest of the day. Get it. Cutting down trees can also set up some funny jukes, especially with 2 or 3 tangos. The 3 branch helps a bit with lasthits with 3 damage, give you 57 extra health, and 39 extra mana which actually allows for 2 spins early game back to back with just 1 point in stats at lvl 2. Some people like to get stuff like slippers, circlet, stout shield, and clarity. All of these are perfectly fine, it's just that I'm OCD (not really) and taking slippers means I gotta make the poor man's or ring of aquila and taking circlet means ring of aquila or drum of endurance. I might not even get these items. Also clarity makes it so I can't farm. Manage your mana better. Also Magic Wand is considered core on all heroes by some players, and I could easily build it but I usually end up destroying/selling the branches.

I mentioned boots, bottle, or soul ring before.

Boots first if you think you can get a spinkill before the enemy gets boots, or if the enemy gets boots and you need boots to keep up.

Bottle if you're mid, or need quick regen cheaper than Soul Ring and are not leveling Healing Ward so you need the health from bottle too. Also better if you're willing to leave lane to get runes but you should really focus on farming. Sometimes I just buy it to use the 3 charges then I just sell it again for ring of health or void stone. (Sidelane only.)

Soul Ring for longterm sustain and giving up 1 point in Blade Fury early to get a 2nd point in Healing Ward. The passive 3hp regen and 50% mana regen is better than it looks in the longrun and losing 150 hp to use healing ward for free is definitely worth it because it heals way more than 150; at level 2 it will take you from no health to full health. I used to rush this because of how good it is but it is not necessary every game. MAKE SURE YOUR LANE OPPONENT DOES NOT KILL THE WARD.

If you have absolutely no problems with health then the best option is usually just to get boots then a Void Stone which lets you use Spin or Ward more often and also builds into Bfury.

Item Explanations: Situational Items

So here I'll explain the ****load of situational items I listed for Juggernaut. Being so versatile, he can actually use a lot of them effectively, just not ideally.

Skull Basher/Abyssal Blade: Good buy if you want to stand up to other players outside of your ultimate. Abyssal Blade also has the highest raw damage stat at +100.

Assault CuirASS: I usually do not get this because there are other items that do the job better and are cheaper, but in a full anti-armor build, this item paired with Desolator does some serious damage.

Black King Bar: You buy this if you actually need to attack while being Magic Immune, or if there are enemies who can silence you, or if there are so many disables on the enemy team that they can sheepstick you after your spin before you can even use your ult.

Blink Dagger: Buying this item sacrifices a lot of power for sheer mobility. You can use it during a spin to chase or escape, to generally just jump walls and juke people, but the most significant reason why you would buy it is to use it during Omnislash against items such as Force Staff. If enemies exit your search range, Omnislash can end before it should, so you can actually use Blink Dagger to prevent this from happening by blinking to another enemy, and you can actually increase the random chance of jumping to a specific enemy by blinking in that direction. Blink Dagger is generally bought by Juggernaut lategame after already having an instakill ult ready to be used.

Boots of Travel: If you're 6-slotted and need the tp, but even then I usually take Treads for attack speed.

Butterfly: Theoretically the best carry item for all agility heroes, giving 60 damage and 60 attack speed to them, along with evasion. However it is actually extremely expensive, and other items can offer some more versatility than this.

Desolator: This is actually the item that will increase Juggernaut's damage output the most because it will not only make your attacks do more damage but also your "magic damage" Ommnislashes that count as physical damage. It is also cheaper than Bfury. This is a raw damage item that only affects 1 target so I usually get it after getting Bfury and Mask of Madness, and possible Aghanim's.

Diffusal Blade: You buy this if there's stuff that you need to purge from yourself or teammates, almost never to use on the enemy to slow them. But, the most common use for a Juggernaut to buy this item is to purge an enemy Ghost Scepter which will actually make your ult do 0 damage. If you purge it however then Ghost Scepter will be useless.

Drum of Endurance: One of the best earlygame items. Very cheap for what it does; gives you a lot of health and mana early game, makes you move faster than everyone else and has some bursts of attack and movement speed.

Hand of Midas: Honestly, you have to be pwning really hard if you're gonna buy this. You basically make yourself a 40 minute farming carry by buying this. If you get it really early like 6 minute early then it's viable in a normal game but I don't like it too much because losing teamfights after getting it makes it really hard to adapt to the situation.

Heart of Tarrasque: If you're gonna run around and be a right clicker, buy this for the extra tankiness. It actually directly increases the value of Healing Ward because the healing is based on percentage health, so Healing Ward will legitamately make you tanky during fights if it is not destroyed. This item is best paired with other head-to-head right click fighting items like Skull Basher.

Helm of the Dominator: If you REALLY need lifesteal, then get this for Satanic later. Personally I don't see why you would be standing there trading hits with someone when you can just ult him and be done with it.

Linken's Sphere: Very situational but can be the difference between a win or loss if the enemy has someone like Doom on their team.

Maelstrom/Mjollnir: This item is actually extremely underestimated. The chain lightning works with the theme of cleaving with Bfury to do AoE damage, and it actually happens quite often and the magic damage adds up. Also the static shield active makes you better at trading hits with the enemy carry. Mjollnir gives the 2nd highest flat attack speed bonus at +88 where Mask of Madness is +100.

Manta Style: Illusions can confuse people. It also gives good stats and movement speed but the most important part of this item is that it purges debuffs like silence. But popping illusions during an Omnislash can do a lot of damage too.

Monkey King Bar: This is probably the 3rd overall best damage item to get on Juggernaut, behind Bfury and Desolator. It also hard counters Heaven's Halberd and Butterfly. Also if you need ministuns to disrupt channeling/slow animations but you actually need damage then you get this over Skull Basher... 88 with 35% chance to do 100 more compared to 40... no contest.

Orchid Malevolence: If you have to get this then it's usually on of your first items. Gives mana regen and some attack speed but no damage. It hard counters weaver, storm spirit, and the like, but only when they are alone. The active will prevent them from running and will also make your ult deal more damage to them but only them.

Orb of Venom: I usually do not get this but I used to get it all the time. Attacking while spinning early game might not do damage, but it still applies the slow from OoV. If you are up against a Luna or someone with high movement speed and your team lacks long enough crowd control for your entire spin to hit, buy this.

Sange and Yasha: This is mainly bought for the movement speed, slight hp boost and the chance to lower the opponent's movement and attack speed. It's one of those overall good items, but it's usually just an anti-carry item, good against whoever you are attacking to lower his attack speed. Usually other items are way better than this.

Vanguard: If you feel like you actually need to run around whacking people with your right click early game, or you simply don't want to die and need some early game tankiness, then this item will do it. This is most commonly bought by heroes who like to to dive towers and gank before the game even reaches 10 minutes, like Night Stalker and Slardar. This item is mainly bought to make tower diving easier.

Vladmir's: I see a lot of Jugs buy this. It is most effective lategame but that is where other items are more effective. I would really only get this if the team you are playing on relies a lot on 5 man pushing because Vladmir is an aura that affects the whole team and not just yourself.

Yasha: Just buying a lone Yasha but not upgrading it actually isn't a terrible choice because it gives about the same attack speed as Power Treads in addition to more movement speed. If you're a little hesitant on what to buy to strengthen your midgame, this is a solid option.


Just for fun... it is extremely easy to get a rampage if your team has something like Tidehunter or Sand King to initiate for you so you can ult and watch everyone die.

Treads, Bfury, Bfury, Aghanim, Mjollnir, Desolator

There are obviously more builds that can rampage but take note here the AoE power in the double Bfury and the Mjollnir.


I've spent hours on this and I'll probably add more... after receiving some feedback!
This is my first guide and I hope everyone finds the information I have to share somewhat valuable.
If you have anything at all that you think I should add just say so!

... Also I don't know how to format or make things look cool for sh**.

Sorry for the wall of text... :(

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