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Jakiro: Support Dragon

October 2, 2013 by InVerum
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Standard Support

DotA2 Hero: Jakiro

Hero Skills

Dual Breath

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Ice Path

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Liquid Fire

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Jakiro: Support Dragon

October 2, 2013


This is my guide to Jakiro, one of the most underrated supports/pushers in DotA 2. This guide emphasizes the great support ability of Jakiro, and his ability to be useful from level 1, to the end of the game. This build does not focus on early game pushing (which he does very well), but rather getting your carry farm, and being an attribute in team fights.

You should be laning Jakiro long lane with your hard carry, and focusing on: denying creeps, harassing melee heroes out of creep range, and setting up your carry for farm. It is crucial not to steal last hits, and to keep your enemies off your carry. This hero works particularly well in trilanes as he is able to set up and chain his stun with other supports for early kills.
Jakiro is NOT farm dependent early game.
Your GOAL by the 10 minute mark is to keep your carry alive, and ideally get them a kill.

Pros and Cons

Tanky for a Support
Great Nuking Potential
Amazing Utility
Item Independent
Dual lane and Trilane Capability

Short Range
Low Base Damage
Highly Mana Dependent
Skills can be Hard to Land


I usually chose to buy courier with Jakiro because if you are playing correctly you will not need the extra regen in lane. The is crucial from level one, giving bonus Armour and will be turned into a .
Buying should be your first purchase, which you will turn into after finishing your Basilius.
Next up buy your for added livability and move straight into . Your goal is to have all these items completed by the 25 minute mark. If you are participating in kills, and keeping yourself alive, this should be completely doable, even if you get smashed in lane early game. If you need to purchase more wards during this time, do so, map vision takes priority over your items.
After the laning stage is complete, help yourself to whatever farm you can, as long as it isn't detracting from a jungler/carry.
Your next item should be , I recommend getting the first followed by the and the . This will increase your health and mana regen, and keep you alive and casting in teamfights. Also the bonus to your Ultimate is one of the best in the game, and can turn the course of a team fight.

If your enemy team has a few hard hitters like a Lifestealer or a Faceless Void I would recommend going for a . The sheep will help disable them and get your team crucial kills. If the enemy team relies mostly on casters I would recommend the Pipe for its active, but getting sheepstick first is always preferable.


The reason I chose to level Ice Path first is because it is absolutely crucial for either initiating a level 1 gank, or saving your carry from one. That one second wall of stun can mean the difference between life and death for your carry.
The rest of the order is pretty standard, except I choose to get Macropyre at level 6. Having the option to cast it may change the course of an early gank, and allow your carry to get a kill.
This is where the build can be situational. I prefer to max out Dual Breath and Ice Path first before putting points in Liquid Fire, this will ensure you do not push the lane, however should you reach the 10 minute mark and pushing is required, you can put one point into it. This ability damages towers and pushes lanes. Something you do not want to do early if you are trying to get your carry farm.
Also be sure in early team fights to make sure your first attack is on an attack damage reliant hero, Liquid Fire will slow their attack speed, reducing their damage output.

All of Jakiro abilities can be combo'd, this is how you should do it.
1. Proc Liquid Fire on the largest clump of enemies.
2. Cast Macropyre into the tightest pack of foes.
3. Ice Path to freeze them in place on the Macropyre.
4. Cast Dual Breath when Ice Path fades to keep them on the flames for as long as possible.
5. Giggle like a crazy person as your enemy team is wrecked by AOE's.


In summary:
1. Lane with hard carry on safe lane. Don't be discouraged by a bad start, he picks up hard mid game.
2. Harass enemies off carry and ensure farm.
3. Maintain wards throughout game.
4. Have Arcane Boots and Mekansm done by 25 minute mark.
5. Use Ice Path as initiation or to catch fleeing heroes.
6. Stay in back of team fights, only coming forward to cast abilities.
7. Use support items to keep allies alive.
8. Use your combo and generally just be annoying. Jakiro gets surprisingly tanky through the mid game and can cause some real havoc in teamfights if left unchecked.
9. Be a support, your job is to allow your carries to win the game, get assists, don't steal kills, and don't be afraid to take one for the team.

This is my first guide so please feel free to rate or comment and let me know what you think could be improved/changed.
Jakiro is currently seeing time in pro play, the current meta is such that Ice Path has become viable at the top tier. This is a hero worth learning, and I usually sit with at least a 75% win rate with him. Get out there and cause some damage.

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