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January 8, 2015 by Midgetmaster420
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This and nothing else

DotA2 Hero: Invoker

Hero Skills


16 17 18 19 20 21 22


3 6 8 10 12 14 15


1 4 5 7 9 11 13


2 23 24 25



Hello Everyone,
you have entered the land of mlg and kush.
I will show you how to make every Russian (and basically everybody else) crying and ragequitting. People say Invoker is a very strong hero, and I can't disagree, however this applies to ExortWex Invoker only. People just don't realize that casting spells is a complete waste of time in which you could autoattack and possibly wipe the enemy team completely. How to achieve this will be explained later on.
However, i strongly recommend listening to these tunes while reading this guide, as your mental capability will multiply by 17:

About me

I have to keep my Identity a secret however, because of the top secret information I will pass onto you in this guide. I am well aware of the fact that this will change the face of the game we know as Dota 2. This guide has the potential to turn the whole game upside down, which will result in a premature 6.84, without even the slightest balancing done to it. Phantom Lancer aka. swaggyblazelord will get his


agi gain back. This will result in Phantom Lancer being picked every game, people will go ham and eventually on the streets, and the long awaited possibility for the Aliens to strike will be finally there. I guess that is not good.

About Invoker

If your *****s are up, then we are ready to go.
Invoker is a male bloodelf, which is better than any nightelf, because they look like ****ty walking bushes. And i guess nobody wants to be decorated with cheap lights around Christmas. He looks like a member of a European power metal band, because he looks like some weird-*** ****** with blonde hair and ****py robes. Invoker also possesses 2 arms, 2 legs, a head and a torso. I'm not sure about the genitals however, as i have never seen his in action, and I guess this is not possible, as every time Invoker comes close to an object of sexual interest (most likely Wisp for him), they are dropping dead as soon as Invoker starts imbuing them with his sik mlg autoattacks.

Why do I have to play Invoker like this and not like everybody else?

Well, upon coming home drunk, i had the idea to play Invoker. However, this turned out to be boring as ****, because I was not useful by any means, and my combo dealt less damage than the Vhoul Assassin poison attack (which is still more than Naga Siren). So I started thinking about what I was doing wrong. And the answer as simple as bread with butter. Then i felt the compulsive need to buy rapiers and a daedalus, which turned out to be monstrous. I fulfilled my bestial and primitive drive for corpses with a few simple steps. You may however experience massive erections while playing Invoker, which may be pretty disturbing. However, you have to overcome it in order to become the best Invoker player out there. One might think that cutting off the d*ck might sound like a good idea, but trust me, you wont be able to do heli****ters after this procedure.

Now let's move on to the maths behind all this:
As you can clearly see, the winrate for Divine Rapier on


Now we have to do math. If one rapira equals 81.81, 5 of them should equal 409,05%, which is close to 420. 420 - 409,05 = 10,95 %. This is the chance of losing the game with 5 rapiras.
However, I promised a 100% winrae guide, so pay attention: You still got the daedalus! I actually dont want to look it up, but the winrate of Invoker with daedalus is sure over 10,95%.

Direct comparison of my mlg Invoker and the standard Invoker

  • Standard Invoker
  • Drains up to 550 mana from all enemies
  • is able to lift enemies and purge them
  • somewhat able to push with his spirits
  • is able to deal some damage
  • can quickscope enemies across the map
  • Invoker 420 Potsmoker
  • Renders the 4 first points of the Standard invoker useless, due to sheer 1hit potential
  • can quickscope with 360° trickshots mlg blazeit across the map l2p feggets

Skill build

Well, here you go.

You have 3 different orbs

and 1 ultimate,

which is used to craft spells.
8 of them are complete ****, 1 is used for the mlg quickscopes and the other one is used to strengthen you. I'm talking about

and .

scales with Exort, and it damages where your autoattacks wont reach. The damage is nothing compared to the latter, but keep in mind the kill-stealing potential from across the map allowing you to get your rapiras waaaaay faster.


however scales with Wex AND Exort, which makes this skill incredibly powerful. It makes you attack faster and hit for more

Item choices

There are not really any alternatives to the items listed above:

Divine Rapier is the most cost efficient item in the game(at least for raw attack damage)
so get this as many times as possible. Daedalus further enhances your average damage by some percentage, which should be about 30%, which may be advantageous. Get it once to actually visualize your damage when it crits.

Possible alternatives:
These items are not as bad as one might think:

This item can be transformed into a pot if you are creative enough, which will help Invoker tremendously to get his THC concentration on a appropriate level. Also, it infuses enemies with some weird red stuff, which causes them to take damage. This may prove useful before acquiring the rapiras. It also can be used on teammates, to grant them a joint, which will heal them up. Never use this on you, as you should never be below full health.
Strangely enough, with this item in your inventory,
your damage will be capped at 420, so sell this when you will get items that will make your damage get over the cap.

Use it in base to refresh your sunstrike: Remember: 2x sunstrike equals 2x damage.
However, do not leave the base with it.

Possible counterplay and Teammates you want to have in your team

The enemy team will notice at some point, that you are the one in your team, that carries the game. Logically, they will want to shut you down. Hinder their plans by permanently killing them whenever they come close.
This will pre
vent them from getting items like Blademail which will kill you instantly upon attacking the bearer. However, you have to bait it out, as this will be basically 2250g and 25mana wasted every time Blademail is used. One thing to keep in mind however, are ambushes.

The enemy team will gather and try to kill you. This can be prevented by constantly flaming your support to buy wards, telling him/her to watch the minimap for you (as you will be doing something much more important) and using Forcestaff on you. BKB is completely useless, as by the time some global skills from i.e. a who will sit in the base, trembling with fear, as you 1-hit them the last time, or camped them in their jungle (thanks to the warding of your support), in which they hid from you, and tried to farm at least some armor.
Also, your team should be a massive wall of meat, standing before you. You are giving them free MMR, so this is a suitable exchange.

Following teammates will be optimal for you:

He is everything you need: He can teleport you everywhere you want, and give you attackspeed.

I guess he is ok, because he can give you movementspeed which will prevent enemies running away from you.

Rule of the thumb is: the more offensive power a support can grant you, the better he/she is, don't forget: offense is the best defense.

Summary and final thoughts:


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