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In's and Out's of Sacred Warrior -Dom Rush-

August 10, 2012 by Snarfs
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Dom Rush

DotA2 Hero: Huskar

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In's and Out's of Sacred Warrior -Dom Rush-

August 10, 2012


When it comes to Sacred Warrior in pub matches, an all too common trend is to max Burning Spears early for harass capability. I for one never do so, waiting until level 22 to start putting points into it: unless there is an Omniknight ult, in which case i put one point early to be able to penetrate his ult with magic dmg. Instead my goal is to rush Helm of the Dominator as fast as possible which overlaps the Burning Spear attack modifier anyway. This will give you a much greater advantage than Burning Spears early to mid game, especially with having spare points to max Berserker Blood early and to put into attribute boosts; as well as allowing you to stay in lane early regardless of your mana for Inner Vit.

The build revolves entirely around Lifesteal early to give you unlimited ganking potential and open the gateway to becoming fed. From there your next goal is rushing BKB to avoid Huskar's hard-counter which is stuns and disables. Once there you can proceed to get high dmg items like Crystalys and AC (assault cuirass).


At the start of the game i've found that whats worked for me is 4 gauntlets of str or 3 gauntlets and 2 branches for a little bit of agi and int for attk spd and mana, as well as 47 left over gold as a headstart. With that you'll have either 720 hp or 701 hp in contrast to most heroes who only start with around 500 after items. From there i save straight for Helm of the Dominator. Many people criticize this strategy for lacking a urn. I agree that urn is a great early game tool, but compared to an early lifesteal on Husk it doesnt quite match. Also with the extra str you start with, last hitting becomes much easier aswell as denying. I typically have my Morbid Mask at 4 minutes, the full helm at around 6-7 minutes and then my power treads by 10-11 minutes. These are the core starting items.

I slowly sell my gauntlets getting a 300 gold return on my initial 600 gold investment, which helps with getting my treads early. The BKB is the next crucial core item you need, because Huskars counters are stuns and disables as well as items like barbed armor. If you cant be stunned or stopped, you can keep attacking, if you keep attacking you keep getting health and kills. Once PT DOM and BKB are in your bags you should rush crystalys to add a crit chance to Huskars fast attacking nature; it helps a lot with runners and lifesteal gains too. Attack speed, if you have the luxury is also really great, pick up a hyperstone or two and work on Assault Cuirass later on and Mjolinir. The chain lighting proc overrides lifesteal only when it procs, so Mjol.'s interference with lifesteal is neglible while the 80 attk speed taking up just one slot is unregretable.


1.) Vladmir's Offering - why? the lifesteal aura doesn't apply to ranged attacks
2.) Desolator - why? the armor debuff is an attack modifier and doesnt stack with lifesteal
3.) Aghanim's Scepter - why? for one, max mana is useless, also you dont need to reduce your ults cooldown from 15 seconds to 8, trust me 15 is more than good enough, and last because at 4200 gold you're better off transforming your Dom into Satanic for the same cost (3200+1100) or picking up a Heavenly Halberd (3950)


At level 3 i get my Inner Vitality to rank two in order to stay in lane until the courier brings me my Morbid Mask or i get it at the side shop. Once IV is level two, i turn my focus to Berserkers Blood straight to rank four with the exception of my ult at level 6. Again, no points in Burning Spears until the end. After rank four BB i go for attributes down the line for dmg, attk speed, hp, and a little int.

Many players overlook the transformation from level 5 Huskar to level 6 Huskar. This is because without spears and only a regen skill and passive, hes not much of a threat before level 6 so it's likely you'll get harassed early. Players tend to get greedy with the constant low hp status of Huskar in the laning phase. However, at level 6 you become a ganking machine and can overthrow whichever lane you're in; keep in mind your ult does 50% of the enemy heroes current Hp as dmg and slows them drastically for a few seconds.

At that point you should have your Morbid Mask and you can stay in lane indefinitely with mana being useless to Huskar and Hp regen being infinite. Berserkers Blood rank four is CRITICAL, the difference between rank 3 and rank 4 is really noticeable.

Creeping / Jungling

It is extremely crucial as with any other carry to make sure you're getting last hits from the start of the game. Morbid Mask is a necessity by 4-5 minutes, at best i can get it in 3 minutes but so long as you have it by the time you're level 6 you'll be good; which should be about 5 minutes anyways if you're mid (i suggest huskar mid but sidelanes work too). After the Morbid Mask you should be getting the other component of Helm of Dom and from there you can start ganking at level 7 when you have your rank 4 Berserkers Blood.

Now knowing when to jungle with Huskar is key. He has extremely good jungling potential but it shouldn't be used like a jungle hero. Gank is Huskar's middle and last name.

When i go mid, i wait for level 7 and then i stay in mid until i gank their mid hero once. Immediately after i check rune and go into the enemy jungle to help gank top or bot. In this waiting time where you need the enemy heroes to push, i get a couple neutral camps in to help me get my Power Treads quickly and to get hp back as well.

The key is to jungle when opportune (after a gank, crossing through jungle, etc). Huskar should not spend a lot of time in early-mid game jungling, he should be ganking primarily. In other words, dont go to the jungle to farm intentionally when there are heroes visible on the map. Take advantage of the fact that everyone is still laning and needing lvls and respawing quickly. You can always do ancients easily and quickly while treading the map

Pros / Cons

Pro's of Sacred Warrior Dom Rush build.

1.) Amazing early game farm
2.) Never have to visit pool
3.) Unparalleled ganking power in first 15 minutes
4.) Great mid counter
5.) Starts every fight with his opponent at 50% hp

Con's of Sacred Warrior Dom Rush build.

1.) No harass (unless you utilize your auto-attk) until level 6
2.) Without getting a urn, you rely heavily on last hits and a fast Morbid Mask to keep staying in lane and gettin hp back
3.) Hard to combat with stuns and disables until BKB


So in summary, what i hope for my guide to do is to offer a brief and concise guideline to educate people on the importance of lifesteal over burning spears on Huskar. He is an amazing hero that not only feeds himself, but prevents the other team from becoming fed with his ganking capabilities from early to late game. An emphasis on last hits in the first 10 minutes is important to remember. Middle lane is great because reaching level 6 is your salvation on Huskar, this hero becomes more transformed with his ult than do most heroes that go mid. Enjoy and remember the three L's of Husk.......... Lifesteal Lifesteal Lifesteal. :)

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