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Indeed I am one of the 5 Meepo Players.

October 2, 2015 by Durdi
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DotA2 Hero: Meepo

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Indeed I am one of the 5 Meepo Players.

October 2, 2015



I am trying to decide wether or not to put the time into it to update it. Will have made a decision by the end of the week. (10/16/2015)

Hello. I'm Durdi.

After playing League of Legends since beta I have recently made a move from said game to DotA 2. I won't get into my reasons for switching here, if you are interested PM me.
Coming from league I was particularly interested in heroes like Chen, Enchantress, Invoker and eventually Meepo. Primarily because they are SO different from any champion in LoL. The sheer challenge of learning Meepo was what attracted me to him initially. Meepo requires much micro and extreme focus. The following is what I have learned.

This is the way I have had success with Meepo. This may not be the "best" way to play him, nor do I claim it to be, however it is the method I have had most success with. Without further rambling lets get into it!

Steam version.

Also I stream from time to time.
www.twitch.tv/derlulz Please come check it out if you want to see some decent meepo play. Send me a PM on twitch if there are particular times you would like to seem me stream. If I can accommodate you I will do so.

This guide is only a tool. Use it as a starting point to enjoy the wonderful hero that is Meepo.

Why Scepter?

Aghanim's Scepter
Why do we get this? outside of the obvious extra meepo.
the answer is simple.

"Number of Meepoes: 1/2/3 (2/3/4*)
Stats from items: 25% (100%*)
Buying scepter provides a Meepo clone even if the scepter is purchased without any points in Divided We Stand, and once purchased it cannot be sold or dropped."
-Dota 2 Wiki

We get 100% stat sharing on clones. This is what makes this build work.

Control Groupings

If you don't know how to group your units its very simple. In your settings you can bind keys to create control groups. the default is 1-0 I believe. The beauty of Dota 2 is that you can change ANY of your hotkeys. Personally I have mine bound to F keys. This may seem awkward but it works for me. Now when in game all you have to do is select the units you want in a specific group and hold Ctrl and press the desired hotkey.

The way I group my Meepo's is as follows
-Control group 1
-Primary Meepo only
-Control Group 2
-ALL of the secondary Meepos
-Control Group 3

The purpose behind this is simple. you can diffusal----Net----Control Group 2----tab poof tab poof etc. more nets to follow. After all meepos are accounted for use Control group 3 to move them together, Tabbing for nets and potentially additional poofs.

One important thing added to Dota 2 is the portraits for individual meepos on the Left side of your screen this will show you the current health and mana of each meepo. you can click on one portrait to move a low health meepo out of a fight. This is much easier than trying to box target or left click target an individual meepo.


Ring of Protection Ring of Regen

As for items there are many ways to start. If you feel safe and confident in your matchup go with what I have listed previously. If you are premade (which I highly suggest) try to get your support to spot you some tangos. you will get VERY fast Tranquil with this start so its not the end of the world if you don't have that regen. MIND YOU THIS IS IF YOU ARE CONFIDENT IN YOUR MATCHUP

now if you are not confident in your lane or think you will have a rough time consider
Stout Shield OR Quelling Blade Meepo has abysmal base damage. If you do go this route consider some ironwood branchs as well. You will NEED to buy regen. Tango salve etc.
Consider who you are laning against. Going to deal with heavy harass (sheild) or will you need to outlast hit your opponent (hatchet)

Tranquil Boots Poor Man's Shield
This is our early game setup. This allows us to keep healthy and keep farming, poofing when necessary. The tranquil boots help keep the HP of the secondary meepos topped off as well. The last thing you want to do is poof in a low health meepo, but well touch on that later.

Aghanim's Scepter

This is it. This is your core. Get Heart next.

After heart build anything with alot of agility. Manta (MOAR MEEPO) diffusal 2, Eth blade. Butterfly is only ok on meepo. The clones do not share the evasion, so stay away from that one.

Anything beyond this just means your game has gone on FAR FAR too long. Most games i get to reaver and thats it. BUT if your game does go on even longer. continue to consider big stat items and maybe AC.


Incoming wall of text.

First I want to talk about Meepo's ult. This is what makes Meepo, Meepo. This is also what makes Meepo SO hard to play.

Divided We Stand
When skilled up each time you gain control over an additional meepo. the trick here is that if one meepo dies. they all do. This can be very risky for someone who cannot handle some simple micro. If you cannot handle more advanced micro you will probably have more problems later on.
This ability also allows meepo to blow through the jungle. Mostly because each additional Meepo has all of the same abilities with separate cooldowns. during the laning phase you can send 1 meepo into the jungle to clear the easy camp pretty quickly using poof when necessary (well get into that in a minute) while the other is in lane. the benefit of this is that meepo gains not only gold but the exp that is granted by the lane but also the jungle. This is how we get away with having an expensive build. Meepo is a farming machine if left to his own devices.


Earthbind is one of the more important meepo spells. This is a slow moving area projectile. That can sound kinda wonky but its pretty simple once you see it. If you can micro well enough you can almost perma lock down someone =D


This is the tough one. Using this spell properly requires very quick fingers and with this build a pretty good ally disabling. Meepo teleports to another meepo. Dealing damage upon departure and arrival. So, when you have your secondary meepos jungling they can jump into the fight at a moments notice dealing damage when they arrive. There some complicated combos that can be pulled off with blink dagger or shadow blade. Personally I don't care much for these builds. IMO they are mid game ganker builds, and thats just not how I like to play Meepo. I will add a video at some point to this guide.


This is Meepos passive ability. pretty self explanatory.

Pros / Cons

-Crazy Farmer
-Good burst
-Pretty Strong scaling
-Pretty funny hero

-Hard to play
-Requires much focus
-Must Micro well or death will ensue
-Countered by AoE

Creeping / Jungling

Levels 1-5
The most important thing here is don't die,(clearly) farm, and most of all don't die. This is meepo's weakest state in the game. Without additional Meepo's you have low burst and an unreliable from of CC. Ask you support to pull jungle if you feel safe enough to not require much zoning from them.

Levels 6 and on
During your laning phase Control Group 2 can be used for Jungling. The one rule you must follow as meepo, as with most all Heroes, is ALWAYS BE PRODUCTIVE. If you cannot farm try to gank if you cannot gank take forest. ALWAYS BE PRODUCTIVE!

Poof affects MOST creeps in the forest. the only ones unaffected by poof are the mud golems. therefore you can aoe clear the forest VERY fast with 2 additional meepos.

Team Work

First off, let me say that I usually only play meepo with a minimum of 4 man premades, and to top that off I have been gaming with the 4 of them since grade school. We operate well together most of the time.

Meepo's best friends are Disablers.

I generally run Meepo farming in the safe lane. However, he can be played mid lane. A support with a strong stun/Slow is ideal. You are going to want them to pull camps as much as possible to get you maximum exp. The supports I've had moderate success with are as follows

Ice path makes for easy nets. dual breath lets you catch up pretty easily.

He can Zone really well for you and allow you to farm with relative ease. Not to mention Gale slow is hideous

This hero has become my favorite support of all time for Meepo. A maxed heal does tremendous damage with a poof combo. Shallow Grave in the right hands (with some clever micro) can be game changing and weave.... omg weave.

Witch Doctor
A buddy of mine really enjoys playing this hero. He maxes heal(not recommended imo) but it seems to work well with meepo. Especially due to the tranquil nerf.

the following I have not personally tested and would be interested in feedback.

Vengeful Spirit
Shadow Demon
Keeper of the Light

Now I have to make a special mention for a few Heroes that Meepo loves.
Undying Usually in tandem with the following.
These guys guarantee big poof damage one multiple targets. we like them.

Replays w/ Commentary

This is just not going to happen. I do stream from time to time. www.twitch.tv/derlulz if you want to see meepo play that is the place to see it. Send me a private message on twitch if you want me to stream at a particular time.


At the end of the day. Meepo is difficult, and you will lose probably a lot at first. But he is incredibly challenging and when you get it right there probably isn't a more satisfying hero out there. I love Dota 2, I love this community, and I love constructive criticism.

Thank you for reading, and probably wasting your time =P I should hope that you learned at least one new thing from this guide. If that is the case I have accomplished my goal.

P.S. Any players coming from league of legends please PM me if you have ANY questions. I will do my best to answer them or if I don't know the answer well find it together. I have played over 3.5k games of LoL in my time so I should hope that I can ease your transition into this wonderful game =D

P.P.S. I have a guide on Steam community with my build order and items built in! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=128720057


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