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I'm An Immaterial Girl

August 27, 2019 by ImJosh
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Catch These Swift Hands

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

Purchase Order

Early Game

Boots of Speed
Morbid Mask

Finished Loadout

Boots of Travel 2
Abyssal Blade
Moon Shard


Divine Rapier
Heart of Tarrasque
Ethereal Blade
Scythe of Vyse
Silver Edge
Linken's Sphere
Black King Bar

Hero Skills

Stifling Dagger

1 3 4 11

Phantom Strike

2 9 10 14


5 7 8 13

Coup de Grace

6 12 18


Hero Talents

Triple Strike Stifling Dagger
+100% Coup de Grace Critical Damage
+30% Blur Evasion
-3 Armour Corruption
+25% Cleave
+12% Lifesteal
+12 Damage
+175 Health

I'm An Immaterial Girl

August 27, 2019


Hi my name is josh and I'm from the UK. I have been playing dota for around 4 years on and off but have recently got back into the game and would say I'm addicted- so much so that I'm writing this at my desk in work because i cant get the game of my mind. If only their PC's were more powerful and I'd be playing all day. LOL.

One of my favourite hero's to use is PA. That's if she doesn't get banned before I pick her. One thing you cannot forget about dota is every situation is different and every persons play style varies. In recent days I have become a much more aggressive player and the build I have created suits that. However if you need more heals for more survivability or more evasion, adjust the build accordingly.

I have over 1000 hours played, so by no means am I a pro. Just a casual Dota player who enjoys the game and wants to share with you my experience.

Pros / Cons


    A fairly Durable character.
    Good Movement speed
    Insane base damage with ult buff
    very easy to use due to only 2 active abilities.

    Can get outbuilt if farm isn't good.
    Items Like MKB negate evasion buff.
    Can only focus one hero at a time
    Gets banned 99% of games in pubs.

Early Game

In the early game of dota 2 your main focuses are as follows: harassing your enemies to prevent them farming, farming yourself, staying in lane for as long as possible. The tangos are for this survivability aspect. Dont wait until you are low to pop a tango, as soon as you drop below 80% health use one. They heal gradually so if you dont pop it soon enough, bang, u ded asf. These tangos should keep you in lane long enough to afford your morbid mask, at which point you're set for the rest of the game.

Once you have the morbid mask you can torment your heros even more. Dont forget this lifesteal will only be a small amount, so don't get too cocky. Use your Q (Stifling Dagger) whenever necessary. It only uses a small amount of mana, so spam the enemies with it at every opportunity or use it to secure that final creep hit. Farm that CS.

Which Lane?

PA is durable so whichever lane you feel most comfortable in. Mid if you want to get OP early and gank the safe lane.
I prefer to play the safe lane as you have the added protection of your tower, as PA is fairly weak early on, this could be your saving grace.

Once you get to about level 10 and have your morbid mask, the jungle is your friend. Rotate the jungle and lanes until you see a gank oppurtunity. Dont forget, every lone hero is scared of PA early game.

Mid Game

Once you have your moon shard, desolator and lifesteal, its game over for the enemies. PA is gonna be hitting so fast that her ult will be proccing non stop, no escape. If a heros getting away, use your Q to slow them until you can blink again. Then just right click the f*** out of them. The more lone supports you can kill the more farm you'll have. The more farm you have the more dominating you'll be late game.

When team fighting my advice is to target weaker players and supports first. Here's why. PA is not an initiator, she should not be heading into that fight first, she has a blink for a reason. Allow your tankier team mates to head in first. Then you blink in on the opposing CM or lich (weaker, slower, supports). Once they're gone you can start to gang bang the opposing carries. If you're lucky (or just OP as ****) you'll bag yourself another easy kill, and still leave the fights with alot of your HP left.

When the enemies die its straight back to farming, no loitering around. Back into the jungle and getting your gold up. You should always be saving for or building an item, no excuses (unless your team are *** and you're saving gold for a buyback). If you can utilise PA enough, she will easily be able to kill 2/3 heros at once with ease, have faith in her ult and lifesteal.

Late Game

Once You're Into the end game you should have already bagged yourself a few kills. The most kills I've had with this loadout is 27. Yes that was an insane game, but even during bad games i can get over 10 kills, most of the time. PA is debatably easy to use, yes, she can be due to her lack of active abilities, but she can also become very weak very quick. I am a turbo player mainly, and the amount of times I have to farm for much longer than usual because my team have fed the opposing ursa and i become useless. The key to PA is not falling behind on your farm. At this point you should have no doubt in PA and blinking to every character you see. Always pick the supports and people with stuns first, or else you're going to struggle.

Item Choices

Boots Of Travel (2) - Run Faster and TP to team mates at a moments notice. Not up for negotiation, unless you're a noob xD

Satanic - Lifesteal, lots of ****ing lifesteal lmao

Desolator - Ruin Towers and heros with this item, -11 armour drop total (including skill tree) EVERY HERO IS NOW A SPONGE

Abyssal Blade - You don't want opposing heros getting away now do you, whilst they're stunned they're not going anywhere. LOL

Daedalus - over 80 base Damage anyway, with crit hit chance, add this to your ult. Ugh its disgusting to even think about.

Moon Shard - Where the title of this guide comes from. Now lots of people are going to argue, why no BKB, why moon shard instead? Well, you want to proc your ult? then hit more, you want to hit more? Hit faster. Added with your blink attack speed increase and you'll be a machine gun - kinda. Now if you're focusing the correct people first you can get away with no BKB, and that frees up a slot for this amazing item.

Now of course everything in this guide is up for discussion and personal preference but you should take on board my advice. I've used PA alot and this is a very reliable setup!


Thanks for reading my first DotaFire guide, please do rate it and let me know how i did. Leave any questions or comments id be happy to engage with you. Thanks alot and I hope you learnt something

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