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If you ever need help in a fight, all hail the Dragon Knight!

September 16, 2017 by Ardan Gilbert
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The regen machine

DotA2 Hero: Dragon Knight

Hero Skills

Dragon Blood (Innate)

Breathe Fire

4 8 9 11

Dragon Tail

1 13 14 16

Wyrm's Wrath

2 3 5 7

Elder Dragon Form

6 12 18


10 15

If you ever need help in a fight, all hail the Dragon Knight!

Ardan Gilbert
September 16, 2017


Breathe Fire-
Breathe fire does what it says. Breathe fire. Oh yeah, it provides a negative debuff that weakens enemy attacks too.[/colour]

Dragon Tail-
Stun. Get a level early as it is one of the longest lvl 1 stuns and can really help with early ganks. Its range also increase when in elder dragon form.

Dragon Blood-
This ability is what makes armlet such a good item on DK as it negates the damage from armlet. Couled with heart, his healing capabilities are insane. This is extremely useful for trading damage in lane as you can easily heal back up.

Elder Dragon Form-
Turns you into a dragon.

Level 1-Green dragon: Provides ranged poison attacks.
Level 2-Red dragon: Provides ranged area-attacks.
Level 3-Blue dragon: Provides ranged attacks that slow.


Normally DK goes mid as he has regen from dragon blood and has an easier time in the harrassment lane. With that said, harrass your enemies with Breathe Fire as well as getting a/many last hits with it. DK can farm effieciently while contantly poking at the enemy.

During fights, activate armlet whenever attacking someone. Try to stagger CC with your longer ranged dragon tail during dragon form. Not much to be said, just keep right clicking enemies and you should be fine.

Hope this guide helps, now go ahead and blowtorch 2k nubs with the mighty Dragon Knight :)

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