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I Shift Like The Sands | A Roaming Emphasis and Lane Support SK guide

October 24, 2012 by CountryClubAntics
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CountryClubAntics (2) | October 24, 2012 11:39am
You have a good point with the skill levels but I find one level of sand storm nessacery incase a gank goes wrong and they counter gank. you may sand storm, wait for burrowstrike cooldown and then juke like crazy. And since you should have a bottle at least at level 4, stats are less important. Not saying that sandstorm is nessacery, its just a good safety and utility (blocking, juking, waiting for team mates to arrive) skill to have early. And the early circlet I pick up is as good as a level in stats anyway. I would consider leveling stats over caustic finale if need be

And for the bottle, thats a good point. Ill think about it

Thanks for the feedback too!
jaslam (21) | October 24, 2012 6:56am
Try this one out mate - 'If mid is a rune *****, then don't get a bottle' build

I go stun then stats for roaming. then max sandstorm

stun, stat, stun, stat, stun, epi, stun, sands, stats epi caustic. Without a bottle the 2 levels of stat can potentially help you chain of stuns, and be able to gank with just clarities and tangos. (plus you save the 600 for a bottle, and can iniatiate with a quick set of boots.)

As long as your mates are not baboons - you shouldn't need sandstorm, and should get kills still!
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