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Huskar "The Potencial for sacrifice is great!" Guide (UPDATE 05-02-13)

February 5, 2013 by BSnake
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The Sacrifice

DotA2 Hero: Huskar

Hero Skills

Inner Fire

4 12 13 14

Burning Spear

1 8 9 10

Berserker's Blood

2 3 5 7

Life Break

6 11 16


15 17 18

Huskar "The Potencial for sacrifice is great!" Guide (UPDATE 05-02-13)

February 5, 2013


Huskar is a hero that uses health in almost every skill.
This hero can destroy towers easily in late game and in early to late game can easily kill enemy heroes.
In this build Huskar kills 3 enemy heroes almost at the same time but he should die.
This hero can be killed easily with silences or stuns.
This guide will show you how to get scores from 20 to 40 easily

AXE(Pick huskar only if you know that you can kill axe faster than he uses his ulti on you)
LIFESTEALLER(Dangerous becouse of huge lifesteal and magic immunity)

(You should not pick Huskar in certain circunstaces becouse if you do so you will be a feeder until you reach level 20)

Huskar should not be played when the opposite team has a Passive Stunner like Faceless Void or a Hero with stuns/Silences.
You need to be also aware of criticals like Phantom Assassin and Bounty hunter, They can kill you when you less expect!
You should be aware of Lifestealler, if he puts his magic immunity on you should not use Life Break if you do so you will fail.
You should be careful about Templar assassin and her (shield).


Pros / Cons

Can Kill almost every hero.
Can kill around 3 enemy heroes at the same time.
Can push easily.(if feeded)
Uses health instead of mana.
Excelent Passive
Good Ultimate

Uses health instead of mana.
Very dificult to use.
Requires speed of the player.
Huskar has high chance to die when kill 2-3 enemies almost in same time.
Huskar's combo can be stopped by silences and stuns or high damage attacks.
Bad at teambattle if he is the center of attention

Using Abilities

Inner Vitality (Q)
Burning Spear (W)
Berserker's Blood
Life Break (R)

Huskar skills

Video made by DotaCinema(Not me)



Starting Items At Level 1 (the level you should have all of these items)
As Starting Items you should buy 3 Iron branches(To lately get Magic Wand) 1 Healing Salve(To consume when you have 1/5 of your total health) and 2 Gauntlets of Strenght(To make Urn Of Shadows.

Early Game Arround level 9
In Early game you need Magic Wand(To heal small amouth and get mana to cast the Inner Vitality) , Shadow Urn(Use only when you are 1/4 of hp) and Power Treads(In Strenght).(By this order)

Mid Game Arround level 11
In mid game you just need to start making your items for Late game like Aghanim's Scepter

Late Game Arround level 18
In Late game you should get Aghanim scepter(It is very important becouse it lowers the cooldown of you ultimate) Shadow Blade (Very imporant too becouse if you are getting ganked or you need to escape it is easier for you) and also get Assault Cuirass to increate attack speed and armor (You have to sell Magic Wand you no longer need it)


Late->Luxury Arround level 21
Transition from Late to Luxury items You should get Mask of madness, it gives you lifesteal and puts you into frenzy making you attack more faster and take more damage.
You should also get Armlet of Mordiggian(It helps you getting more attack speed and losing health like Burning Spear and Berserker's Blood do).

Choosing your Lane

In this build of Huskar you should go top lane if you are Radiant or Bot lane if you are Dire.
It is very important that there is some support with you becouse he will help you kill the enemy heroes or help you escape before you have Shadow Blade. Support is very usefull to distract your enemies so you can gank them in occasional situations...

Killing In Early game (before level 6)

In this time of the game you should (Scare) enemies heroes throwing them Burning Spears and of course kill them if you have opportunity and farm as much as you can.
While killing creeps if you have Bereseker's Blood at atleast level 2 you should ALWAYS have 3/4 of your hp.

NOTE: Atack enemy heroes using only burning spears even if you don't have much hp

Killing (In and After level 6)

At this time of the game you are the King.
You need to make the enemy hero get far from their tower.
When the enemy is far from their tower you use Life Break (at level 1 consuming 35% of your health and 50% of enemy's)(BETTER if you have not much hp and your enemy have full hp becouse we are talking about percentage it is relative to the enemy's current hp and your's)
When you kill the enemy hero you should have like 2/4 or 2/5 of your total hp if that is the case use Shadow Urn you should already have it.

(You should run away for a bit and when escaping you should use urn)

If appears another enemy hero when you have 2/4 or 2/5 of your health NO PROBLEM! Cast Life Break making you lose a little amouth of hp and dealling a huge amouth of hp of your enemy(If he is full hp)

At level 12-15 You should be getting Aghanim's Scepter and that makes you even more OP you can cast Life break with 6 or 7 seconds of cooldown and dealling 65% of enemy's health.

Kill Example

You are in Radiant in Top Lane lvl 16 alone (Your support is at base)
You find a bloodseeker lvl 15 and a Drow ranger lvl 14
Drow ranger has full hp while bloodseeker has 3/4 hp.
You first use life break on Drow Ranger she now has 2/5 of her total health then you use Burning Spear Repetadly (Only attack with Burining Spear it is stackable)
She Runs somewhere near their tower, you let her go becouse she has 1/5 of her hp almost dead and becouse of Burning Spears you kill her
You Find Yourself with 2/5 of your health (like 300/1100) Bloodseeker uses Rupture you are almost dead, Bloodseeker runs away but you use Life Break on him, Bloodseeker is almost dead but he starts attacking you, but you use Burning Spears consuming your health and making you even faster to attack becouse you have Berseker's Blood at max and you use Inner Vitality, restoring some of your hp and you kill Bloodseeker.

This can be made with 3 enemy heroes but it is hard becouse you need to target enemyes to cast buring spears and target yourself using inner vitality.

Dont Worry if you die and let them near death but with burning spear effect, they will die soon...


Don't accumulate gold becouse you will die sometimes.
So you need to buy "pieces" of the main items.
Use Lifebreak on heroes with more hp becouse it is relative to the enemy's health.
Pudge's rot will help you becouse you will lose health and -hp means +dmg and +attack speed.
Remember to know the heroes with stuns, silences, etc...
Allways stay with 3/4 of your total health.
You can Solo towers easily if you have berserker's blood (level 4) but only stop until you have a little less than half hp.
You should not run unless you have shadow blade.
Sometimes you can kill 2 enemy heroes with 70 hp.


There are some information that is given in comments and not in this guide check


Thanks for seeing this Guide. I think this is a better way to play with huskar but your way of thinking can be diffrent.
If something is wrong post here below and rate the guide. Im still making this but I don't have much time.

In future im thinking in making a video of a full match with this build and how you should use it, It is hard to explain it by words...

Anyways thanks for your visit to this guide

FAQ & Important Comments

daPhongster wrote:

I don't think you know what 'at the same time' means.

You never explained why you reject lifesteal.

You never explained why any of your core items is good.

You never explained why you acknowledge Stuns as one of Huskar's weakness, yet not make BKB core.

"at the same time" I mean as faster you can do so.

I reject lifesteal when it is alot... Huskar doesn't need alot of lifesteal becouse as Huskar you want to get low hp to deal more damage and have more attack speed.

Core Items:
Aghanim Scepter- It gives you some stats(not a big amouth) and upgrades your ulti making you deal more damage in percentage that is good to kill pudge and it also reduces your cooldown so you can jump and jump in teambattles.

Urn of Shadows: It gets much charges when you kill someone, it is usefull becouse it heals you when you, so you don't have to go to the base.

Shadow Blade: Gives you attack speed and a good way to escape.

Assault Cuirass: Gives you Armor and attack speed(Armor to be more immune to attacks)

Mask of Madness: Useful becouse it can regen some of your health with your attacks(lifesteal) and it can make you more attack speed for a certain time, making you more vunerable to other attacks)

Armlet of Mordigian:Basecly useful becouse it can give you more strenght(more attack damage) and attack speed while burning your hp.

As you see items give you more attack damage and attack speed while burning your hp with low hp you attack faster and deal more damage while your assault cuirass give your more armor and preventing death with lifesteal that with less hp you attack faster and gives you more health.

Sorry for the delay I am a bit busy.... But I will try to upgrade this guide.

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