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How to tell them to have a good day.

July 31, 2012 by DukeNume
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Build 1
Build 2

Initiator\Tank Axe

DotA2 Hero: Axe

Hero Skills

Berserker's Call

2 12 13 14

Battle Hunger

4 8 9 10

Counter Helix

1 3 5 7

Culling Blade

6 11 16


15 17 18

Introduction to Axe

Axe is the only true tank of Dota 2, cause it's entire job is based on taking damage.
Not only he has a OMG health regen, but his armor rating tend to get very high, making him almost unkillable in team fights in early\mid game.

A little info about Axe's ultimate, Culling blade

It's awesome to instakill an hero with 625 hp in a team fight, but take care of one thing: Culling Blade passes through Dazzle Shallow Grave, and it's usually used on the enemy carry. Cast battle hunger on the enemy carry and when he has the right amount of hp (quickly check that when you see there is a chance, to avoid wasting your ultimate) quickly cast your ulti on him. After the enemy carry is dead, don't be afraid of doing a kill steals in case you haven't used your ultimate yet, the speed boost that culling blade gives will pay your allies in other ways.

From start to Early Game.

The start it's the same for both builds. 2 Tangos and 1 Stout Sheild. You WILL be jungling, since you will be focusing on Creep Stacking, to get quickly the items you need. Get your ring of health ASAP followed by a pair of boots of speed.

Initiator Build

Since you are the initiator, finish your vanguard ASAP, and then build some Arcane boots to fix all your mana issue. Then move on doing first a hood of defiance or getting your blink dagger early. Just use your blink dagger to enter in a fight, use Berserk's Call and start doing damage. Cast battle hunger on the enemy carry or on who is escaping.
After those core items are complete, you can either go for a Pipe or a Blade Mail, if you are focused by disables, get a BKB, if you want a boost of both armor and healt get sange and yasha or if you want to have even more HP and regen, get a Hearth.

Ganker\Chaser Build

in this build, you have to finish your phase boots first and start ganking very early, at level 5\6 you should be roaming to start some gank. In this build your main skill should be battle hunger, the damage and the speed reduction it deals, plus an extra speed boost for axe it's seriously awesome to gank. after casting a battle hunger, try to go for a berserk's call to ***icurate the kill. Just in case, finish the enemy with you ultimate, but don't kill steal while ganking, since your carries will need that extra gold and exp.
After finishing your phase, complete your vanguard and get a force staf ASAP, it's a wonderfull chasing item, and help to reduce axe's mana issues. You can buy a bottle, but usually it's not necessary.
After doing your CORE items, you can either go for a Eul Scepter, to give axe even more movement speed and fix his mana issue, or on sange and yasha to have both speed and resistence. You can buy a blink dagger too, if your team is laking of initation, or go for a pipe for general team fight support.

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