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How To Be the Most Annoying Furion Ever

February 25, 2013 by Ebduncan
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How To Be the Most Annoying Furion Ever

February 25, 2013

How to carry as Furion

I will not go into detail on a lot of things. This build is very different than most other Furion builds so I decided Dotafire needed some advice on this build.

Starting Out- Jungle is the best way to help your team win. You will not have to give another carry farm, nor will you split experience. You however must aid your lane next to the jungle by creep pulling so your ally is always fighting next to his tower, and you can also leave the jungle when needed to assist in ganking. This is why at level 4 you will be taking sprout. If your team mate doesn't need any help don't bother with sprout until level 9 or so. Remember to pull creeps for your team mate so he will be fighting next to your top tower, this is very important.

Mid Game- By this point you should have your Hands of Midas, and a set of power treads. Set them to intelligence. You are ready to leave the jungle and start pushing towers. You will be around level 8 or 9. Furion is a wicked pusher use this advantage to teleport to enemy towers summon your treants. Pay attention to the minimap! If a hero is coming to fight you teleport to another tower and push it. For safety reasons I recommend also carrying a TP scroll with you at all times. Towers will fall very fast and the enemy will be after you something fierce. This is why you grab a Dagon. This is the exact moment you want the enemy hero to charge you when taking down their tower. Sprout them beat on them some, then use your Dagon to finish them off. If more than one hero comes you will still need to run. Or if the enemies most fed carry comes for you. The Dagon will surprise a lot of folks, and you will get a bunch of kills.

Late Game- If everything has gone well for you then you will have your Dagon at level 5, and have plenty more gold. Grab yourself a Necronomicon and level it to level 3. If the game is still going on you can grab a Desolator as well. Alot of folks will say the Necronomicon is pointless on Furion. Here is my reasoning, First it gives you INTEL, which on Furion gives you more attack power, it also gives you more strength to make you tanker. I suppose you could also get a Rod of Atos as it gives you 350 health and 25 INT. However it doesn't give you more pushing power like Necronomicon does. Remember Furion is a Pusher. Those minions it spawns are rather useful as well. Remember if one of them dies at level 3 will do 600 damage to the enemy unit that kills it. Stay moddest in Late game you might be leading your team in kills, but Furion falls off rather hard super late game. That's where the true carries stand out. However if you did your job properly the game will have never reached this point. If it does reach this far, sell your hands of Midas and pick up either a Sceptor or a Orchid of Malevolence.

This guide doesn't cover how to counter certain heros, remember as Furion your job is to be annoying as possible by taking down towers, and running away (most of the time) and sprouting enemies for ganks.

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