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Guide to Traxex - Drownage

May 16, 2012 by mj12
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UltiCarry -High Damage Drow

DotA2 Hero: Drow Ranger

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Guide to Traxex - Drownage

May 16, 2012


Drow Ranger is one of my favourite heroes. Traxex the Drow Ranger is a ranged agility Hard Carry who excels at laning. She is fragile, but is capable of hitting opponents with high DPS. Her first ability, Frost Arrows, adds a slow to her attack for the cost of a small amount of mana. If she manually casts Frost Arrows on an enemy Hero, it will not attract enemy creeps or towers - so with skill she can continually kite (hit heroes from a distance) a Hero until they die. Her second ability is an area of effect Silence which can be crucial during clashes. Her passive ability gives all ranged nearby heroes a damage bonus, and her ultimate improves her Agility passively. The ultimate also adds armor and increases her attack speed. In mid game between levels 6-16 Drow is very strong in comparison to other heroes. In the late game her strength is enhanced by luxury items. She can literally carry the team.

This is my first guide by the way.

Hero Skills

The skill build presented above is not the normal build for Drow Ranger, but please don't knock it until you try it. At least I have fun while playing her this way.

Frost Arrows

Frost Arrows is Drow Ranger's signature skill. At level 4 it slows movement by a huge 50%. The catch with Frost Arrows is that it is a unique attack modifier, so other attack modifiers will not stack with it. In the item build Helm of the Dominator's life steal is also a unique attack modifier, to use it you cannot auto cast frost arrows.....it is tricky but many times the enemy will believe they can out attack you and the life steal along with your high DPS can turn the tide. Life steal is also important for taking out neutral creeps with Drow.

Orb Walking

One important thing is the concept of orb walking with drow. It involves a fleeing enemy and you chasing them. Instead of auto attacking, you attack with frost arrows, then move closer to the target and attack again then move closer and attack etc. until they die. If you stay in position an auto attack the target can escape.


Ahhh the game breaking skill. In a team battle a 6 second silence on many heroes turns them into big creeps, with enough damage (right items) you can take them in out half of that time. Silence also reveals invisible units like Sand King in a Sand Storm. They can still use items however. This should be used in EVERY TEAM FIGHT! It can turn the tide of battle.

Trueshot Aura

In this build this skill increases the damage output of drow, you can easily land 500+ hits with this skill maxed out at level 16. If Daedalus and probably Yasha/ Manta Style are in your inventory you can hit 1000+ damage late game....and that is one attack. If Satanic is gotten and you activate Unholy Rage then you can tank almost anything from other high damage heroes long enough to kill them and possibly wipe the opposing time, I've gotten several Ultra Kills due to this combo. This skill also increases damage of your ranged allies as well. You can imagine the possibilities if Vengeful Spirit with her Aura is next to you.....INSANE DAMAGE. another good ally for increased damage is Lycanthrope, since he usually has Vladmir's Offering and one of his skills.


This provides agility to Traxex thus killing 3 birds with one stone since agility increases attack speed, damage and armor. This skill must be gotten as soon as it is available and you will see the difference in damage output. Last hitting creeps gets easier with this as well.


Starting Items

Slippers of Agility
Increases your agility and thus damage, it helps with last hitting early in the game.

Iron Branch
Gives +1 to everything and can be upgraded into Magic Wand which adds a little survivability to our glass cannon.

Early Game

Boots of Speed
Needs to introduction, much needed for chasing and running away. Good last hitting/denying will ensure you frustrate your opponent and he might not realize how hard you can hit and you made need to chase....DO NOT run into towers after a hero though...you will die.

Wraith Band
Upgrade the slippers into these. Will give you +Everything, much needed in the early game where farming is crucial.


Power Treads
These Provide increased attack speed, and can be switched depending on the situation.


Use this mode if you're being attacked, it will increase hit points and hit point regen.


Treads will be in agility mode most of the time to increase your damage output and armor.


You shouldn't be running out of mana with drow, but if you do, switch to this mode for a little extra mana and mana regen.

Magic Wand
Survivability item. It also increases mana regen incase you need to chase with Frost Arrows

With this item and the damage increase and passive critical strike soft enemy heroes will die before they realize what hit them.

Helm of the Dominator
The main purpose of this is to improve survivability. In addition at some points in the game killing enemy creeps is not safe, this provides a way to still farm, in the relatively safe jungle on Dire or Radiant sides of the map. Remember Frost Arrows does not stack with life steal.

An alternative to this is the more expensive Shadow Blade...which provides the best survivability for Drow Ranger as well as a damage increase.

Luxury/Situational Items

If the game is going well for you get either of these. I personally get Satanic for extra tanking and staying alive longer for kills along with Daedalus and then try to get a Butterfly if the game isn't over yet. Manta Style is great because the images get critcal strike from either Daedalus/ Crystalys.

A few of the these items ( Black King Bar and Heart of Tarrasque and even Manta Style) increase survivability, which is all drow really needs. The longer she is alive the more she can attack which is all she needs to do.

How to Play with Drow

Early Game

  • Last hit like crazy
  • Deny when last hitting is not an option
  • Keep moving - Important when facing Pudge and Windrunner
  • Avoid Pushing - There will be time for this

Mid Game

  • Last hit
  • Look at the map
  • Jungle when you can, creep stack to speed it up, but do not overdo and neglect your team.
  • Use Silence when team fights happen
  • Gank with Frost Arrows and Silence

Late Game


This is of me playing Drow and getting Ultra Kills Late Game

You folks can recommend any other replays to add to this guide.

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