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Guide to Battleshaker mid

January 27, 2012 by SkyneT800
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DotA2 Hero: Earthshaker

Hero Skills


1 8 9 10

Enchant Totem

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Echo Slam

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Guide to Battleshaker mid

January 27, 2012

Intro to midding ES

This is my guide and build to playing Earthshaker mid lane.

Be aware that the only 2 heroes that will pretty much outrune/beat ES are PotM , Queen of pain, and sometimes Storm spirit. With that in mind let me go through the basics of laning mid as ES.

You can't really do anything until you hit level 4 or so hero harass wise. When the enemy hero plays up on your ramp as the creeps are pushing into your tower try to fissure block him from going back down the ramp. For sentinel, try and force him down bottom river, and vice versa for scourge. This will force him to run all the way around and missing exp / creeps while giving you time to freely kill creeps.

You do start with a Quelling blade. It's very important that you master Earthshaker's attack animation. Farm is pretty key early on. He has solid base damage and can out deny/cs any hero but Doom/rexxar.

As far as rune control goes, You need to be on the ball when runes spawn. Be aware of where the rune is at, and where the opposing mid hero is at. Earthshaker has dominant rune control simply because he can fissure off lanes and just pick up the rune with no contest from the other hero, exceptions being QoP, Potm , and past lvl 6 Stormspirit.

With these runes it's very important that you save and use carefully haste and invis runes. They are your substitute blink dagger / Shadow blade early on. I can't explain how rape it is hit lvl 6, grab a haste or invis rune and just double kill a lane. It's a great feeling and it's just a great perk to midding.


+3 gg branches + 2x sets of regen and a quelling blade for dominant creep score at start.

Get your bottle first, then boots and a Town portal. ES is a great counter ganker, PLZ CARRY TPS

Magic wand is a must after that. Smoke of deceit is great for the speed boost on entry combined with phase boots when you don't have your shadow blade or a invis/ haste rune.

I usually go power treads, but lately with this battle mid build I find phase boots to be more effective, also the phase active is nice when you don't have any runes to try and place a good ult, + the damage for creep score is great.

Item wise I skip blink dagger and go for a more damage route. Normally I would never do this but due to the recent buff in 6.69 to Earthshaker's enchant totem, they buffed the damage at max rank from 200% to 300%. It might not sound like a huge difference, but it's just enough to make him battle viable.

For example, say you just finished your Shadow blade, and all your cooldowns are up. This would be the rotation of spells you would do to dominate someone.

Find your target>> enchant totem out of sight >> wait 3-4 seconds >> shadow blade to your target >> hit the target, doing 300% base dmg + the 125 from shadow blade >> fissure after landing your first totem hit >> auto attack >> enchant totem >> hit.

This combo does about 1200 damage, and that's without your ultimate. With your ultimate it's almost a sure fire kill. Plus it's a ****ing blast to just like 2 shot supports.

Following Shadow blade, I pick up armlet. Since enchant totem is determined by your base damage ( strength ), armlet buffs this ability in a godly manner adding 90 dmg to your enchant totem, on top of the already 65 dmg from armlet being active.

Make sure that once you have armlet, you activate it before you shadow blade in. ( Man up, the drain doesn't do that much damage )

Now I know what you're thinking, "If the enemy team is smart they will just purchase sentry wards / gem. That's fine, the sell back value of shadow blade is 1600. If it becomes that big of a deal for you just sell it and buy a blink dagger.

And yea after that just get a heart then crit stick and run the game.


Maxing aftershock is more effective damage wise and mana wise early on. Earthshaker's early mana pool is very limiting so use your spells wisely.

Max fissure after aftershock with one point in enchant totem at 4 of course.

Make sure you practice stop casting. It's very important for fissure and your enchant totem.

Pros / Cons

There really are no cons to this build other than being owned by a Queen of pain, Priestess of the moon , Storm spirit ( only past level 6 ) mid, but I always ban those 3 heroes if I'm going to mid Earthshaker.

Other than that there are no flaws to playing him mid or going battle.

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