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Go Kart Tiny

June 19, 2015 by Fierce Canadian Cat
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Go Kart Tiny

DotA2 Hero: Tiny

Hero Skills


3 5 8 13 15


2 9 12 14

Tree Grab

1 4 7 10

Tree Throw

1 4 7 10


6 11 16


17 18

Go Kart Tiny

Fierce Canadian Cat
June 19, 2015


You can lane with nearly any hero and still do well. Some heroes that work well with Tiny's Throw are: Centaur, Lich(Probably will die, but just to pop Ulitmate), Axe, Earthshaker(This is Amazing for Groupfights), Faceless Void, Techies(For Suicide Squad) and Tidehunter. They are really good Heroes to play for throw. In this guide, you will have really good speed and will be chasing a lot. But is played properly, You can take 2 or 3 heroes on and survive or kill them.

Start Game

Levels 1-3
In the Early game, You're Want To try and save your Mana as much as possible, that's why you will be getting Your "Craggy Exterior" First. So keep trying to get last hits, its alright if you get hit, as your "Craggy Exterior" will have a chance to stun so you can get away.

Early Game

Levels 3-6 or 3-8
You will want to try and get your last hits, as you will be a carry Tiny. So, you will try and get your phase boots as soon as possible. Mango's are going to really help if you are planning on Ganking a lot or getting kills in lane, which your damage output at this point should be very high.

Mid Game

Level 8-16
You are going to want to get your Agnim's Scepter, giving tiny his cleave. Having cleave with tiny, even at this love of a level, if following the build, you will stun must of the creeps if you are tanking a wave, and your cleave should kill a wave in about 3-5 hits. You are just going to continue to lane and occasionally Gank with a partner for throw. Once you have some lifesteal and cleave, you will be really tanky and should rarely die, and should be able to get a lot of kills, and with phase boots and stun, you should be able to outrun most Heroes. If you get a Mask Of Madness at this point, You should start doing Ancients. Personally, I don't like Blink Dagger on Tiny, That's why it's not in this guide.

Late Game

Late game, this is when you should have your Mask of Madness. Giving you a stupid amount of attack speed. You should be able to solo out most heroes. Next, when you have Assault Cuirass, you will be nearly unstoppable and have a crazy attack speed. Kill Ancients as much as possible, Stacked Ancients is really easy for Tiny to kill when you Have Agnim's Scepter, Crystalis and Mask of Madness. At this point, when your pop your mask and boots, you will have a crazy amount of speed and therefore, "Go Kart Tiny".

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