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Gankin' Type Luna (Holy shit is waiting)

August 21, 2012 by FinalL
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DotA2 Hero: Luna

Hero Skills

Lucent Beam

2 3 5 7

Moon Glaives

10 12 13 14

Lunar Blessing

1 4 8 9


6 11 16


15 17 18

Gankin' Type Luna (Holy shit is waiting)

August 21, 2012


Hello, this is Ganker Luna build that I sometimes use. I'd recommend this build to games where are agility and intelligence heroes against you, because they have low max. health. There's my replay where I'm playing this build Luna at the end of this guide and it's very successful. Team communication is an obligation while playing this build. (So don't play this build if there are russian players in your team.)


At level 1 learn your Lunar Blessing which gives you a 14 bonus damage advantage.
Then upgrade your Lucent Beam. Upgrade your ultimate as fast as possible.. so upgrade on level 6, 11, 16. Learn and upgrade Moon Glaive after all spells, but you can add stats instead of Moon Glaive and skill moon Glaive later.



i'll add description soon...

Just wait for it..


Good replay where I'm playing Luna using this build. At the beggining I didn't push, just lasthit and deny. I let Sniper push lane on my half and then I called gank on Sniper. After this successful gank I started killing and ganking everything on the map. I was on Holy **** until I ran to the fountain.

Match ID: 33159900
Replay Link: Press to replay

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