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Frost, Watch

November 7, 2012 by Watcher
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Crystal Maiden

Hero Skills

Crystal Nova

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2 5 8 9

Arcane Aura

3 4 6 7

Freezing Field

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Frost, Watch

November 7, 2012


Hello DotaFire,

So my first couple of guides were met with some mixed feelings. I am going to try and change my format.

Because of the above stated information i have decided to rename my guides as a Hero Watch, so be on the look out for my guides!

These guides are intended for low to mid grade players (Frankly if you are an experienced player, why in the hell are you reading guides?) Before you down vote and throw in your two cents on this guide! look at the concepts i lay out in the guide, the build may not be perfect.... the skill order may not be perfect. If you are wondering why i say that right here at the start of the guide it is because NO GUIDE IS PERFECT. Because of the complexity of DOTA, not one build will fit all situations. YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE PRACTICE AND LEARN BASIC CONCEPTS BEFORE YOU CAN REALLY INCREASE YOUR SKILL TO THE NEXT LEVEL. THIS WILL TAKE PRACTICE! You can read 1000 guides, but unless you put them into practice you will see no increase in your skill level! In these guides i will not explain why each item is wonderful nor what they do. You have to read the abilities (I will however talk about use and application of items). So lets get crazy and win games!

So i would like to present you with Crystal Maiden The Ward *****



If you are new or have been playing for awhile you may have heard of the Ward *****. Well that is Crystal Maiden, this chick spends about 90% of her game time putting wards on the map.

"Well Watcher, that sounds boring?"

Support is actually a very fulfilling role, it may be one of the hardest roles to master. A good support can make or break a game. You will also be very active in lane (so dont worry you will keep rather busy)

"Well what are the main objectives for a support?"

Wards: You are going to want to have constant ward presence on the map! It will make for safer lane environment, as well as allow your team to have superior map presence and gank potential! (This is the most underdone thing from all players across 90% of skill levels) ALWAYS HAVE WARDS! ALWAYS

Deny: As a general rule (Not always) your support is doing just that supporting in lane with a carry. The reason is because support heroes are not nearly as item based, there abilities scale well with level and are made that way for the purpose of supporting other heroes. You do not require the farm that a carry requires! Denying often will starve the other team from experience and gold, a good support should have about as many deny's as the carry has cs.

"Does that mean i should get no farm at all?"

It does not, often times your carry is going to miss some, or possible be back while you are defending lane. Take this time to pick up some cs at this time (however do not push the lane, last hit much like your carry would)

"Sounds passive....... BORING"

Depends on the support/carry. Crystal Maiden can actually be fairly aggressive with the right carry because of her Frostbite. Remember sometimes not dying is more important then getting kills. 10 kills is wonderful (unless you have 10 deaths to match your kills?)

"I don't really have allot of gold, I am so afraid of dying?"

Be smart about when you are aggressive, try not to be as bold when you are carrying large sums of money. Because of the storage system in Dota, you can purchase items while still in lane and courier them to you!

"Should i upgrade the Courier?"

Yes! having a flying courier is very important. The sooner the better if you ask me! (Wards still take priority)

"Why am i putting so much in Arcane Aura?"

Fair question, commonly you see players put so much into Crystal Maiden's damage abilities, they are missing her gem of an ability. On so many players you will see them get some form of mana/mana regeneration ( aka Ring of Basilius. You can be a huge contributor to global mana presence with Arcane Aura. Its a simple concept if your team has mana and the other team doesn't, Your team can use abilities and you will win fights!


"What am i doing in lane?"

As covered above, you are the support (focus on supporting). Deny and Ward and keep your lane safe! I am an advocate of safe play (even in the aggressive world that is Dota). You will eventually be doing nothing but fighting! Take the lane phase to get map control, and deny the other team farm and kills to starve them!

"So i should just go ward, then come right back to lane right?"

NOT IN THE LEAST. If you have already taken then time to walk half way up the river, you might as well pop in for a little hello! (NO i am not Contradicting myself, still be safe! dont gank if they are sitting under there tower and it is just you and squishy mid and they are full health and your team mate is at 100! Assess the situation) Remember though if you are going to roam around, assist other people, make sure you do it when your carry is at a safe place, and can handle the added burden of being alone. Also make sure to carry Town Portal Scroll's so you can get back to lane at a moments notice!

Supporting encompasses so much! just focus on the main points and practice will fill in the rest! Learn multiple lane combinations as well (even different supports if you have to). Crystal Maiden synchronizes well with other stun carries (just a recommendation for a good practice composition. Crystal Maiden and Dragon Knight) but you are going to have to try different things till you find something you like.

Team Play

"Have you seen her Ultimate, that thing is ****ing crazy i am going to use it every time and start fights with that ****?"

I have to agree with you i love Freezing Field it is amazing! however because of Crystal Maiden's soft body, she cant exactly open fights very well. Freezing Field doesn't stun, so in most cases you will be destroyed before the channel can do any major good. You are better off coming in at specific moments after a fight has begun! She synchronizes well with ultimate's like that of Tidehunter and Sand King. Remember that your ultimate is a channel so you need to pick the perfect moment to use it. items such as Black King Bar and Blink Dagger will assist in positioning and preventing you from being stunned. (ONCE AGAIN ALL I CAN SAY IS THIS TAKES PRACTICE)

"Who should i be trying to Frostbite on?"

Essentially this ability takes one of there player's completely out of the fight! Take out the one causing the most threat to the team. (This is going to vary from game to game!) ask your team and most times they will have a target for you. Communication is key with the support so if your team isn't talking, you talk to them!

"Should i open with Crystal Nova?"

In some situations yes, i personally enjoy this ability for its chasing potential. The damage is really nothing spectacular, so focus on the slow. You will find success more often then not with this approach!

"So we have gotten to late game and we are doing all this team play! Support is really fun. Can i please stop warding we have map control!?"

NO you cant, sorry... Map control can be lost because of one team fight! you need to be aware of the movement of the other team! Map awareness is paramount!


Crystal Maiden is fun, just have a good time learning her! She is probably the most fun if you are playing with a friend and you duo lane together!

Remember she is the Ward ***** for a reason! (Always have Wards)
Denying can be crucial key to your lane winning!
And be patient she may take some time to learn!
Map Awareness is key (ill be saying this often)

Thank you for taking this journey with me through Crystal Maiden basics! If you like upvote (if you dont well im sorry, i hope you dont downvote but maybe just add a comment and if i can fix it then you can upvote) Focus on my concepts more then my build itself! As i have said it is a guideline.

Also trying to improve my rep, to increase my standing in the community! so consider it : )

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