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Free MMR guide

November 9, 2014 by Oilura
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DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

Purchase Order

The only supports you need

Stuff to grind MMR

Items for +25 MMR

Just to rub their defeat into their faces

Hero Skills

Stifling Dagger

1 3 5 7

Phantom Strike

2 8 9 10


4 12 13 14

Coup de Grace

6 11 16


15 17 18

ZZ I can't farm a BF in 35 minutes because they keep ganking me

That is okay. Remember: your job is to make them GANK YOU 24/7 SO THAT YOUR ****** TEAMMATES DON'T DIE. By the time you get your BF, your team should be 3-slotted at least. If they are not, just keep forcing TP reactions and farm a BKB.

Are you 4 slotted yet? Good. It has been 55 minutes and it is time to wreck their faces. They did not push because they are noobs, and they shall pay for it.

Continue ratting and killing everyone who stop your rat.

They keep ganking me!

Good job. You just bought space for your team, who is hopefully smart enough to pick three more carries. Just juke into the trees and hit your teleport key two times.

If they are not ganking you, you are a bad player and you should push more. You should keep pushing the lane until they gank you, then push another lane so that they gank you.

Do whatever you can to draw attention to you.

If you die, blame your support for not buying wards. :cat:

For some reason, I keep feeding them.

Just kill the 100 HP support who is always out of position until you have tons of gold and XP. No matter what, you should always rush a Battle Fury. Battle Fury turns you into Anti-Mage and removes all their towers. Battle Fury can draw those noobs who are sieging your base away from your base. Battle Fury gives you 1000 GPM.

Why Battle Fury first? You don't need BKB to 1v1 anyone and BKB won't save your life in teamfights until you get fat enough to kill them.

Also, the key to victory is rat. Whether you are a Templar or a Phantom, you should always assassinate towers.

But my supports suck!

You can lasthit at a 1200 range with your Stifling Dagger. Stifling Dagger at later levels also deal a ton of damage, which means you don't even need to be good at last hitting. Just throw daggers for free money!

Once you get your Ring of Basillus, you can just last hit every single creep even when facing a trilane. If they are stupid enough to dive, just juke into the trees and Phantom Strike some noob who did not follow you for free gold and XP.

Once you get your Phase + Ring of Basillus, you can start killing everyone you see. Just press Q, click them, press W, click them, press your Phase Boots button and right click them. EZ gold and EZ XP.

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