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[FR] Venom Support

November 21, 2013 by Vohrshak
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ChiChi (47) | February 7, 2015 4:25am
T1mmay, I play this hero as a support a lot and got a tip to tell you: don't underestimate Venomous Gale level 1. There are some heroes that can easily accomplish a kill with it, such as Juggernaut or Drow Ranger (its a damn 50% slow, for 15 seconds) - try it. That said, I usually go passive too first, and only get a level on it in case it can be useful, but don't use it for the harass obvisouly, since it has such a high mana cost.
ChiChi (47) | February 7, 2015 4:20am
Votre guide est intéressant, mais probablement la pluport des joueurse ne vous comprennent pas :) pourquoi pas essayer de l'écrire en anglais?

En ce qui concerne la "Skill build", je me demande si vous n'avez pas problèms de mana, car habituellement je préfère la passive de Venom - elle vous transforme plus en un "right clicker" et ne utilise pas mana. Qu'est-ce que vous y pensez?

(Je ne suis pas française, je m'excuse pour les erreurs)
Dottyeyed | November 28, 2013 8:51am
Interesting comment, but one little thing to point out, OP is writing in French so he might not know what you said :L and I swear you always suggest Rod of Atos when you comment on guides :D I think that due to his slow being strong anyway Rod is not necessary, and it may be more worthwhile going for a lockdown item such as a sheep as this is a support guide, or even a Shivas if you really want the slow, as is suggested ^^
T1mmay (6) | November 21, 2013 4:45pm
Don't play this support much, but starting to increase the games i play with him due to his ridiculous DoT.

I was wondering, is Venomous Gale level 1 really needed? I mean, a typical pub dual lane won't have enough damage to take out a hero, no matter how slow they go that early unless they are a long way out of position, wouldn't getting your Poison Sting first sometimes be better to begin your harassing from level 1?

Also, was thinking maybe two skill points in your Plague Wards is good enough to give them enough hp to not be destroyed too quickly, so maybe that would be enough if you were doing a more gannking style than a pushing style as you could level the poison sting more, causing more damage to hereos.

Finally, Rod of Atos ever a possibility?

As i said, don't play this hero too much though, so I might be being a bit stupid :p
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