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For the Swarm - Broodmother 101

March 16, 2013 by mincartoon
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Broodmother

Purchase Order

starting items

Ring of Basilius

early game

Phase Boots
Ring of Basilius
Soul Ring

core A

Skull Basher
Orchid Malevolence

core B

Skull Basher
Black King Bar


Abyssal Blade
Manta Style
Heart of Tarrasque


Vladmir's Offering

Hero Skills

Spawn Spiderlings

2 4 5 7

Spin Web

1 3 8 10

Incapacitating Bite

9 12 14 17

Insatiable Hunger

6 11 16


13 15 18

For the Swarm - Broodmother 101

March 16, 2013


Spawn Spiderlings (Q)
Use to last hit creeps, or to damage heros. The projectile itself deals good damage, also try use little spiders to harass your enemies in the early game. Little spiders have little damage but has minor slow passive and sometimes finish off enemies with low HP.

Spiderlings are very tanky, they can tank towers so broodmother can push really easily. Try not to feed spiderlings as they grant your enemies some bounties. But remember, playing aggresively is very important for Broodmother.

Spiderlings are also free wards. A good Broodmother player will avoid gank very easily.

Spin Web (W)
Another core skill for Broodmother. This skill should be prioritised than E because:

1. Invisibility
2. HP regen
3. Speed buff, works very nicely with Phase boots.
A Lvl 4 web with the Phase active effect gives you 522 movement speed, which is the maximum speed possible in DotA (Same as haste rune).
5. AoE tree chopping - gives you a clear vision around you. It prevents gank and useful when chasing heroes hiding in trees.

Things to note:

1. Invisibility has fading time. It's triggered once you enter the web zone but the actual invisibility is on after a moment. Likewise, when you escape the web it takes time to end the invisibility.

2. HP regen and the speed boost is active the moment you enter the web, regardless of your invisibility status. When you escape the web they will perish a moment later (Same time as your invisibility to fade away).

3. Even if you "touch" only the minor part of the web, these effects are triggered. So you can use the web like a gateway for brief invisibility and faster movement speed.

Incapacitating Bite (E)
Not much to say. Sucks at Lvl 1, needs to be maxed out to do anything. A decent orb effect for 1v1 situations.

Insatiable Hunger (R)
+Damage, +Lifesteal. A very straight forward skill. What makes Broodmother a bit carry-like hero. At lvl 1 it's not that great so use it to sustain your HP in lane, or to push hard. Helps you doing Roshan combined with attack miss in E passive.

Starting items

It's totally up to you. You can go stout shield, the axe or any other items.
But I find RoB + 3 tangos the most ideal choice.

Broodmother already gains good sustain from the web's HP regen and invisibility, so not many tangos are required for laning.

RoB gives you:

1. Extra armour
2. Extra damage
3. Better mana regen
4. Can be upgraded into Vladimir

Don't forget to turn off the aura in the early game to prevent your lane from pushing to much.

I'd like to keep Rob rather than upgrading it to Aquila. Make it Vladimir once you have good items and can get enough lifesteal from your damage.

Core items

First, the boots.
Phase boots is preferred than the Treads because:

1. The Phase active combined with the web - 522 movement speed
2. Keeps you from being blocked by spiderlings when chasing your foes
3. Better last hitting chance in early game

Quite obvious it's better than the extra stats + attack speed.

Second, anti-disable items.

BKB is a very orthodox item for Broodmother since it grants you extra strength and the active ability. Orchid can be used aggressively, especially to a hero with blink (like QoP). The choice's up to you.

Third, the Basher.

The bash is simply great, it compensates the lack of disables Broodmother has. I also find the extra strength and damage very handy. Can be upgraded into Abyssal for more damage and additional stun.


Early game

1. Go hard lane. Spin the web at rune spot, camp rune at 0:00.
2. Last hit well.
3. Don't use Q to heroes. Harass with spiderlings, play a game of Starcraft in DotA.

Mid game

1. Spam Q with your soul ring.
2. Spawn spiderlings every cooldown, make a swarm of spiders and push tower.
3. Push very aggressively. Force 3~4 foes focus on your lane so your teammates can farm safely, or push.
4. Once again, push quickly. Speed is the key. Don't let their carries to farm up. For example a farmed Sven can eat your spider army without even using any mana.

Late game
You have very high damage and strong in 1v1 situation.
Just watch out getting sniped in the teamfight since you are very squishy.

Can solo Roshan, or just get some help.

Not much to say.


1. Broodmother should push hard so the enemy team focus on your lane instead of farming.
2. She has good carry skills, but shouldn't be used as the only carry in the team.
3. Unfortunately, easily countered by a decent team composition.


YaphetS playing Broodmother in the classic DotA and this is the only "decent" video I could find on Youtube. It's a shame I can't understand what he's saying...

Not much have changed for Broodmother since WC3 DotA, so some can be learned from this video.

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