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Finders keepers - build

October 30, 2012 by Zulahn
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I found the light, I keep it.

DotA2 Hero: Keeper of the Light

Hero Skills


1 6 8 9

Blinding Light

3 12 13 14

Chakra Magic

2 4 5 7

Spirit Form

10 11 16


15 17 18

Finders keepers - build

October 30, 2012



This is not going to be a long guide, just a short guide on item composition. If you want a more in depth guide you should read iPopCherrys guide on Kotl. I simply disagree with his item build so I thought I'd post the build I normally use.


Laning with garnker/s
This is pretty much a basic start with Ezalor, if someone else buys courier you'll get wards.

Laning with carry

take note that this build is for carries who actually need your mana badly.

the reason for starting with 5 Clarity is because I want to be able to keep my mana on top all the time while still keeping the carrys mana on top as well.

Core Items
These items is the only ones required to do your job as Ezalor. (actually you dont need any)
But with the way I like to play him these items come real handy.
- I can get around quickly because of the boots.
- When you are level you can set up ganks even more efficently, around that time you should have all core items.
- !!!!! If the first part of the laning phase going really nice, start lvling Illuminate so that you can set up ganks even better. NOTE that this is only when the one you are laning with can handle the lane by him self. (with some support of course)
- start roaming faster than any other boots.
- Can focus on upping cour/wards and supporting the team
- Really squishy, that is why I allways get a Magic wand to support my low health pool(900 I think)
- Because of this build you have to play really passive when teams fights is lurking. Stay a bit behind, Illuminate has long range aswell as Mana Leak and Chakra Magic. You can stay quite a distance away from the real action while still doing your job.
- When you get Mekansm you have a little bit more hp and armor to stay inside teamfights to make sure you can use it.

[b]Mid - Late game[/b]
the Mekansm is something you'll get quite quick with Ezalors Illuminate. This will help you heal up you team and keep their mana up at all times. Usually I can't efford the Boots of travel but when I do, I get them. They are a great late game asset to make sure you push and defend towers. Yesterday I played against the anoying piece of ****; Furion... and I got really good use of them.
e.g. when your lane pushes top, just BT bottom and you are set to stres out the enemy team by forcing some of them to go bottom.

"Luxury" items
These items aren't exactly the most expensive items but they aren't really the most important items so if you are finished with travel you should start on either Eul's or Force, depending on what you need the most. If you should get so much gold that these items will be a waste! Well then shame on you.


Thank you, if you have read this much! Please rate and comment, I would very much like to hear your feedback. I'm not a pro so I have no idea how this will work out in tournament play. What I do know is that it works very, very, very good in 'high' brackets.


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