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Feel "Blurry"?

April 30, 2016 by Sergey Bubka
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

Purchase Order

Hero Skills

Stifling Dagger

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Phantom Strike

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Coup de Grace

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Feel "Blurry"?

Sergey Bubka
April 30, 2016


Greetings! I haven't been playing DOTA for long, but I already have some solid knowledge of some heroes and for this example, one of the Sisters of Veil - Phantom Assassin! This is my first guide, I started with PA (short for Phantom Assassin) because I seem to be more acquainted with her more than any other hero. Critisicm is appreciated!



    Not very mana dependant
    High damage late game
    Insanely high critical (in fact highest)
    Can become a hard carry with great farm

    Very farm dependant
    Squishy early game
    Can be useless without great farm

Early Game

So, as I discussed in Pros/Cons section, PA is weak when it comes to early game. To start with, I at first purchase a set of Tangos, a good ol' Stout Shieldand a Quelling Blade. Now, a quick explaining of all items. Well, you always keep a handful of Tangos, just in case, so that you don't have to return to the fountain every second you get harrassed. A stout shield is a good starting item for PA, since she is squishy and needs that blocking guaranteed. A quelling blade is a good item for every hero which needs a good farm (gold from killing creeps) and I assure you that there aren't more farm dependant heroes than PA.
Now to the skills. Make sure that you upgrade your Stifling Daggerfirst. Why? Because it's the best way to farm early while keeping your distance. Playing safe, without attacking enemy heroes too much early is very important, because PA is very squishy. Try to farm if no ranged enemies are nearby and if they are present, instead of auto-attacking farm with the Stifling Dagger. Next up, you upgrade BlurWhy? Because Blur is a great way to stay safe and the evasiveness will save your life more than once. Do keep in mind, that it stacks with other sources of evasion, but we'll discuss that later. So, before reaching level 5 keep upgrading between Stifling Dagger and Blur. Upon reaching level 5, upgrade Phantom StrikeAh, the good ol' Phantom Strike. This skill gives you incredible attack speed, so you are ready to earn a kill or two (only if your enemy is alone and has low HP). It also has a good escape mechanism, so you can quickly teleport to a friendly unit behind if you are on a verge of death. With this gameplay tactics in mind, you should be able farm efficiently. Always try to stay out of trouble, if you die once in early game, you might die twice and that is not good.
When you reach level 6, it is time to start shining, because it's time for you to upgrade your Coup de GraceThe critical damage is insane, it's the highest critical in the entire game and you become available for becoming a terror of your enemies.
So, back to the items. As soon as you get enough gold, buy Power TreadsChoosing between Power Treads and Phase Boots for PA is always an issue of arguing, however, I'll stick with Power Treads because of the atribute bonus. While farming, keep the attribute to strength, if you initiate, set it to Agility (or you can keep it on Agility forever).

Mid Game

No more weakness! Time for you to start ganking, thus feeding. But never forget about farming, it's very important to keep yourself farmed. After obtaining your ultimate, I suggest switching between Stifling Dagger and Blur. You'll have them maxed by level 10. Level 11 is another brilliant upgrade for your Coup de Grace. After that, max Phantom Strike.
Your next item should be Helm of the DominatorHelm of the Dominator grants you good amount of Lifesteal in your sleeve, which is better opportunity to farm. The Helm contains two items to build it, so I suggest getting Morbid Maskfirst, because it has that Lifesteal. After building Helm of the Dominator, go for the jungle and DO NOT leave (unless there's a team fight roasting) until you don't get the most important item for PA, the Battle FuryFor real, imagine your insane critical dealing damage to more than one targets, for example 2? 3? 4? 5?!?!?! If you by some miracle catch all enemy heroes stunned at low HP, congratulations, you just got a RRRRRRRAMPAGE. Seriously, that is possible.

Late Game

By now, you should be freakishly powerful (if you didn't feed early I hope). After getting your Battle Fury, you start feeding and becoming absolute terror for your enemies. Nothing is more dangerous, than a well farmed (and mostly FED) PA, seriously. So, if the game hasn't finished yet and you still aren't celebrating your glory, get a ButterflyWhy Butterfly? Because the evasion stacks with your Blur, which makes you basically invulnerable. With that, you can jump into the enemy fountain, double kill (or more) and escape without damage. Cool, right?
So, what's next? The game is still not over? Really? Then get a Satanicand boom, you have a guaranteed RRRRRRRRAMPAGE (if you don't have kill stealers in your team, duh, screw them). Upon activating Satanic, you gain unbelievable Lifesteal and become the absolute definition of terror. And still not done and have enough gold? Wow! Now you buy an item which is absolute luxury, the Heart of TarrasqueI really doubt that it requires explaining.


So, in my guide I have discussed my own way of dominating the whole game with PA. Why my build? Well, you can't blame a guy for tryin *laughs* My build should be an easy way to end up with great stats to be proud of, to earn a couple of commends and to terrorize your enemies without relent. So, I hope you enjoyed reading it, I hope you'll find my guide useful and what's most important, I hope you master PA! Critisizm is always appreciated. Thank you for reading.

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