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ezpz omniknight

September 2, 2013 by govie
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The medic tank done wright

DotA2 Hero: Omniknight

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Heavenly Grace

4 12 13 14

Hammer Of Purity

2 8 9 10

Guardian Angel

6 11 16


15 17 18

ezpz omniknight

September 2, 2013


I have written this guide because i felt the other guides werent good enough or outdated. The problem with many guides on i.e. dotafire is that the guides are essentially used by noobs and not pro's. Noobs dont farm 5.500 gold without dying 10 times over, so, skipping inexpensive items for getting expensive items earlier (i.e. heart of terrasque), is really hard in dota2 when you are still a new to the game (for whom the guides are actually written for and used by).

I believe noobs need lower thresholds with a clear purchasepaths to guide them in dota2 and let them experience building up a character in a logical way and learning the benefits of teamplay. Yes, teamplay! This because Omniknight is the most logical teamplay supporthero in the game for new players (i.e. medic). Also, he is beefy (tank) and has nice healingskills and defenses so that small micro mistakes arent directly punished by the opponent.

How (understanding the build)

Only 1 rule : Follow the purchase order exactly as stated in the guide and don't die!

Phase 1 & 2 : The Basics!

1. Just for the people that dont know, sage's mask sucks in retrospect to robe of the magi in early game. The robe gives u twice the manaregen and around 80 more mana, which really helps u casting purification more, staying longer in lane, so that everyone gets more experience and gold. But this means u will be a bit squizy when on the offensive, so dont overextend to much until u have powerthreads. Stay back, help your mate get alot of last hits and let him stay inlane as long as possible! Approx. 1 last hit until lvl 3 is enough to buy a Robe of the Magi. After that your role as support will be easier. The robe also upgrades to the Drum, which has usefull AoE in teamfights.

2. Powerthreads are really nice and are more forgiving to buy and to play with then arcane boots. They have saved me many times over as a new player because they are adaptable and can help u flee. Also the low itemcost in retrospect to the arcaneboots works well for new players. This is because most new players will get ganked before they have farmed 1000 gold, so, spending it earlier isnt such a bad idea. Leave the colour blue except when need to flee, go green.

3. I buy wards later then most supporthero's because there is no need to get them sooner. Ofcourse be carefull when blinkdagger and midgame invisibility has arrived. But before this timeframe, there is no need to ward when playing with omniknight. This is because the Omniknight's Purification spell counters midhealth melee gankers like bountyhunter and riki pretty well. When laning solo, u will win the lane against riki+bountyhunter, its that easy with Omniknight. This is also a good reason to pick omniknight. Yes, u wont kill much but u will kill alot of riki's:)

4. Never buy a mekanik or headdress when playing omniknight. U already have enough healingspells, use the money for more usefull stuff in teamfights.

Phase 3 & 4 : More low threshold skillz please!

1. Early game has expired and even omniknight is farming some gold. We can afford a cheap weapon and chosen Eul's scepter. The ability on it is very usefull for a supporthero and the extra stats are beneficial for our build. Also, the scepter transitions well into a higher tier weapon if need be.

2. We want to get a bit more tanky and get more manaregenaration in this phase of the game. Best option is the soulbooster. Why u ask? Well, the health/gold-ratio and the health/item-ratio is really good and thats what you want as a tank. The more they have to hit u the less hits your teammates will encounter. Also the manaregen is really good. Other guides opted for Vangaurd, but i believe Vangaurd is a lowtier healthbooster, as a tank u need as much health as u can from 1 itemspot and then soulbooster is best.

3. In essence, the build is now complete, everything extra is a luxury. Although, if the game drags on u can transition your weapon as mentioned in phase 4. Scythe of Vyse is like a pimped Eul's scepter. If after this pursache u still have more money to spend, buy Shiva's gaurd. Both have nice disablingspells that will help u alter the outcome of teamfights.

4. Allways leave 1 inventoryspot open for warding. Warding wins games, also lategame because positiong and initiating is very important:)


I hope u enjoyed the read. I have mentioned stuff i thought was important in retrospect to older guides on dotafire (transitioning a character to lategame, soulbooster over vangaurd, no mekanik, power- or arcaneboots, other items and weapons, warding etc). In the Why chapter i didnt use to much colours and links, it makes the ext unreadable. Have fun teamplaying Omniknight even as a new player to dota2 :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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