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Extensive Tiny Guide 7.02 (Core) Pos 2-3

March 8, 2017 by Ez_Rekt_Ez_Life
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One Stone Got 2 Birds In Mind!

DotA2 Hero: Tiny

Hero Skills

Craggy Exterior (Innate)


1 3 5 8


2 4 7 9

Tree Grab

12 13 14 16

Tree Throw

12 13 14 16


6 11 18


10 15

Hero Talents

2 Toss Charges
-8s Avalanche Cooldown
Toss Requires No Target
+60 Tree Grab Bonus Base Damage
+80 Avalanche Damage
-8% Grow Attack Speed Reduction
+8 Strength
+200 Avalanche Cast Range

Introduction To Tiny

Tiny is a strength hero who relies upon his burst to do enough damage so that he can solo kill a lot of heroes. He is one of the best nukers+CC(Crowd control) heroes in the game and he gives a lot of mobility to initiators (with toss) and is a very strong pusher. He has a built in anti carry mechanism with his 3rd skill, Craggy. He has a low mana pool early game and needs a lot of sustain, hence the bottle. You need to focus on picking runes and keeping mana up to get pickoffs from the enemy team.

Laning phase


Let's say you get mid.Do not forget your PMS you need it to survive your lane.Farm up well as tiny needs his bottle by the 3 min mark atleast. Get phase boots as soon as possible and make rotations after picking up a rune. Request rotations to mid with heroes who have lockdowns or slows like Lion, Lina, Rubick etc. You can usually burst down the enemy mid with a smoke gank and win your lane.

If you are up against a Shadow Fiend, Lina or Queen of Pain, get a raindrop. Literally the most OP item in the game. It gives pretty good early game mana regen and keeps your combo going. If you are up against a silencer mid, Opt for the offlane or something. You seriously cannot lane against this guy. Dying to him will destroy your midgame and make you very ineffective overall.


Do not go Tiny safelane. You have enough survivability to stay offlane, solo offlane even. You need the farm and XP to git your combo maxed out. You would need more heals and mana so I suggest you go clarities and salves to keep you full. You can play tiny very differently if you play offlane and you wouldnt have to go blink and echo sabre. You could just build an echo into an aghs and become an active pusher. This depends on the enemy team lineup as well. If they have strong counter pushers, you can build a normal Blink Echo but I would reccomd you go aghs as Offlaners usually are 3rd or 4th position even and hence you'll be slightly starved of farm. Hence build bottle into echo sabre into aghs and Boots of travel to become a push nuisance for the enemy team. Then top it off with a Couple of moon shards and voila, 1 tower down in 7 seconds. 1 wave down in 4. So yeah slightly problematic for the enemy team ;).

Ganking Phase

This only applies to your mid tiny as your offlane tiny will not have this much farm. If you have a disabler as a support, gank with him instead.

You should have your Blink and Echo sabre by the 18 min to 24 min mark. Make sure you get both before 20 for maximum Gank potential. Blink By 12 mins is the best case scenario. Echo sabre by 18 mins. Go to enemy jungle with a smoke and look for a few farmers. Or go to lanes where supports are feeling lonely and blink onto them Avalance then toss.If you time it right, You will deal 2 instances of avalance damage and 1 instance of toss damage. Toss does not make enemy invulnerable and hence you can Attack move the ground and tiny will do Approx 900-1000 Magical damage and 400-500 physical damage resulting in a nuke of 1200 atleast. You can use this to shut down squishy supports like Dazzle, Rubick, Shadow Demon, Shadow Shaman etc. or squishy agi carries like Shadow Fiend,Anti Mage if he cannot blink away, Phantom assassin if you have an ally with you etc.

If you get 4-5 kills in this fashion, you will start to snowball into your Shadow blade to silver edge to an Aghanims. If you feel you could not get pickoffs, stack a few camps and farm up as you need a shadow blade atleast to get successful teamfights.


You are one of the best initiators in the game as you have a AOE lockdown stun. You blink in and Stun an entire team or atleast 3 people for your team to finish off. If the fight has already begun, and you reach there slightly late, as you didn't buy a TP scroll :(, Shadowblade in, Look for the weakest target or the one who already used his escape mechanism, hit him twice because you have an echo sabre and then toss him into your team. Toss has a ridiculous range and you just have to toss him into your team and your team will tear him to shreds. While they finish him off, you just have to stun the rest of the enemy team and keep hitting them. Your team will notice and destroy the enemies.

This is how teamfight tiny is built. DO NOT FORGET THAT YOU ARE A PUSHER AND YOU TAKE TOWERS RIGHT AFTER A SUCCESSFUL TEAMFIGHT. If no one defends then just keep pushing and toss your creeps at the tower.

SplitPush Tiny

This is when you are starved of farm and need to jungle. Go to teamfights but if you see that your team is losing, DON'T. Instead, farm up and get your aghs while skipping blink. You will decimate waves of creeps. Then engage in a a teamfight. Do your Stuns and throw, and just hit things, your cleave and HELLUVA damage will destroy any carries. And make sure you get your stun off before the enemy disabler. Then END HIM.

Your goal with this tiny is to take objectives and act majorly as a disabler. You are a mega pusher and I cannot emphasize this more. Buy smokes and gank enemy team and destroy their carry. Then take objectives. I know I will sound ******ed but build 2 Moon shards right after Aghs. If you start winning teamfights then build an Assault Cuirass instead. Your damage output is so high you need to hit faster thats it. So build two Moon shards and the enemy will be torn to shreds.

When to pick tiny and when not to pick him.

Tiny is a nuker who relies on his burst early game. So in the laning phase you pick him when the enemy picks someone squishy like Lina, ShadowFiend, Tinker, Zeus etc.

Do not pick tiny when they pick Sniper, Drow Ranger, Kunkka, Queen of Pain, Silencer, Puck, Leshrac, storm.

And if they have heroes who silence you, don't pick tiny or play him very safely. Nightstalker will not have that much of an advantage as he cant right click you down as you are slightly tanky.

You have to feel happy if they pick meepo, as you have the perfect toolkit to counter him. If he comes mid, you dont have to worry as he gets level 3 and leaves. You need to focus farm and gank his jungle as much as possible and shut him down. If he gets farmed, even then, you need to get your aghs and burst him down and cleave the rest. You'll be relatively safe from his Attacks because of craggy.

You are one of the hardest carries in the game because of both your teamfight contribution and your pushing ability.

Additional Tips and Conclusion.

One Major tip is if you have a lane ward mid, you don't have to burst the enemy down and just lower his health. You can just snipe him with throw later on and finish him off. Then you can spam LOL in All Chat.

Ask your supports to stack the ancients when you finish aghs so that you can get your items faster.

So thanks guys for reading my guide for tiny. I love playing this hero for his versatility in playstyle and he can't just be countered directly. Hope you liked this guide and use it for your future tiny games. GL HF.


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