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Evasion Phantom Assasin

February 27, 2014 by Jexx
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Evasion Crits

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

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Evasion Phantom Assasin

February 27, 2014


Welcome to another odd build featuring Phantom Assassin!
This particular build is aimed at being a true assassin. That will do massive damage in a second and be almost untouchable when it comes to other carries in late game. You have two forms of critical hits and CAN trigger at the same time. Double crit!

While I will say my play style is different than others this particular build does well for me so I will try to share my playstyle with you guys! I hope you enjoy and please do leave a comment on how I did explaining it.

Early game

Like most characters, I like to take a Blade, shield, and a tango for defensive farming. Along with this, you also have evasion so you really can get a good farm going so you can scale late game.

Your main focus should be farming and if you can poke a melee enemy coming in for an attack. If they are poking you too hard, try to get a gank, reposition yourself, and try to evaluate the situation before going in.

If you are getting poked TOO hard let your laning partner know and ask if it would be okay for you to jungle. Your high evasion makes this a bit ideal and your w can be used to help clear it a bit faster. It isn't recommended but if you want a lot of sweet gold with a low risk then go ahead and try it.

The item you want to rush is Vlad's offering. It may just be me because it is a personal favorite but it is pretty nice on her. Sustains mana, gives lifesteal, and % bonus damage.

If you are doing bad and need some quick damage to help you out in fights I recommend rushing phase boots. It is helpful for the mobility boost and the quick damage which is what an assassin needs. Otherwise, try and save up for a Eaglesong. It takes a lot of passive farming so you don't lose gold Via death but is very important.

Mid game

By now, you really need to have built Butterfly by now. If not, I would recommend not trying to go into a fight too hard but don't neglect helping teammates! With the massive evasion chance, people like Drow, Sniper, and Viper do very little against you. You can take most carries on alone easily at this point so they might begin looking for you. It is best to be the cleanup crew and let someone strong initiate for the time being.

If carries are still trying to kill you and succeeding due to teammates that are just annoying or if they build monkey king bar, you should begin building Heaven's Halberd. This gives higher evasion (Seems to stack with Butterfly) and will let you disarm them to prevent them from attacking you. Ideal against most carries.

Doing well and have a lot of gold? Let's get you some more! Begin building crystalys and evolve it into daedalus. This will insure that you will be doing massive crits for most of your attacks.

Late game

By now, you should be doing fairly well. Carries should no longer be that much of a problem due to all of these countermeasures you have taken. You will really want to pick out people with stuns so you do not get nuked in a few seconds. Don't try and solo a 9k hp pudge but you get the picture.

Not enough stuns on your team and enemies still escaping? Abyssal Blade is your answer! This will keep your enemy locked down and lets you demolish through their health. You should be doing MASSIVE criticals.

If you are having problems with hexes and can't focus them because they are hiding behind their team, buy a Black King Bar and use it only in teamfights. Even if you are focused you can't be stopped!

My recommendation? BE OFFENSIVE! You will often find that fighting rather than running will keep you alive.

Final Words

You will have to learn your limitations and if you try this right away it may be a bit hard for you to adapt to. With time you will learn how to use this build and demolish through enemy teams.

Work with your team and achieve victory!

That is all for this odd build. Again, let me know how I did and I look forward to seeing all of you on the battlefield! Have fun!

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