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Enigma - Roshan Slayer Guide

January 9, 2013 by Angry_Bavarian
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Roshan Slayer

DotA2 Hero: Enigma

Hero Skills


2 4 6 9

Demonic Summoning

1 3 5 7

Midnight Pulse

10 11 12 13

Black Hole

8 14


15 16 17 18


Hello and Welcome to my Guide for "Enigma - The Roshan Slayer".
Most people out there don´t even know how to play Enigma as an active piece of destruction before the 8 minute mark. It´s a little more tricky to play and requires some decent micro here and there but the result is extra Gold for your team and a nice to have - Aegis.
This Guide is for people who already know how to play enigma, this is just for the extra icing on your cake. For a well written Enigma Guide, read THIS

Have fun with my advises.

Pros / Cons

The Ice Cream

+ Fairly easy to jungle
+ Gives a second solo lane
+ Extra Gold for your Team
+ Funny Enemy Comments if you make it ;)
+ Level Advantage if you solo rosh.

But with the Ice Cream comes the bees


- If your jungle sucks, you will have a hard game
- If one of your lvl 1 Eidelons dies before splitting, you will have a hard game
- If you are getting ganked in the jungle, you will have a hard game
- If you do Pizza when you have to do Pommes, you won´t have fun at all
and finally
- If you get caught in the Roshan Pit, you are ****ed!
- And he is one of the squishy heroes early on, so be on your guard every second and watch the map for missing heroes!


Let´s do a quick rundown on the Items.
As you can see, you are not supposed to buy a chicken. You are a jungler, you need your money to buy regs to keep your mana up. Don´t bother to buy a soul ring, you won´t need it, if you are careful enough. I dont think it´s a bad item for Enigma, but it just delays your Medallion of courage.
First to buy is a Sanges Mask and 5 Clarities. I often manage to have one left as I leave the jungle, but better safe then sorry.
As soon as possible send yourself the items and recipe for Medallion of Courage and if needed Clarities. You will notice, that jungeling now is much, MUCH easier. With the Medallion, you will screw the camps like a boss and make a full run through all three neutralcamps within a minute.
If you are lvl 7, have your Medallion, 235 gold to spare and the timer is below the 8 minute mark, you can go back to the fountain.
Buy a TP Scroll and a Smoke of Decite and TP to the nearest tower to rosh.

Things you must have before going Rosh

+ You didn´t die while jungling
+ You are lvl 7
+ Timer is at 7-8 Min when you are back at your base
+ You have this items:

    Medallion of Courage
    TP Scroll
    Smoke of decite
Everything else is optional. Boots are nice to have at this point, but if you cant afford them, dont buy them before the listed items.
+ Check the lanes. Is anyone missing?

What we do is very risky, if your team has no wards at the rosh pit, you might get caught, which will result in a fail and maybe even a free rosh for the enemy. So don´t take this to easy.

Solo Roshing

Doing Roshan solo with Enigma is pretty much a commitment as soon as you buy Medallion of Courage.

Now comes the real tricky part. If you are on Radiant side TP to the Tier2 bot lane, walk to the upper right creep camp and pray to your god, that there are no mud golems. Alternative is the left hard side to convert your Eidelons, but they might take more damage than needed and if there are the Ursas, all your Minions will lose like 1/4 of their HP due to his Clap, this will hurt your solo Rosh a lot.

On the Dire Side, TP to the Tier2 Tower on the bottom lane. Wait for the next Creepspawn and convert one of them. I prever one melee creep, so the enemies might overlook, that one is missing.

If you have your Eidelons pop smoke and sneak into the rosh pit. You will be faster at rosh than your Eidelons, so wait for them to arrive. Use Medallion on Rosh and let the first Eidelon eat some of the damage. Make sure, you pull it back at half of his life, or a random Stun will kill him for sure. Don´t hesitate to tank one or two hits yourself, just dont miss your timing on the Medallion and convert. As your minions attack Roshan they HAVE to split. This is the essential part. If you **** this up, you will go back in shame, laughed out by your team and called a noob.
We just imagine that your Eidelons split, now you got an Extra second of them, which is just enough to convert one of your Eidelons to another 3 Eidelons. JUST ! DONT ! GET ! STUNNED !
If you made it this far, your Eidelons will split again with a little micro and beat roshan with ease.
NOTE: Make sure you use Medallion every time the CD is up.

Good Luck.


Here is a replay for your Enjoyment and how to Rosh Solo in an active matchmaking game.

Please note to use Medallion on the enemy heroes all the time. That hurts them a lot.

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