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Drow Ranger's "Tons of Damage" (Under Construction)

January 11, 2013 by Megasian
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S**T "Tons of Damage"

DotA2 Hero: Drow Ranger

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Drow Ranger's "Tons of Damage" (Under Construction)

January 11, 2013


Welcome to Perdix's Guide!
(I really wanted that name; however it was taken. Due to that I had to add an extra X)
This Guide is current in construction; however I was eager to share this build with my fellow players. Due to this sole purpose I will be adding on content to this guide on a regular basis. This is my first ever guide in any moba game.
I believe that this build will help you bring "TONS OF DAMAGE" to the battle field. (To my fellow league players I hope you get the reference. -COUGH- PHREAK -COUGH-)
Please leave feedback so that I can improve my guide.

Random part for intro about Drow Ranger. PLEASE, Ignore for now; however reading it will help you in game.
Drow Ranger is an AGI hero. Which means that her auto attack damage will increase with AGI items.


Frosted Arrow
Frosted Arrow is a single target slow. This skill can be toggled on and off if you wished or be used in clicks.

It does what it says. It's a small aoe (area of effect) silence that will silence any heroes in that area. This spell is quite useful; however during the late game it's not as great as you think it is. This will be explained in Lanning Phases / Team Fights.

Trueshot Aura
Trueshot Aura is a passive ability that gives extra damage to you and your fellow ranged teammates.

Markmenship is Drow Ranger's ultimate. Her ultimate is a passive that gives bonus agility. If there aren't any enemy heroes in your vicinity. It will improve her focus and double her agility.

Skill Set Reasoning

In other guides it seems that people mainly focus on 1 skill set; however I do not believe that theory.
There is reasoning to my madness. In other strategic multi-player games it's useful to have every single skill.

Level 1
I get TrueShot Aura first to my life at last hitting easier.
Not everyone may be on board with me on this decision.
This also gives you extra damage in your early game harass.

Level 2
At level 2 I get Frosted Arrow for getting kills.
Level 2 is when intense harassing and chasing starts.
At level 1 people don't start harassing unless they are ranged.

Level 3
I would greatly recommend silence at level 3.
Silence is such a great skill to have.
This skill is something that you can get anytime you want.

In-depth Item Overview

I got this build after playing Loveless' Guide to Traxex.
Loveless has a pretty great build that I would recommend.
If you don't agree with mine you should check out Lovessless' guide.

Build Order Reasoning

Main Build Items
This is your final build. I will not put the ingredients that make into these items

Power Threads
I personally would recommend power thread out of all the boots. I chose these boots because you can switch it's attribute. At times you will need different attributes to match the needs. STR gives you more health, while AGI gives you more damage, and INT gives you more mana. In different scenarios these different attributes will help.
Scenario 1 (STR)
Another hero is about to stun you while your teammates are rushing toward you. You switch the attribute ot STR hoping that the rxtra health will give you time to survive little longer for your team to catch up with you.
Scenario 2 (AGI)
You are smacking other heroes and your boots was on STR. You decided that you wanted to kill the other hero even faster. Then with a little click switch to AGI and you will Smack "TONS of DAMAGE" to their faces.
Scenario 3 (INT)
WYou are running out of mana and you are about to lose your target. OHHHH ONEZ! However don't worry just change the attribute to INT anf you will have bit more mana to spend.

Shadow Blade
I love this item. Shadow Blade is one of my favorite items for Drow. With this item you can be the sneakier than an hobbit for few seconds. You can be sneakier than Bilbo or Froddo Baggins! There are no shadows that will show your location. Which makes you cooler than the ring bearer. When you activate this item you become invisible. You cannot be targeted by the enemy.
Scenario 1
You are roaming in your jungle and you see the enemy hero. They have noticed your presence and started running toward you. This might be a problem for you; however never fear the Shadow Blade is here! You pop the Shadow Blade's active and daisy on out of the jungle and survive for the next team fight.
Scenario 2
Imagine yourself in a team fight. Drow Ranger is about to be targeted next by the other team. You seem to be in a quite a pickle, but NOPE! With the help of Shadow Blade you don't have to worry about a single thing at all.

Mask of Madness
Mask of Madness is an item that I think goes great in combination with Black King Bar. (Please read Item Combination) The Mask of Madness gives you 100+ attack damage and 25% increase in movement speed; however during the active you will take 30% extra damage.
This item is bit iffy for me due to it's 30% in taking extra damage. However in combination with Black King Bar I believe that this item is worth it's trouble.
I can't really think of one unless it's used with the Black King Bar. I think this combination is OP. Please read the combination!

Black King Bar
The Black King Bar give your invincibility for few seconds. I have said that the Shadow Blade is my favorite item on Drow; however this item is great on everyone.


Sange and Yasha

Other Viable Items

Item Active Combination
Black King Bar and Mask of Madness'
I DECLARE THIS TO BE THE GREATEST ITEM COMBINATION EVER! (I know that maybe wrong; however it's my guide if you don't think then go make your own!)

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