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Dread Dragon Solo Laning

December 31, 2013 by boblikesoup
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DotA2 Hero: Dragon Knight

Hero Skills

Breathe Fire

4 10 12 13

Dragon Tail

2 7 8 9

Dragon Blood

1 3 5 14

Elder Dragon Form

6 11 16


15 17 18

Early Game

This is a guide for my best hero and how I play him every time. I prefer to take him solo on the safe lane because he is a melee hero and gets ganked too easily on the suicide lane.
Dragon Knight is optimized for this play style because your team gets the experience benefit of three solo heroes and a carry/tank who won't get shut out of the early game.

DK's starting items insure survivability, via hp and regen, and last hitting potential, via STR stats and quelling blade. The focus here is to swoop in and out to last hit and deny. Do not bother harassing in a 2v1. Early boots and magic stick help with last hits while staying in lane. Dragon Tail enemies trying to gank you and run away; the creeps will mob them while stunned and actually deal quite a bit of damage. If you find yourself sitting on mana at level 4, spam a couple Dragon's Breaths, but try to stay near max mana.

BUILD ALTERNATIVES: Skip the magic wand if laning against only 1 enemy, or against enemies who rarely use abilities.

IF DUAL LANING: Don't be afraid to harass and take your Dragon Tail before Dragon Blood to get some early damage on an enemy hero. Even if the fight breaks even, it is a win for you because you will more easily regenerate the missing hp.

Level 6

Played appropriately YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE GOTTEN GANKED OR GONE BACK TO BASE. Call your jungler to arrive JUST as you reach level 6. They should be level 4. Pick the more threatening enemy, then stun and chase until they are dead. Many enemies get cocky because they controlled the lane and think they can win so choose to stand and fight. This miscalculation usually results in both enemies dying.

By the time they are 2v1 laning you again, you are likely level 7 and they are level 4 and 5. Spam Dragon Form and agro them hard with stuns and auto attacks. Dragon Breath isn't worth the mana cost unless you are ganking, especially while last hitting them as they flee. Call in your jungler for ganks and keep them below level 6 for as long as possible.

Keep the agro up as much as possible until both enemies have their ults at level 6. Then call in your jungler more often and continue to agro. Take down the tower as quickly as possible! Your Dragon Form with speed and ranged stun give you great range on ganks and allow you to put damage on their tower each time they pull creeps away from it.

At this point you are on par with or even are the strongest hero in the game, despite starting off 2v1 instead of 1v1.

Levels 8-10

These levels are very flexible and you can roam, gank, and/or farm based on however the game is going.

Level 11+ Tower Push and Team Fight

At this point you are the fastest hero in the game, at/near the highest level, and have AoE attacks, which means annihilating creep waves, ganking heroes, and pushing towers with your team. Charge your Urn as much as possible and use it aggressively to gank and defensively to heal yourself and allies during battles. When enemies run forward to use an ability, Urn and stun them at a range for an easy team kill/engage.

When Completing Mask of Madness

At this point you become God and you have the ability to chase/flee at will and quickly regenerate missing hp to ensure you are always engaged. You can often even take on 2 or even 3 enemies at a time, but try not to get carried away because enemy stuns will leave you vulnerable when mobbed.

BKB if the enemy has some nasty magic, though I tend to prefer to go for the Heart and Daedelus for massive damage + hp boosts that synergize with the Mask of Madness's life steal.

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