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Dragon Knight | The Simple Guide

July 19, 2012 by AngryTurtle
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Simple Dragon Knight

DotA2 Hero: Dragon Knight

Hero Skills

Dragon Blood (Innate)

Breathe Fire

4 8 9 10

Dragon Tail

1 12 13 14

Wyrm's Wrath

2 3 5 7

Elder Dragon Form

6 11 16


15 17 18

Dragon Knight | The Simple Guide

July 19, 2012

Dragon Knight in a nutshell

Dragon Knight is a beefy hero who has tons of health regen. Your job is to farm early game and take advantage of any opportunity to land a kill with his beastly stun. DK is very sturdy and later in the game is practically a ranged carry with a built in slow. Your job is usually to bring the pain and bring the stun as a disable. Getting the BKB is incredibly important because most of the time people will not attempt to focus you but rather just disable you (since you're beefy as **** at all stages of the game) so the bkb allows you to sit back and rain fireballs on everyones head.

TIP: Don't forget to use your helm of the dominator! An easy way to maximize the efficiency of this item and your farm is to dominate a creep and use it to stack the ancient camp.

Some people swear by the soul ring fire breath DK build however I will not be covering that for the simple guide.

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