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dragon knight tanky offflane/ mid

January 3, 2015 by buttery nipples
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tanky core mid or offlane dk

DotA2 Hero: Dragon Knight

Hero Skills

Dragon Blood (Innate)

Breathe Fire

3 4 5 7 12 13 14

Dragon Tail


Wyrm's Wrath

2 8 9 10

Elder Dragon Form

6 11 16


15 17 18

dragon knight tanky offflane/ mid

buttery nipples
January 3, 2015


Hello, this guide is for new players to learn a ez core hero. Dragon knight is very tanky and fun to play.


DK is very useful against major right clickers but easily counterable. Avoid magic damage and most nukers prior to your BKB coming online. Dragon knight is decent but not excellent mid, so still works but is a good offlaner. Dragon knight IS NOT a hard carry so do not act like it.

items & abilities

This item build is based on survivability and tankiness. Some items are nice for diff. Opponents like halberd, great for right clickers, same as blademail. Dragons blood is good for armor but fire breath is so good for team fighting and clearing creeps. Dragons tail is great at lvl one so max it last.

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