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Dragon Knight - Pure damage build

May 31, 2012 by baws
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Pure damage build

DotA2 Hero: Dragon Knight

Hero Skills

Breathe Fire

3 4 5 7

Dragon Tail

1 8 13 14

Dragon Blood

2 9 10 12

Elder Dragon Form

6 11 16


15 17 18

Dragon Knight - Pure damage build

May 31, 2012

Play style

Early game:

The dk is very vulnerable early game, so I dont play very aggressive at first. It is very important to last hit as much as possible. If you are getting harassed, stay back in the lane a bit and go in for the last hit whenever possible, and of course make use of the 6 tangos you bought in the beginning.

Mid game:

With the dk its all about farming. And besides, he doesnt really start to shine until around lvl 16. Alternate between farming the lanes and jungling. With his lvl 11 ult, farming big groups of creeps becomes a cakewalk. I usually focus primarily on farming until I finish my daedalus.

Late game:

By now you should be atleast level 16. Shift your play from primarily farming, to pushing/ganking with your team. With the movement speed/slow/splash from your ult as well as sange and yasha movespeed, daedalus for crits, and desolator for armor reduction, you become quite the killing machine. Lets not forget about your fairly massive hp and armor. This is when the dk really shines.

During team fights use dragon tail as much as possible. It is very useful and has a pretty short cooldown. The good thing about this damage build is he can stand there taking high amounts of damage while focusing people down 1 at a time.


This guide is my first ever guide and I figured id do it on the dk because I have been playing him alot lately on dota2 and havent lost a single game yet using this skill/item build. Some people might be wondering why I left out the BKB, and as far as that goes in my opinion it is not necessary due to the already extremely high survivability of the dk. This is the same reason I chose to leave out lifesteal. Basically those both give you more survivability, but my build focuses primarily on damage output. The dk already has great survivability so I dont bother with either BKB or lifesteal.

In short-if you farm your *** off early/mid game, you will be close to unstoppable late game due to huge damage output coupled with massive hp/armor/movespeed.

Here is a replay I have uploaded if anyone wants to watch this build in action.

Let me know what you think. This is my first ever guide so all criticism is welcome.

Item build

I always start off with a magic stick, 2 iron branches, and 2 sets of tangos. Then when you get enough gold buy a quelling blade from the side shop as soon as possible. It is very important to last hit with the dk. His attack is pretty easy to time and quelling blade makes it much easier.

After you grab a quelling blade, either upgrade your magic stick to a magic wand or grab boots of speed. I usually get the magic wand first but they are interchangeable. After that your gonna buy gloves of haste and belt of strength to upgrade your boots to treads. Now its time to start on sange and yasha.

I always make the sange first because of the hp/dmg bonus from the strength. But if you prefer the speed then it probably wouldnt really matter if you made yasha first. Once you have sange and yasha start working on daedalus. Make the crystalys first then grab the demon edge followed by the recipe.

By now your inventory should consist of treads, sange and yasha, daedalus, magic wand, quelling blade, and maybe some tangos if you didnt use them all up laning early game. This is where the dk starts doing some serious damage. Now all you need is a desolator. Once you get your desolator you will be close to unstoppable.

Most of my games so far have either ended before I finish desolator, or very shortly after I finish it. If the game hasnt ended yet, grab and assault curi***. If the game is still going on then grab either butterfly or heart of tarrasque depending on how the game is going. I usually end up getting butterfly over heart, because then I can replace my treads with boots of travel for even more movespeed while still having sufficient attack speed.

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