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Dragon Knight Hot Saaaauce

December 15, 2012 by krislano
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Lanoway's World Famous Hot Saaauce

DotA2 Hero: Dragon Knight

Purchase Order


Quelling Blade

Next - Makes Power Treads

Belt of Strength
Boots of Speed
Gloves of Haste

Vlad's Offering (needs recipe)

Ring of Basilius
Morbid Mask
Ring of Regen

Makes Helm of the Dominator

Morbid Mask
Helm of Iron Will

Makes the shadow Blade

Shadow Amulet

Hero Skills

Breathe Fire

1 3 5 7

Dragon Tail

10 12 13 14

Dragon Blood

2 4 6 9

Elder Dragon Form

8 11 15 16


17 18

Dragon Knight Hot Saaaauce

December 15, 2012


Dragon Knight is a huge wuss early on, pamper the loser. Play it safe, hang back, last hit as much as you can. Save your money and don't put yourself out there. You'll get hammered.

He shines around lvl 10ish. Then the madness begins...

Dragon Knight is and can be one of the most fun Heroes to play...


Starting out, buy the guy 2 tangos, and one quelling blade (for help with those last hits)


Sign the man up for breath fire first. This helps with a poke at the other heroes, keeps them at bay. Then you go between breathe fire and your dragon blood. Then get dragon tail and your ultimate.

Dragon tail pwns when you are in your dragon form. Scares little girls...


At first he's slow, but when you build his damage, life steal, and attack speed - it gets crazy. It may be a slow boat to China, but when he's ready to unleash dragon form, the recipe is simple. Dragon form, stun, breathe fire, and murder them....

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