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DPS Treant Protector

January 25, 2013 by MrDrWho
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DPS Treant

DotA2 Hero: Treant Protector

Hero Skills

Nature's Grasp

Leech Seed

4 15 18

Living Armor

1 8 16


6 11


2 3 5 7 9 10 12 14 17

DPS Treant Protector

January 25, 2013


This is a build that most if not all people playing with you will never see coming. This build will help you be half way beefy and all the way damage. If you want to be more beefy then get a heart or something like that.

I love this build for the reason that you can murder the living **** out of everything and your a freakin' tree!


The items are all odd. The only item that most people could expect is radiance the rest are weird to say the least.

Let us look at your first item, Belt of Strength. I get this because in the beginning of a game you have almost no health so to get you up there you get a belt. No tangos? yup, living armor will keep you in the fight most of the time. Plus its just wrong for a tree to eat another tree.

Power treads not arcane boots. I don't play him as a support so so long as I can put living armor on me or someone else I don't care. Attack speed, movement speed, and strength that's what I want.

Hand of Midas? Really? Yes, sir. Attack speed more XP and more money. It's hard to farm in the beginning of the game. You are slow and its hard to get those last hits off.

Now, for Blink Dagger. People are going to expect you to initiate the fights with your ult so if you really need this to start a fight then get it. I don't most of the time. People just forget about you most of the time and let you walk up to them. It's weird. Anyway if you have someone who can start the fight that isn't you don't buy this.

Sacred Relic. I usually get this before Hyperstone, but at this point its personal preference. It gives you more damage so you can get Radiance or Abyssal blade.

Radiance. Radiance is nice for the burn and needs to be rushed. It's a really good item because you can just stand there being stunned or something and you are still hurting them. Better version of Pudges rot. Anyway It's just that important that is needs to be your 3rd item.

Hyperstone. By the time you get this item you will be swinging for about 150 damage or so. Getting this would help you finish those kills or to just punch the **** out of something. Just buy it.

Mjollnir. Why don't people ever get this item? All people care about is how much damage they can do not how fast they can swing. Lame if you ask me. Anyway at this point you are doing stupid amounts of damage and now to top it all off swing them arms super fast and punch the **** out of anyone. And a tree rapped in lightning?! Nothing else needs to be said.


This is the easy part. Your first point goes into your living armor. Put a few in stats then get your Leech seed and then your 6. After that I would put stats in till you hit 11 then your ult stats in till 16. After it won't let you put points into your stats put them in everything but your Q. I'll explain that in a few.

Your E is really cool. It is global so you can use it on anyone or any tower (yes tower) on the map that is on your team. This is so cool in a lot of ways. It heals you an okay amount and it blocks some incoming damage. 20 damage level 1 and 80 at 4. This helps when there is a fight bottom and you are top. You need the farm so you chill top, but keeping an eye on the fight bottom. You see a team member who is hurting bad. You cast it and they get away. Or put it on them before a fight so they can block some of the damage. Its all up to you. But for the most part you will use it on you to keep yourself in your lane. This is your tangos and tangos for towers always keep that in mind. Last point about it is if you need more healing to stay in your lane don't put all your point into the stats put it into the heal. And one more thing save your team mates and if they are the carry you make sure they get their farm and stay in their lane. You are a Protector so do some protecting.

The Q is not good. The is a delay of about 1 second where the enemy can see you after you cast it. This will get you killed. You think you are safe but wait they can still see you and kill you. No thanks. I don't get this because it get me killed more than anything. If you want it to start team fights then okay get it but I know of better ways.

Your W is good to have, it slows them that's about it. Does a very very small amount of damage too but not worth writing home about. Get it for the chase. So when they are running and you have three people following him just slow him so they can catch up to you.

The R is amazing They cannot move for 3 seconds at level 1 and 4.5 at level 4. Not bad but its amazing for when you have their whole team in it and you focus their most deadly player and now that guys is out of the fight. It's good for stuff like that. Or if two or three of them are running away pop your ult and kill them. Works for saving people in too.

Pros / Cons


In the end of the game you have health, damage, and attack speed. You are a badass tree.

Super fun to play a new way and a way people won't expect.


Hard to get your feet off the ground (not as bad as some characters, but once you have hand your fine).

Not always needed

Sometimes the team needs you to build support/tank so do it.

Team Work

One of the last things I want to point out is that when playing this build that doesn't mean you drop all respectability for keeping your towers up and your team mates in battle. You need to keep people up and alive even if that means you die.


This is it the last of what I have to say. Treant Protector is a good tank/dps. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. He is super fun and can do more than people think he can it just takes some thinking outside the box. I look forward to reading what you guys have to say about my build. I hope that you all try this at least once and remember it is a game so relax and have fun. Thank you.

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