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Death to the Living (Undying Guide)

July 13, 2012 by knightsljx
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Undying

Hero Skills


1 9 10 13

Soul Rip

2 3 12 14


4 5 7 8

Flesh Golem

6 11 16


15 17 18

Death to the Living (Undying Guide)

July 13, 2012

General Strategy

Undying's main role is to provide his Plague Aura for team fights and debuff enemy heroes. Hence this build is geared towards the following ideas

1) Maximise survivability
2) Provide maximum buff and debuffs for the team.

Decay should be spammed in team fights as it not only makes you stronger but also makes the enemy easier to kill by your team. Simply by spamming this while in Golem mode will cause enemy HP drop like crazy.

Soul Rip should be used to heal yourself. Use it to kill or heal others only if you are not in danger or if you are just cleaning up. The damage output you give to the team while alive far outweighs the kill.

Tombstone should be cast somewhere relatively safe but still within range. That way the longer the enemy team stays in the area, the more likely they will proc Deathlust and die to the zombies.

Flesh Golem. Your bread and butter. Just activate in team fights and wade in. Keep near to the enemy your team is focusing on and move around while spamming Decay. This will confuse the enemy team.
Make sure the enemy team see you transform to scare the **** out of them.

The best part of Undying is that it puts the enemy team in a Catch 22 situation. Do they try to kill one of the tankiest hero in the game to remove the plague aura from play? Or leave you alive and go for the DPS. Either way, your team wins regardless of whether they focus on you or not!

Lastly, never walk alone. Undying can survive ganks alone but his true potential shines when he is with a teammate

Skill Build

Decay -> Soul Rip -> Soul Rip is killer at level 3. If you lane with a disabler, you are set to kill over and over and over again.

After that, max Tombstone while getting Ulti and lvl 6. Tombstone is like having extra heroes on the field in a team fight. Never leave home without it. Deathlust FTW.

Item Build

The starting items will give you good survivability. Go immediately to Basilius to up your mana regen. Turn it off so you don't push the creep wave out. Turn on when you are pushing.

After the boots, go straight for Bloodstone in the order above. The fast perseverance will keep you alive and once you get Bloodstone, you are pretty much set.

Bloodstone is an absolute must for Undying as it fill ups his gaps perfectly. Undying has 2 skills that are very spammable and to make full use of his ulti, he pretty much as to be in the thick of the action. Bloodstone give Undying the HP/mana pool and regens that he needs to maximise his potential. The lovely thing about Bloodstone is that it's a high level item that can be built in parts cheaply. Compared to Heart where you need to store up 3200 gold for the Reaver.

After this, you can go get the items below according to the situation.

Vlads: Upgrade your Basilius to a Vlads if your team is not doing so hot. It will give you and your team lifesteal. If your team is going strong, go AC or Shiva first.

Assault Cuirass: My favourite item to get after Bloodstone is my team is doing ok. Gives Assault Aura to your team and debuffs the enemy by 5 armor. You have made any hero on your team a DPS just by standing next to him/her. In a team fight? Holy ****.
Skip AC if you are not getting farmed after the Bloodstone and get the items below

Pipe of Insight: Great item to have if your team is up against casters like Zeus, Luna, Prophet with huge nuke/area/global magic damage.

Blade Mail: Too many DPS on opponent team or getting focused all the time. Almost instakill on Huskar. Sadly does not work on Omnislash.

BKB: Swap out from Blade Mail if getting focused by enemy casters rather than DPS

Boots of Travel, Shiva's, Skadi and Sceptor are just nice to have if the game is somehow dragging on.

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