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Community Guide To Tiny

October 6, 2012 by pholex
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Community Guide To Tiny

DotA2 Hero: Tiny

Hero Skills


1 3 5 8


2 4 6 7

Tree Grab

10 12 13 14

Tree Throw

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15 17 18

Community Guide To Tiny

October 6, 2012


He likes longs walks on the beach ow wait this is not a dating site. Tiny is a known drummer throughout the world of Azeroth, yet not for his amazing drum solo's. He's known for his lust for whacking at everything he sees while using a tree to make "his" music. He loves to make nice serenades at the enemy encampments. His Stone Skin prevents his groupies to oppose his way or he'll just grab and uses them for his Music. His greatest dream in life is to have a drum solo with the World Tree as his drumstick.

Pros / Cons

[+] Excellent burst damage. Can easily show those stupid ballads fan that rock is way more awesome.
[+] Good STR and STR gain.
[+] Excellent anti-carry, especially melee's. Build in anti permanent-bash, to keep the groupies away.
[+] Good animation and base damage for last-hitting.
[+] Not much item dependant.
[+] Can clear creep waves fast.
[+] Good pushing ability, excellent with aghanim's.
[+] Best casting animation/backswing in game: 0.001/0, which is instant.
[+] Makes awesome music, with his tree

[-] Worst agility in game, and consequently, worst attack speed.
[-] Ultimate makes his weak-*** attack speed even slower.
[-] 0.3 base armor, making him very weak to harassment.
[-] Bad base movementspeed, which is offset by ultimate.
[-] Really bad manapool for a caster hero. He's in need of some good muse to inspire him to make lots of music, though some mana does help.
[-] BKB shuts him down completely.
[-] Nearly useless alone without dagger.
[-] Without proper items, can't scale into lategame.
[-] No talent for singing not even a gazillion singing lessons can help him from that.



Basic AoE disable, Avalanche is a very strong skill. It has a weird scalling - 100/180/260/300 damage, making it not worth skilling past 3 until Toss is maxed and Grow! is leveled. Costs 120 mana and has a 17 second cooldown at all levels.
The skill's animation can fool some people. When using the skill, keep in mind it will stun with a little delay from when it was cast(usually 0.75 second, but it can vary) and that, although the animation is misleading, it will only stun on the area you targeted. This means it is possible that someone walks straight in the rocks direction but take no stun/damage, because they weren't on the targeted area.
Also note that even though the game shows the area to be 200, you can stun people under a radius of 275 around the target point, so the area is slightly wider than it looks like. This is useful when multi-targeting or chasing.
All-in-all, you will use this skill for initiating and saving mostly. Remember it is AoE, so taking as much heroes as possible with it is useful.

A small note about it, when you Toss an unit when he is taking damage from Avalanche, Avalanche's damage will be doubled, which means it will deal 200/360/520/600 damage, plus Toss(and Grow!) damage, and that is what makes tiny a really deadly combo-*****.

For Short: Whack the groupies with your rocks using this, but be sure to whack them twice by throwing them up and down.
Toss is probably one of the funniest skills in game, apart from Techies' mines. It has many uses: Free-blink dagger for allies, throwing people into mines, throwing people into cliffs, throwing people into your whole team, and most importantly: extremely high burst damage.

It is leveled after Avalanche, but maxed first. Deals 75/150/225/300 damage and has a 120 mana cost and 10 second cooldown at all levels. Also, units that are tossed take some damage: 20% for allies or when you haven't leveled Grow!, 35%/50%/65%/80% for enemy units, depending on level of Grow!. See the table below for an accurate damage for each level of the skill and ultimate.

Units can be thrown at up to 700/900/1100/1300 range, which is really, really long. Also, units that are magic immune can be thrown, as long as you target a non-magic immune unit. They won't take damage, however.
To have an idea, this is how long you can throw an unit:

Remember to combo it with Avalanche, so you double your avalanche damage. Also, since it has a cooldown lower than Avalanche, don't be afraid of using it when Avalanche is on cooldown.

Small note about Toss, if you toss a unit nearby a tower, the tower will take a third of the AoE damage(25/50/75/100), so you can use it for pushing.

Damage Table Non-tossed No Grow! Grow! Lvl 1 Grow! Lvl 2 Grow! Lvl 3 Grow! Lvl 4(Aghanim's)
Level 1 75 90 101 112 124 135
Level 2 150 180 203 225 248 270
Level 3 225 270 304 338 371 405
Level 4 300 360 405 450 495 555
*Non-tossed means AoE damage the skill does when the target lands, 1/3 of value for towers.
*Values are for the total damage an unit will take when landing.
*Allies take only 15/30/45/60 damage regardless of Grow! level.

For Short: Throw people in the air and that will make great sounds. Throw rocks into them while in the air, and the sounds will sound two times better. The bigger you are, the better the sound!
Craggy Exterior
Anti-carry, defensive skill. It offsets your extremly weak armor, and also adds a (not mini) stun for those who try to kill you at low range.
Some people prefer to level stats over it, or to at least delay it until a bit later in the game. It really depends on the opponent's lineup. If they have at least one hero who needs to attack at melee range, don't hesitate to level it up, as it will work really well as a counter.

For Short: If a guy is mad at you and tries to attack you close enough, he just ends up hitting himself.
Grow! is a really fun skill, and also a really hated skill by bad players. Besides making you big, it increases your base damage by a lot, but also greatly reduces your attack speed - which is already very poor due to your lack of agility. That makes your attacks more like nukes rather than attacks, which increases to your burst damage ability.
Other effects include increasing your MS by 10 per level and the extra damage to tosed units by 15% per level.
Grow! recently received an aghanim's upgrade. When you have aghanim's, you can now pick a tree so you can have a 50% cleaving damage or deal 3x damage to towers for three attacks, which transforms Tiny into an excellent pusher. Remember that you can clear creep waves with avalanche and toss, so hold the attacks for the tower. Warclub has a 30 second cooldown.
Aghanim's also increases the damage dealt to tossed units by another 15%, which means toss can deal up to 555 magical damage to a tossed enemy, a total of 1155 magical damage in a single combo to a unit, plus your normal base damage, which is usually enough to insta-gib most heroes in the game, or at least leave them on very deep low health.

For Short: You grow, and you don't need a girl. The bigger you are, the better sounds you make when throwing people, so this adds to your sound. Remember that you will drum stronger but slower.


Tiny has an awesome music build, where you level your rocks ability until level 3. People don't really like the level 4 rocking since there isn't much difference from level 3, so you throw people farther instead of rocking more. In other words, you skill Avalanche until level 3, and then max Toss, to just after max Avalanche. Remember that there is no point in throwing people up if you can't beat them on something to make rhythm, so you still take Avalanche before Toss.

After you got your sound right, you can grow to beat harder. Even if your hands are slower, your music becomes that much more effective. Not only that, but the higher you are, the longer your steps are and the faster you walk. And as a finale, the bigger you are, the higher people go when you throw them. Some ******s complain about slow music, but these guys know **** about music: after you have set your rocking/tossing ability, go for the slower and stronger rhythm.

After becoming bigger, people will try to bash yo in yo head, and due to all your rocking, you are fragile. Craggy Exterior make people try to bash you, but they end up bashing themselves, which is incredibly fun. Never skip this, as it will keep the groupies away


Tiny has awesome rhythms, and is very fun to play with. Use him to beat and bash people on their head, and watch they kill themselves when you wear a Spiked Jacket aka. Blademail. Be sure to make them listen to your music, and have fun playing!

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