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Clinkz 7.06 ( Jungle )

August 17, 2017 by muhdiar999
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Super Pusher ( Recommended)

DotA2 Hero: Clinkz

Hero Skills


4 8 11 12

Searing Arrows

1 3 5 7

Skeleton Walk

2 9 13 14

Death Pact

6 16


10 15

Hero Talents

Searing Arrows Multishot
+50/5% Death Pact Health/Damage
Kills Reset Death Pact Cooldown
+125 Attack Range
+25 Searing Arrows​ Damage
-10s Skeleton Walk Cooldown
+1.75 Mana Regen
Skeleton Walk Exit Summons 1 Burning Army Skeleton

Clinkz 7.06 ( Jungle )

August 17, 2017


Clinkz...One of the most dangerous hero in Dota 2... with his powerfull skill,he easily can scout and gank his enemy... Also can escape from them when the situation became bad.. No one can deny his advantage in backdooring enemy's tower alone.


Easy to last hit
Easy to escape
Super pusher
Kills is yours


So paper...your HP too low
Need a lot of Mana..Mana..And Mana (Early)
True sight will destroy you

Do not pick Clinkz if...

1.1. Enemy team pick invisible heroes ( you know... it is stupid when you are fighting
with them who canbe invisible too)
1.2. Enemy team pick tanker ( Dragon Knight, Chaos Knight, Centaur, ETC )
2. Enemy team pick warder or any hero which can counter your invisible ( Zeus,
Maiden, Slardar, Bounty Hunter, ETC )
3. Your team has a lot of carry
4. You dont know the exactly time to push enemy's tower
5. You dont like farming

Pick Clinkz if...

1. You love ganking
2. Your enemy pick paper hero ( Sniper, Shadow Shaman, ETC )
3. You are perfect in last hitting
4. You want to fast end
5. Your team has a good support


Get This: Give you a lot of attack speed. Use this when you want to gank your enemy or push tower. Also usefull in your farming process ( Ancient camp ). Choose your strafe talent, more attack speed = more damage
Get This: Give you more damage. This item is not attack modifiers, so...dont turn this skill's auto cast if you got your desolator. Choose Searing Arrows talent... more damage = win... Use this skill wisely
Get This: This skill will always be your friend, allow you to escape, scout, gank and also give you movement speed when use this skill. You can use this skill when channeling in progress.
Get This: Use this skill after use soul ring. This skill give you HP and damage based on your target's HP and damage percents. Use this skill to the biggest creep in jungle camp ( Red Bear, Purple hah dont know his name lol, and that blue centaur) This skill usefull when you are in farming progress, ganking, and also pushing. Never let this skill's cooldown stop.


Get This: Buy this if you wanna go to the jungle. Cheapest armor reducer. Buy this if you wanna farm as fast as possible.
Get This: This item also for jungler. Get this item to cut the trees at the high ground jungle. This item also deal 7 bonus damage to non-hero unit
Get This: Give you additional Mana to spam your Searing Arrows.
Get This: Give you Mana regen for spamming your Searing Arrows, few stats for your Mana and HP capacity, also give you damage and armor.
Get This: This item give you instant mana. Use this when you wanna use Death Pact and Strafe. Also give you Mana and HP regen.
Get This: Power Treads. Movement speed, Attack speed, Damage/ Mana/ HP... This item will help you farming your item easily
Get This: With this item, you dont need to turn off your Searring Arrows auto cast... This item give you anything you need... Mana regen, Attack speed, Damage...and Silences your enemy.
Get This: Upgrade your Blight Stone to this powerfull weapon.. Your Minus armor and a lot of Damage will help you pushing enemy towers
Get This: Never let your eemy escape from you!! This item will Stun your enemy and cancel their teleportation. This item also give you true strike, thats mean Phantom Assassin is not your challenger anymore. Also give you bonus damage and lot of damage.
Get This: With this item, Your backdooring process will be easily.. give you too many Attack speed... Actually...toooooooooooo many when you activated Strafe.
Get This: Never skip this item if you really need more damage. Give you Critical strike. Also give you more damage.
Get This: This item's slow are not too important. But its stats and.. Giving you more survivality in late game.
Get This: When your jungling process become bad, buy this item for your survivality.
Get This: Get this item if you have trouble with enemy team's nuker ( Invoker, Crsytal Maiden, Lion, ETC )
Get This: this item will help you escape if your enemy ganking you. Also usefull when you want to defending your tower or help your teammates.
Get This: Your level too low? Buy this item for your level


For Your talents... hmmm... I dont know want to say what..

At level 10

You need to choose one...Magic resistance or Intelligence... Depending on whos your enemy. If there are 2 or more Nuker, Better choose Magic resistance... and if your enemy's nuker just or they dont pick nuker... go choose Intelligence

At level 15

For sure, Choose your Searing Arrows talent, give you more damage, 30 damage every attack... with your strafe, you may use 3 searing arrows per second... with max level of strafe, u will deal 30 hits to your target... 30 hits x 80 damage = 2400 damage....only for your searing arrows..not include your normal attack... better than 15 strength

At level 20

Also depending on your enemies.. if there are super hitter like Phantom Assassin, Templar Assassin, or someone else with deadly hits, choose Evasion..if your enemy just nuker heroes... then go for 10 stats.

At level 25

Yeahhh...75 attack speed for strafe.... Thats mean that your strafe will give you 200 attack speed... hmmm 200 attack speed... its better than attack range right? depending on your situation.. if your team want to fast end the game, then choose attacks speed.. but, if you are defending your base, better choose attack range to make sure you can hit your enemy from the fountain hahahaha..jk.. so... its situational too


So... Talking about Clinkz...IN JUNGLE.. im not stupid yet..but.. for me... its better go to the jungle than feed your team ( your HP so low...really paper ). But, if you are confident in your lane.. its okay.

Now...patch 7.++ , ranged hero also can jungle, with your big output damage, yo can jungle easily too, but... dont worry when your level is lower than yout teammates or enemies level, you can recover it by buying Tome of Knowledge or farm at the ancient camp.

so.. how to jungle with Clinkz? Its lucky because Clinkz already can shoot far from the enemies, you just need to cut your high ground trees( or the trees that will make your vision limited ) with quelling blade , then attack the creep from the high ground.. just make sure that you are not attacked by the jungle creeps. Turn on your Searing Arrows auto cast, when you start hitting, use your clarity, this will make sure your Mana always ready to escape from roamer.

Never use your Strafe to farm unless you got minimun your soul ring.

You can See how this hero jungle in this video, but.. dont buy that tango, buy QUELLING BLADE


Ganking... For me...You should ganking when your orchid finished.

Death Pact......Skeleton Walk.....Activate Searing Arrows Auto cast.....Orchid.....Strafe

This a few tricks that I always use when ganking..

1. When you teleporting, use your skeleton walk to make sure that you are not in their
2. Wait for your Skeleton Walk cooldown finished. This can help you escape from them if
the situation became bad without waiting for your Skeleton Walk's get ready.
3. Gank paper enemies first. You are paper dont fight with tanker in early
game, its stupid.. you can fight them only if you got your Monkey King Bar
4. Dont ever fight with the invisible hero... except you bring dust or gem or they are
feeding already... its stupid when you gank him...the he became invisible...then
you became invisible too.. and next? walking back like stupid...


You can start pushing the towers when you got your orchid... this will make sure that your Mana never dry.. When your tower pushed and your teammates dead.. go push their tower back.. maybe their tower will destroyed first..


This is your main ability... Backdooring means that you attack enemy tower without your creep nearby.. actually, the tower will heal itself and any attack that dealed to the tower will never hurt that tower


your strafe and searing arrows and desolator and MKB/Demon Edge will destroy that tower easily... you can attack tower alone...just make sure there are no enemy heroes nearby or you will die there... make sure your skeleton wal ready because they can instantly teleport to their tower...

Friends And Enemies


Anyone who can help you give you Mana ( Crystal Maiden, KOTL ), HP( Omniknight, Treant Protector), BKB ( Omni's Repel) and disable ( ROOT, STUN, SLOW also)


Zeus, and all nuker.... Disabler like Crystal Maiden, Shadow Shaman And Dragon Knight...Tanker ( Dragon Knight, Chaos Knight, Tiny, Centaur, Huskar )..INVISBLE HEROES ( Bounty Hunter, Weaver, Riki, Nyx )

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