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Chen Jungle of d00m!

September 5, 2012 by Razputin
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Chen

Hero Skills


10 12 13 14

Holy Persuasion

2 3 5 7

Divine Favor

1 4 8 9

Hand of God

6 11 16


15 17 18

Chen Jungle of d00m!

September 5, 2012


Why max out test of faith??
When you're ganking early game you wont be needing more then one creep.
Idiots who wants to show off with their "Promicroskillzofdoomanddestruction"
As I saying. Test of faith is going to kill everything aslong as the random factor is on your side. Get a stun, slow or root from the jungle and gank away.


Ok listen here, Chen in the jungle is ridiculous. It ain't as fast as Lycan but it doesn't eat much on your mana and you get abilitys. Due to this you can either get what i listed or:
Wards, 1 Tango, 1 Clarity potion, 2 Branches and a Courier. Chen can jungle with this without any problems. Only problem outside the jungle is that without those extra clarity potions you can't gank as much so don't go courier, go stats and mana so you can GANK!!

Early game!
Ok so you want boots, a ring and a nice hat because Chen's hat isn't ugly enough.
The ring and your new hat gives you and your creeps armor, mana and health. (Great stats for ganking)
If by any chance some douche is like "Hey Chen, I wanna be cool like you so I'm getting Mech"
then just get a Urn of shadows and ignore him for the rest of the game.

Core Items!
Mekansm and Chen are like brothers. Nuff said.
If cashflow: Force staff or Drums are great for surviving!

Luxery/late game!!
Aghanim's scepter, get it. Your ult gets like 30 sec cooldown and that's simply awesome.
If you get tierd of only microing 3 creeps, get Necro and micro 5 creeps.
Pipe or Shiva's are great for surviving the rough, cold reality that is late game for support heroes.
Vladimirs is ok if no one else is getting it

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