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Chaos Knight, The God of Chaos. How to Play with him? ( Update 1)

March 4, 2013 by KaliZa
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Carry, Starter, Destroyer of Towers (Pusher)

DotA2 Hero: Chaos Knight

Hero Skills

Chaos Bolt

2 3 5 7

Reality Rift

4 15 17

Chaos Strike

8 10 12 14


6 11 16


1 9 13 18


Chaos Knight is a melee strength Hero famous for his unorthodox disables and is most commonly played as a semi-carry and ganker. His core abilities all have effects that are based on randomness: Reality Rift, for example, pulls Chaos Knight and his target to a randomly chosen point along the line between the two at the time of casting. The random factor of these abilities mean that they can be extremely powerful if the random number generator is in your favor. This is especially true for Chaos Bolt, which at max rank has a chance to be a 4 second targeted stun, which in turn is almost a guaranteed kill early in the game (4 seconds is equivalent to Black Hole). This ability makes Chaos Knight into a very strong roamer in the early-mid game. At the same time, Chaos Knight's Chaos Strike and Phantasm abilities both scale well with items, giving the Chaos Knight presence even in the late stages of the game. He is recommended for new and intermediate players.

Starting with Style. (0-8 minutes of gameplay)

Chaos Knight, The God of Chaos, is one of the strogest strength heros and 2nd who has the highest base speed in dota 2 (325 Base Speed).
Now, lets focus on his build. You start with 549 hp, and a atack of 49-76 + 2.9 by lvl. After knowing that, you know he has a great potential for last hiting. So, with 603 gold you should buy: 3 Branches (159 gold), 1 Tango (93 gold), 1 Circlet of Nobility (185 gold) and 1 Gauntlets of Strength (150 gold).

The God of Chaos needs gold! Buy a Midas and try to survive and farm a lot! (8-15)

As the Tittle of this chapter you MUST farm a lot and survive if possible, talk to your team and get the first blood.
At this stage of the game you should have: Magic Wand (509 gold), Boots of Speed ( 450 gold ), a Bracer (503 gold) and the of Hand of Midas (1900 gold) = 2968 Gold ( you can get it, i know! )
After that,use the Midas to get more EXP, gold, and 30% more atack speed. Finish your Drum of Endurance( 1725 gold) and then focus on Shadow Armlet ( 2600 gold ) to get more damage for you and your illusions.
PS: If you want more survivability buy a Vanguard (2225 gold).

So much Speed and damage! How do I kill? .-. (15-25)

Guys, at this stage you should have all the itens below (I hope):
Phase Boots, Magic Wand, Shadow Armlet, Drum Of Endurance, Hand of Midas and Ultimate Orb (2100 gold).
If you dont have this itens you fed the other team.
PS: Avoid being ganked. Always walk with TP Scroll to swap lanes if you feel you are going to be ganked.

Omfg! Which is the real Chaos Knight?? (25-35)

HAHA now you have all the essencials itens!!
At this stage, you must buy a
Manta Style (2050 yasha; 2100 ultimate orb; 900 recipe; TOTAL:5050 ) to get more speed and to combo with you ultimate and a Reaver to get more survivability and damage.
With ALL this itens you destroy a tower in 20 seconds solo, and with some mates 8 seconds.
Never forget, guys, if in your team dont have a starter like tidehunter or sand king you must start.
After picking up the
Manta, buy a Heart Of Tarrasque (5500 gold), start first with the Reaver (3200 gold).

Destroy everyting that fucking moves! And towers too! (35-45)

Now, you must destroy the enemy towers to get more money and finish your HOT!
After, that you are real tanker, and have a nice damage and a nice speed to escape from ganks and stuffs.

GG! Easy game :D (45-∞)

I dont know if your game was easy, but I hope so hahaha.
Now, in this stage you should have won the game, but if not buy this:

- ***ALT CUIRASS ( if the opposite team have DPS heros like Magina, Skeleton King, Drow Ranger, Sniper, or your natural disadvantage, Sven ).
-BKB ; Black King Bar ( if the opposite team have boring heros like Necro'lic, Lion, Shadow Shaman, Queen of Pain and a overpower Tinker ).
-Heaven's Halberd (if you want to stop a DPS hero like Magina, Skeleton King, Drow Ranger, Sniper).
-Diffusal Blade (if you want to stop a runner like WindRunner, Bounty Hunter, Clinkz).
-Satanic (if you are the only carry, or if you want more survivability and damage).
That's all, guys! Thank you for reading my Guide! Dont forget to share it to your friends who like to play with Chaos Knight.

My name is KaliZa and I love you all.

Chaos Bolt - Skill 1

Throws a mysterious bolt of energy at the target unit. It stuns for a random duration and deals random damage.
RANGE: 500
STUN DURATION: 1-2 (LVL 1) | 1-3( LVL 2 ) | 1-4 ( LVL 3 ) | 2-4 ( LVL 4 )
DAMAGE: 1-200 ( LVL 1 ) | 50-225 ( LVL 2 ) | 75-250 ( LVL 3 ) | 100-275 ( LVL 4 )

Reality Rift - Skill 2

Teleports you, any images you have and the target unit to a random point along the line between the two of you. Gives you bonus attack damage for one attack.
RANGE: 550 ( LVL 1 ) | 600 ( LVL 2 ) | 650( LVL 3 ) | 700 ( LVL 4 )
BONUS DAMAGE: 25 ( LVL 1 ) | 50 ( LVL 2 ) | 75 ( LVL 3 ) | 100 ( LVL 4 )
BONUS DURATION: 1.2 ( 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 LVL )

Chaos Strike - Skill 3

Chaos Knight's skill that gives him a chance to deal bonus damage.
CRITICAL CHANCE: 10% ( 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 LVL )
CRITICAL DAMAGE: 150% ( LVL 1 ) | 200% ( LVL 2 ) | 250% ( LVL 3 ) | 300% ( LVL 4 )

Phantasm - Skill 4

Summons several copies of the Chaos Knight from alternate dimensions. The illusions deal full damage, but take double damage.
DURATION: 24 ( 1|2|3|4 LVL )
NUMBER OF ILLUSIONS: 1 ( LVL 1 ) | 2 ( LVL 3 ) | 3 ( LVL 3 )

Friends And Foes


LION: Great stun, great disable.

LESHRAC: Earth Spike is a great ability to combo with your long ultimate.

VENOMANCER: His slow is very helpful to catch fast heroes like Death Project and Bounty Hunter. Other slow heros are great too.


This part it is very important, please, pay attention.
CK, hates heros who can leak mana and atack in AOE. Listing:

SVEN: His 1 and 3 skill can really f*ck with you.

MAGINA: His mana drain its very dangerous for you. Cause CK don't have a great mana pool.

SILENCER: Careful to his ultimate, it can really screw your game.

Feedbacks ~

Hello, guys, my name is KaliZa and if you liked of my guide please Rate it. And if you don't, please tell me why here in the comments and give me a tip, i will reply as soon as I can.

- KaliZa -

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